Y90 - St. Mary's High School - Westleigh

A service operated by Stagecoach Greater Manchester (SCMN)


Monday to Friday, school Only days


Tamer Lane End Tamar 07:30
Tamer Lane End, nr Garden Vale 07:30
Tamer Lane End, opp Barrie Street 07:31
Westleigh, opp Red Lion 07:33
Westleigh, nr School Street 07:33
Westleigh, nr Westbourne Avenue 07:34
Kirkhall Lane, nr Linden Grove 07:35
Lilford, nr Leigh Road 07:36
Lilford, opp Carrington Street 07:37
Lilford, nr Westbourne Avenue 07:38
Lilford, nr Newhaven Avenue 07:38
Howe Bridge, opp Old Hall Mill Lane 07:39
Howe Bridge, nr Hansom Drive 07:40
Howe Bridge, nr Lovers Lane 07:41
Howe Bridge (at) 07:42
Howe Bridge, nr Hope Fold Avenue 07:43
Howe Bridge, nr Liscard Street 07:43
Atherton, opp Punch Bowl 07:45
Atherton, nr Bag Lane 07:46
Atherton Flapper Fold Lane (N-bound) 07:47
Atherton, opp Hazel Road 07:49
Atherton Derby Street (N-bound) 07:50
Atherton, nr Elmfield Avenue 07:50
Hag Fold, adj Dorset Road 07:52
Hag Fold, nr Kent Road 07:53
Hag Fold, nr Formby Avenue 07:54
Hag Fold, nr Car Bank Square 07:57
Hag Fold, nr Car Bank Street 07:58
Atherton, o/s Asda 07:59
Atherton, nr Bolton Road 08:00
Atherton Arms (Stop E) 08:01
Atherton, opp Hamilton Street 08:03
Hindsford, opp Clarence Street 08:03
Hindsford, opp Sacred Heart Church 08:04
Tyldesley Shakerley Road (just before) 08:05
Tyldesley Lime Street (Stop A) 08:06
Tyldesley School (Stop B) 08:07
Tyldesley Town Hall (Stop E) 08:08
Tyldesley Elliott Street (Stop F) 08:09
Tyldesley, nr Standish Street 08:10
Tyldesley, nr Thirlmere Avenue 08:11
Tyldesley, nr Ennerdale Road 08:12
Blackmoor The Ley 08:13
Blackmoor, opp Windsor Avenue 08:15
Blackmoor Manchester Road (Stop B) 08:15
Blackmoor Miners Arms (Stop D) 08:16
Blackmoor, opp St Ambrose 08:17
Town Lane, opp St Mary's RC High School 08:18
Town Lane St Mary's RC High School (W-bound) 08:19


Town Lane St Mary's RC High School (W-bound) 15:00
Town Lane, o/s St Mary's RC High School 15:00
Blackmoor, o/s St Ambrose 15:00
Blackmoor Miners Arms (Stop C) 15:01
Blackmoor Manchester Road (Stop A) 15:01
Blackmoor, nr Windsor Avenue 15:01
Blackmoor, nr The Ley 15:02
Tyldesley, opp Ennerdale Road 15:03
Tyldesley, opp Thirlmere Avenue 15:03
Tyldesley, opp Standish Street 15:04
Tyldesley Square (Stop D) 15:05
Tyldesley Lemon Street (Stop C) 15:05
Tyldesley Pool (o/s) 15:05
Hindsford, o/s Sacred Heart Church 15:06
Hindsford, nr Clarence Street 15:07
Atherton, nr Hamilton Street 15:09
Atherton Arms (opp) 15:09
Atherton Bolton Road 15:10
Atherton, opp Asda 15:11
Hag Fold, nr Bolton Road 15:11
Hag Fold, nr Gloucester Street 15:12
Hag Fold, nr Car Bank Avenue 15:14
Hag Fold, adj Kent Road 15:15
Hag Fold, nr Dorset Road 15:16
Hag Fold Derby Street (S-bound) 15:17
Atherton Derby Street (S-bound) 15:17
Atherton, nr Hazel Road 15:19
Atherton Flapper Fold Lane (S-bound) 15:20
Atherton, nr Market Street 15:23
Atherton, nr Punch Bowl 15:23
Atherton, opp Punch Bowl 15:24
Howe Bridge, opp Liscard Street 15:24
Howe Bridge, nr Hamilton Street 15:25
Howe Bridge (adj) 15:25
Howe Bridge, opp Lovers Lane 15:26
Howe Bridge, nr Caton Drive 15:27
Howe Bridge, nr Old Hall Mill Lane 15:28
Lilford, opp Newhaven Avenue 15:28
Lilford, opp Westbourne Avenue 15:29
Lilford, opp Kirkhall Lane 15:30
Lilford, nr Gordon Street 15:30
Kirkhall Lane, opp Linden Grove 15:31
Westleigh, opp Westbourne Avenue 15:32
Westleigh, opp School Street 15:33
Westleigh, adj Red Lion 15:34
Tamer Lane End, nr Barrie Street 15:35
Tamer Lane End, opp Garden Vale 15:38
Tamer Lane End, by Tamar 15:40

Timetable data from Stagecoach Manchester, 3 March 2021

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