Z413 - Woodside Interchange to Seacombe Ferry Terminal

A service operated by Arriva Merseyside


Monday to Friday

Seacombe Ferry Terminal (Stop B) 07:54
Seacombe, adj Borough Road 07:55
Seacombe, adj Brougham Road 07:56
S Egremont, adj Bell Road 07:57
S Egremont, adj Church Lane 07:58
Egremont, adj Union Street 07:59
Egremont, opp St Brides Road 08:00
Egremont, adj Manor Road 08:01
Liscard, adj Stringhey Road 08:01
Liscard, opp Withens Lane 08:02
Liscard, adj Grosvenor Street 08:03
Liscard Monk Road (Stop C) 08:05
Liscard Dominick House (Stop F) 08:06
Liscard, adj Torrington Road 08:07
Liscard, adj Knaresborough Road 08:09
Wallasey, adj Millthwaite Road 08:09
Wallasey, adj School Lane 08:10
Wallasey Village (adj) 08:12
Wallasey Village Station (Stop B) 08:13
Wallasey, adj Southcroft Road 08:13
Leasowe, nr Heyes Drive 08:15
Leasowe, adj Shackleton Road 08:17
Leasowe, nr Kingham Close 08:18
Leasowe, nr Hudson Road 08:19
Leasowe, adj Twickenham Drive 08:20
Leasowe, opp Reeds Avenue East 08:21
Leasowe, nr Birket Avenue 08:22
Leasowe Station (Stop B) 08:23
Moreton, opp Reeds Lane 08:24
Moreton, adj Stuart Avenue 08:25
Moreton, adj Alwyn Gardens 08:26
Moreton, adj Glebelands Road 08:28
Moreton, adj Marian Drive 08:28
Moreton, adj Croft Drive 08:30
Overchurch, nr M53 Motorway 08:31
Overchurch, opp The Woodlands 08:32
Upton, adj Braeside Gardens 08:33
Upton, adj Ford Road 08:35
Upton, opp Sullivan Avenue 08:36
Arrowe Hill, adj Leeswood Road 08:37
Arrowe Park, opp Arrowe Brook Road 08:39
Arrowe Park, adj Pool Lane 08:40
Arrowe Park Hospital Internal Grounds (Stop C) 08:42
Woodchurch, adj Church Lane 08:43
Woodchurch, adj Ackers Road 08:45
Prenton, opp Palmwood Close 08:48
Prenton Dell Road (opp) 08:49
Prenton, adj Holm Lane 08:50
Prenton, adj Dovedale Close 08:51
Prenton, opp Osmaston Road 08:52
Prenton, opp Curzon Road 08:52
Prenton, adj Storeton Road 08:53
Prenton, opp Moss Lane 08:53
Prenton, opp Highpark Road 08:54
Oxton, adj Merlin Road 08:56
Oxton, opp Elmswood Road 08:56
Oxton, adj Briardale Road 08:57
Birkenhead, adj Carnforth Close 08:58
Birkenhead, adj Whetstone Lane 09:00
Birkenhead, adj Clifton Crescent 09:02
Birkenhead, adj Grange Road 09:03
Birkenhead, opp Burlington Street 09:04
Birkenhead, nr Market Street 09:06
Woodside, o/s Hamilton Square Station 09:08
Woodside Interchange (Stop A) 09:10

Timetable data from Arriva UK Bus/Bus Open Data Service, 29 September 2021. We’re not endorsed by, affiliated with or supported by them, and they don’t warrant the accuracy or quality of the information.

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