319 to Sloane Square

Cheyne Walk (BM) 13:31
Beaufort Street / King's Road (QU) 13:33
Old Church Street (KE) 13:34
Carlyle Square (KF) 13:35
Chelsea Old Town Hall (KL) 13:37
Markham Street (KN) 13:38
Duke of York Square (KP) 13:39
Cadogan Gardens / Sloane Square (E) 13:40
Sloane Square Station (H) 13:53
Duke of York Square (G) 13:54
Walpole Street (KA) 13:56
Markham Street (KB) 13:57
Chelsea Old Town Hall (KC) 13:58
Carlyle Square (KD) 14:00

EA6 - LG71 DJY

BYD ADL Enviro400EV

London red

Features: USB power