W3 to Northumberland Park

Tottenham High Road (C) 15:31
Gillham Terrace (D) 15:31
Scotswood Walk 15:32
Northumberland Park Bus Stand 15:33
Northumberland Park (NA) 15:35
Scotswood Walk 15:37
Gillham Terrace (E) 15:38
Worcester Avenue (F) 15:38
White Hart Lane Station (G) 15:42
Haringey Sixth Form College (H) 15:43
Tottenham Cemetery 15:44
Great Cambridge Road (WH) 15:46
Rowland Hill Avenue (WJ) 15:47
Haringey Football Club (NL) 15:48
New River Sports Centre (NM) 15:50
Paisley Road (NN) 15:51
Perth Road (NS) 15:53
Wood Green Crown Court (NT) 15:53
Wood Green Station (F) 15:55
The Broadway (A) 15:57

T206 - LJ61 CHL

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