23 to Hammersmith, Bus Station

Royal Albert Hall (RC) 06:49
Palace Gate (RE) 06:50
Kensington Palace (N) 06:51
High Street Kensington Station (F) 06:53
Phillimore Gardens (T) 06:53
The Design Museum (X) 06:54
Warwick Gardens (Z) 06:55
Kensington Olympia Station (C) 06:56
Brook Green (F) 06:57
North End Road (E) 06:58
Latymer Court (X) 06:58
Hammersmith Broadway (Z4) 06:59
Hammersmith Bus Station (E) 07:00

OME46035 - YJ21 EXT

Optare Metrodecker EV

OVO Energy

Features: USB power