(Belle Vue Coaches)

Licence type Standard International
Traffic area North West of England
Discs 80
Authorised discs 80
Granted date 6 Mar 1997
Expiry date 28 Feb 2027

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Current and future bus service registrations

From To Via Last changed
PC0004217/261 391 Stockport Interchange Macclesfield Bus Station Hazel Grove, Poynton, Bollington, Kerrige, Titherington 17 Mar 24
PC0004217/260 393 Stockport Interchange Queen Victoria Street, Macclesfield Hazel Grove, Poynton, Adlington, Titherington 17 Mar 24
PC0004217/246 280 Altrincham Interchange Hansfield Street, Sale Dunham, Partington 29 Oct 23

Cancelled bus service registrations

From To Via Cancelled
PC0004217/13 Y86 Ruskin Rd, Reddish St Anns School, Denby Lane
PC0004217/267 741 The Springs, Bowdon Bury Old Road,, Cheetham Hill Hale Barns 1 Sep 24
PC0004217/256 877 Stockport College, Stockport Brammall High School, Pownall Green Edgley, Cheadle, Cheadle Hulme 1 Sep 24
PC0004217/264 729 Oatlands Road, Woodhouse Park St. Pauls Catholic High School, Newall Green Peel Hall 1 Sep 24
PC0004217/287 843 Chester Road, Hazel Grove Harrytown High School, Harrytown Bramhall Green, Heaviley, Stepping Hill, Torkington 1 Sep 24
PC0004217/262 705 Wright Robinson Sports College Layton Avenue, Kingston North Redditch, Dane Bank, Denton 1 Sep 24
PC0004217/284 805 Gorton Road, North Redditch Harrytown High School, Harrytown Lancashire Hill, Brinnington, Woodbank Estate, Offerton Green 1 Sep 24
PC0004217/269 744 Church Street, Eccles Loreto Sixth Form College, Hulme 1 Sep 24
PC0004217/290 850 Adswood Road, Adswood Bramhall High School, Pownall Green Davenport, Woodsmoor, Bramhall Green 1 Sep 24
PC0004217/294 864 Chelford Grove, Adsworth Cheadle Hulme High School, Smithy Green Cheadle, Cheadle Hulme 1 Sep 24
PC0004217/282 793 Lumb Lane, Little Moss Audenshaw School, Audenshaw Droylsden, Higher Openshaw, Fairfield 1 Sep 24
PC0004217/283 804 Chepstow Drive, Torkington Harrytown High School, Harrytown Hazel Grove, High Lane, Hauk Green, Rose HillMarple College, 1 Sep 24
PC0004217/276 761 Didsbury Road, Heaton Mersey St. Ambrose College, Hale Barns Heaton Chapel. Heaton Norris, Cheadle Heath 1 Sep 24
PC0004217/275 767 High Street, Cheadle St. Ambrose College, Hale Barns Cheadle Hulme, Heald Green 1 Sep 24
PC0004217/277 772 Norris Road, Sale Moor Altrincham College of Arts Northern Moor 1 Sep 24
PC0004217/270 748 Burnage High School, Burnage Barratt Way, Borton Levenshulme 1 Sep 24
PC0004217/255 768 Buxton Road, Stepping Hill St. Ambrose College Bramhall Green, Smiths Green, Woodhouse Park 1 Sep 24
PC0004217/263 716 Oatlands Road, Withenshawe The Barlow Roman Catholic High School Peel Hall, Sharston 1 Sep 24
PC0004217/278 781 Yew Tree Road, Moss Side Sale Grammar School, Brooklands Withington, Didsbury, East Didsbury, Gatley, Sharston 1 Sep 24
PC0004217/289 847A Outwood Road, Heald Green Cheadle Hulme High School, Smithy Green Gatley, Cheadle, Cheadle Hulme 1 Sep 24
PC0004217/272 758 The Kingsway School, Gatley St. James Roman Catholic High School, Gillbent Gatley, Heald Green 1 Sep 24
PC0004217/265 719 Blackcarr Road, Newall Green The Barlow Roman Catholic High School Northern Moor, Northenden, Sharston 1 Sep 24
PC0004217/285 810 Sale Road, Northern Moor The Kingsway School, Gatley Baguley, Newall Green, Benchill, Peel Lane, Woodhouse Park 1 Sep 24
PC0004217/273 758A Moss Lane East, Moss Side Loreto Grammar School, John Leigh Park Chorlton, Stretford, Sale 1 Sep 24
PC0004217/288 847 Denton Community College, Denton Alfred Street, Hyde Denton, Haughton Green 1 Sep 24
PC0004217/286 840 Harrytown High School, Harrytown Gorton Road, North Reddish Castle Hill, Brinnington, Lancashire Hill 1 Sep 24
PC0004217/257 874 Stockport Road, Cheadle Heath Hazel Grove High School, Hazel Grove Davenport, Bramhall Green 1 Sep 24
PC0004217/291 857 Mercian Way, Stockport St. James Roman Catholic High School, Gillbent Cheadle Heath, Cheadle, Heald Green 1 Sep 24
PC0004217/274 762 Sale Metrolink Stop St. Ambrose College, Hale Barns Sale Moor, Northern Moor, Baguley 1 Sep 24
PC0004217/293 868 Alder Community High School, Backbower John Kennedy Road, Hattersley 1 Sep 24
PC0004217/259 700 Fairfield High School, Fairfield Avenue Windmill Lane Audenshaw 1 Sep 24
PC0004217/295 866 Stockport Interchange Stockport Interchange Heald Green, Cheadle, Adswood, Edgeley 1 Sep 24
PC0004217/258 374 Stockport Interchange Hazel Grove High School, Hazel Grove Davenport 1 Sep 24
PC0004217/292 863 Stockport Interchange Cheadle Hulme High School, Smithy Green Edgley, Adswood, Cheadle Hulme 1 Sep 24
PC0004217/296 887 Hall Street, Woodbank Estate Bramhall High School, Pownall Green Heavily, Offerton, Hazel Grove, Bramhall Green 1 Sep 24
PC0004217/280 790 Reddish Road, South Reddish St. Thomas More Roman Catholic College Reddish, Reddish Bridge, Dane Bank 1 Sep 24
PC0004217/297 Y77 Dewsnap Lane, Dunkinfield Samuel Laycock School, Smallshaw Hyde, Haughton Green, Denton, Guide Bridge, Ashton 1 Sep 24
PC0004217/281 801 Newbridge lane, Stockport Marple Hall School, Rose Hill Woodley, Greave, Cherry Tree, Romiley 1 Sep 24
PC0004217/279 786 Bradstone Road, Heaton Chapel St. Thomas More Roman Catholic College Reddish, North Reddish 1 Sep 24
PC0004217/268 740 Oakwood Avenue, Gatley Bury Old Road,, Cheetham Hill Heald Green, Cheadle 1 Sep 24
PC0004217/271 754 Wilmslow Road, East Didsbury Loreto Grammar School, John Leigh Park Northenden, Northern Moor, Baguley, Timperley 1 Sep 24
PC0004217/254 W1 Brinnington Road, Brinnington Werneth School, Harrytown Castle Hill 1 Sep 24
PC0004217/266 739 St. Peters Roman Catholic High School Platt Lane, Fallowfield Beswick, Ancoats, Moss Side 1 Sep 24
PC0004217/165 W1 Parrs Wood, Burnage St Ambrose College 5 Sep 23
PC0004217/28 W2 Brinnington Werneth School 5 Sep 23
PC0004217/29 W3 Brinnington Werneth School 5 Sep 23
PC0004217/162 700 Manchester Road/Hulme Road Fairfield High School Denton 5 Sep 23
PC0004217/184 741 Bonden, Park Row King David High School Hale 5 Sep 23
PC0004217/196 729 St. Pauls HS Withenshawe 5 Sep 23
PC0004217/245 705 Wright Robinson High School Kingston, Reed Street Gorton, Reddish, Denton 5 Sep 23
PC0004217/212 708 Co Operative Academy Broadway, New Moston Harpurhey 5 Sep 23
PC0004217/243 864 Cheadle Hulme High School Adswood Primary School Cheadle 5 Sep 23
PC0004217/233 739 Moss Side & Junction Princess Road/Moss Lane East St. Peters Roman Catholic High School Eastlands 5 Sep 23
PC0004217/248 719 Wendon Road, Newall Green Barlow RC High School, Burnage Baguley, Northern Moor 5 Sep 23
PC0004217/228 768 Hazel Grove (Sainsburys) St. Ambrose College Bramhall, Cheadle Hulme 5 Sep 23
PC0004217/241 998 Ordsall District Centre St. Patricks RC High School Weaste, Ellesmere Park, Eccles 5 Sep 23
PC0004217/239 786 Heaton Chapel, George & Dragon Denton, St. Thomas More RC College Reddish, North Reddish 5 Sep 23
PC0004217/204 748 Burnage Academy Gorton Levenshulme 5 Sep 23
PC0004217/229 767 Cheadle (George & Dragon) St. Ambrose College Heald Green, Hale 5 Sep 23
PC0004217/171 780 Sale Grammar School St. Ambrose College, Hale Barns Timperley, Hale 5 Sep 23
PC0004217/214 868 Alder Community High School John Kennedy Way, Hattersley Hattersley Train Station. 5 Sep 23
PC0004217/252 791 Audenshaw School Dane Bank Denton 5 Sep 23
PC0004217/190 740 Gatley, Church Road/Elm Road King David High School KIngsway 5 Sep 23
PC0004217/216 857 Edgeley & Shaw Heath St. James RC High School Cheadle 5 Sep 23
PC0004217/219 840 Reddish, The Bulls Head Harrytown High School Reddish, Brinnington 5 Sep 23
PC0004217/211 Y77 Dunkinfield Samuel Laycock School Hyde, Denton, Ashton 5 Sep 23
PC0004217/249 758 Moss Lane East, Moss Side Loreto Grammar School, Altrincham Chorlton, Stretford 5 Sep 23
PC0004217/244 846 Hyde, Clarenden Place Hollingworth, Longdendale High School Godley, Hattersley 5 Sep 23
PC0004217/213 887 Afferton High Street Bramhall High School Hazel Grove 5 Sep 23
PC0004217/218 843 Chester Rode, Cavendish Road, Hazel Grove Harrytown High School Stepping Hill, Offerton 5 Sep 23
PC0004217/230 762 Broad Road, Sale St. Ambrose College Northern Moor, Baguley 5 Sep 23
PC0004217/232 744 Albert Street, Eccles Loreto College Monton Green, Urmston, Stretford 5 Sep 23
PC0004217/130 758 Heald Green/ Outwood Road St James RC High School 5 Sep 23
PC0004217/253 877 Stockport, Greek Street Bramhall High School Adswood, Cheadle Hulme 5 Sep 23
PC0004217/250 761 Heaton Mersey, Crown Inn St. Ambrose College Cheadle Heath 5 Sep 23
PC0004217/220 834 High Lane Hazel Grove High School Hazel Grove 5 Sep 23
PC0004217/251 772 Helsby Road, Sale Moor Altrincham College of Arts Sale, Northern Moor 5 Sep 23
PC0004217/238 804 Torkington, Highfield Road Harrytown High School Hazel Grove, High Lane, Marple College, Marple. 5 Sep 23
PC0004217/202 716 Wythenshawe Parkway Barlow RC HS Sharston 5 Sep 23
PC0004217/223 810 Northern Moor KIngsway School Wythenshawe 5 Sep 23
PC0004217/227 801 Lower Bredbury Marple Hall High School Woodley, Romiley 5 Sep 23
PC0004217/240 790 South Reddish, Newark Road Denton, St. Thomas More RC College Reddish, Dane Bank 5 Sep 23
PC0004217/182 789 Lostock, Moss Vale Hotel Blessed Thomas Holford High School Stretford, Sale 5 Sep 23
PC0004217/226 805 Brinnington Harrytown High School Offerton 5 Sep 23
PC0004217/247 288 Altrincham Interchange Manchester Airport, The Station Hale, Barns 23 Jul 23
PC0004217/242 800 Hyde Market Place Marple Hall High School Woodles, Romiley, Compstall & Marple Bridge 11 May 23
PC0004217/224 809 Hazel Grove Marple Hall High School Hazel Grove 9 May 23
PC0004217/206 860 Stockport Bus Station Cheadle Hulme HS Cheadle 9 May 23
PC0004217/192 790 Sale, Glebelands Road Blessed Thomas Holford College Ashton on Mersey, Baguley 9 May 23
PC0004217/99 857 St James RC High School Mercian Way/Castle Street Heald Green, Cheadle, Cheadle Heath, Shaw Heath 26 Feb 23
PC0004217/188 790 Blessed Thomas Holford High School Baguley Ashton, Sale, Brooklands 8 Jan 23
PC0004217/191 755 Northern Moor, Wythenshawe Road Altrincham Girls Grammar Sale 15 Dec 22
PC0004217/236 707 Fairfield High School Dane Bank Gorton 15 Dec 22
PC0004217/189 783 Sale Grammar School Bowden Vale Hale 15 Dec 22
PC0004217/221 819 Longhurst Lane Terminus Harrytown High School Compstall, Romiley 15 Dec 22
PC0004217/178 837 Hyde Market Longdendale High School Gee Cross, Hattersley 15 Dec 22
PC0004217/205 848 Laurus Cheadle Hulme High School Heald Green, Outwood Road. Cheadle 15 Dec 22
PC0004217/237 842 Broadbottom, Bostock Road Hollingworth, Longdendale High School Mottram 14 Dec 22
PC0004217/187 782 Hale Barns Sale Grammar School Hale, Timperley 11 Nov 22
PC0004217/183 759 Sale, Glebelands Road Altrincham Girls Grammar School Sale, Althrincham 11 Nov 22
PC0004217/173 759 Sale, Glebelands Road Ashley Road, Altrincham Grammar School for Boys 27 Oct 22
PC0004217/231 749 Burnage Academy Lloyd Street/Claremont Moss Side 27 Oct 22
PC0004217/177 765 Oldfield Brow post office St. Ambrose College Timperley 27 Oct 22
PC0004217/222 814 Brinnington Reddish Vale High School Reddish 27 Oct 22
PC0004217/215 866 Cheadle Hulme, Laurus College Stockport Bus Station Edgeley 27 Oct 22
PC0004217/174 752 Cheadle, Post Office Loreta Grammar School Heald Green, Benchill, Baguley, Altrincham 27 Oct 22
PC0004217/185 751 Hazel Grove Sainsbury Loreto Grammar School Bramhall, Wythenshawe, Altrincham 27 Oct 22
PC0004217/193 764 Wood Heys, Kingsway Church St. Ambrose College Sale 27 Oct 22
PC0004217/179 771 Sale Metrolink (Broad Road) Altrincham College of Arts Worthington Park, Northern Moor 27 Oct 22
PC0004217/175 778 Hulme, Brooks Bar Sale High School Gorse Hill, Stretford 27 Oct 22
PC0004217/180 772 Norris Road/Helsby Road Altrincham College of Arts Sale Moor, Northern Moor 27 Oct 22
PC0004217/160 782 Sale Grammar School St. Ambrose College, Hale Barns Hale 27 Oct 22
PC0004217/235 724 Moston (The Gardeners Arms) Trinity High School Newton Heath 27 Oct 22
PC0004217/234 738 Levenshulme Station Wright Robinson College Levenshulme 27 Oct 22
PC0004217/172 797 Timperley Hale, Ashley Road Hale 28 Apr 22
PC0004217/225 807 Stockport Bus Station Harrytown High School Offerton 28 Apr 22
PC0004217/217 851 Great Academy, Aston Guide Bridge Ashton 28 Apr 22
PC0004217/186 784 Sale Grammar School Oldfield Brow Post Office Broad Heath 28 Apr 22
PC0004217/181 760 High Elm Road/Hale Road Altrincham Girls Grammar Hale Barns, Loreto Grammar 28 Apr 22
PC0004217/176 776 Ashton, Carrington Lane Altrincham College of Arts Broadheath, Woodheys 28 Apr 22
PC0004217/210 732 Laurus Rycroft School Ashton Bus Station Little Moors 7 Mar 22
PC0004217/89 900 Stockport Academy Bridge Hall Priimary School Cheadle 7 Mar 22
PC0004217/140 Y15 Dane Bank Audenshaw High School Denton 1 Sep 21
PC0004217/209 726 New Moston, Hollinswood Avenue East Manchester Academy Newton Heath 1 Sep 21
PC0004217/203 Y66 Heaton Mersey St. Ambrose College Heaton Moor, Heaton Chapel 1 Sep 21
PC0004217/198 Y80 South Reddish St. Thomas More RC HS Debdale 1 Sep 21
PC0004217/167 Y21 Northern Moor Sale Rd/Wynthenshaw Road Kingsway School Benchill and Heald Green 1 Sep 21
PC0004217/207 Y1 Newton Heath, Church Road St. Peters RC HS Higher Openshaw 1 Sep 21
PC0004217/163 Y65 Sale, Broad Road St Anbrose College Northern Moor 1 Sep 21
PC0004217/199 869 Burnage, Parrs Wood Road St. Ambrose College Gatley 1 Sep 21
PC0004217/142 Y11 Cheadle (Red Lion) Cheadle Roman Catholic Priamary School Gatley, Heald Green 1 Sep 21
PC0004217/152 753 The Crown Inn, Heaton Mersey Loreto Grammar School Heaton Chapel, Gatley 1 Sep 21
PC0004217/58 Y45 Clockhouse Avenue, Droylsden New Charter Academy Droylsden 1 Sep 21
PC0004217/164 728 Moss Side Barlow High School 1 Sep 21
PC0004217/194 Y18 Lower Bredbury Marple Hall HS Romiley 1 Sep 21
PC0004217/208 Y2 Beswick, Grey Mares Lane St. Peters RC HS Clayton 1 Sep 21
PC0004217/155 717 Waterloo Road/Derby Street Our Lady's RC High School Cheetham Hill 1 Sep 21
PC0004217/143 Y50 Harrytown Roman Catholic High School Meller (Devonshire Arms) Woodly, Romiley, Marple Bridge 1 Sep 21
PC0004217/168 821 Hall Street/Turncroft Lane Hazel Grove High School Offerton 1 Sep 21
PC0004217/154 770 Sale, Glebelands Road Altrincham College of Arts Sale 1 Sep 21
PC0004217/159 773 Altrincham College of Arts Oldfield Brow Altrincham 1 Sep 21
PC0004217/200 Y79 Heaton Chapel St. Thomas More Reddish 1 Sep 21
PC0004217/110 Y25 Stockport Bus Station Harrytown High School 1 Sep 21
PC0004217/61 Y93 Alder Community high School John Kennedy Road Terminus Hattersley 1 Sep 21
PC0004217/151 750 Matthews Lane, Levenshulme Loreto Grammar School Withington, Burnage, Parrs Wood, Sharston 1 Sep 21
PC0004217/18 Y97 Brinnington Harrytown Rc High School 1 Sep 21
PC0004217/195 Y68 Hazel Grove St. Ambrose College Bramhall 1 Sep 21
PC0004217/197 719 Baguley Barwood RC HS Sale 1 Sep 21
PC0004217/73 Y17 Brinnington Road/Manor Road Harrytown, RCHS Offerton 1 Sep 21
PC0004217/43 Y24 Stockport Bus Station Cheadle RC Primary School Parkway 1 Sep 21
PC0004217/169 H29 Hazel Grove High School Hall St/Turncroft Lane 1 Sep 21
PC0004217/41 Y50 Stockport Bus Station Fairfield High/Harrytown Mellor 1 Sep 21
PC0004217/166 Y23 Levenshulme Wright Robinson College 1 Sep 21
PC0004217/101 Y58 Brinnington Reddish Vale High School 1 Sep 21
PC0004217/153 758 Moss Side, Upper Lloyd Street Loreto Grammar School Chorlton, Stretford, Sale 1 Sep 21
PC0004217/156 743 Loreto College Styal Road, Heald Green Didsbury, Northenden, Gatley 1 Sep 21
PC0004217/146 757 St. James Roman Catholic High School Cheadle Hulme Heald Green 1 Sep 21
PC0004217/158 763 Burnage Academy St. Ambrose College West Didsbury, Withington 1 Sep 21
PC0004217/72 Y46 Little Moss Road Audenshaw High School 1 Sep 21
PC0004217/201 Y67 Cheadle, George & Dragon St. Ambrose College Heald Green 1 Sep 21
PC0004217/149 809 Hazel Grove, Fiveways Marple Hall High School High Lane, Marple 1 Sep 20
PC0004217/147 891 Stockport, Mersey Square Poynton High School Stepping Hill, Hazel Grove 1 Sep 20
PC0004217/93 870 Mossley Hollins High School Carrbrook/South View 1 Sep 20
PC0004217/145 Y76 Chelford Grove Cheadle Hukme High School Cheadle Heath, Cheadle Hulme 1 Sep 20
PC0004217/161 771 Clayton, North Road. Ashton New Road St. Damians RC Science College Droylsden 1 Sep 20
PC0004217/157 820 Darnton Road/Mossley Road Copley Academy Stalybridge 1 Sep 20
PC0004217/150 344 All Saints High School Micklehurst, Winterfield Road Stalybridge 1 Sep 20
PC0004217/69 Y20 Hyde Market Longdendale Communtiy School Hyde, Hattersley, Mottram 6 Jan 20
PC0004217/114 Y69 Brinnington Road, Brinnington Werneth High School, Harrytown Manor Road 1 Sep 19
PC0004217/141 877 Greek Street, Stockport Bramall High School 1 Sep 19
PC0004217/97 Y21 Hall Street, Stockport Hazel Grove High School Offerton 1 Sep 19
PC0004217/127 Y30 Liverpool Road, Salford St, Patricks Roman Catholic High School Irlam of the Heights 1 Sep 19
PC0004217/102 829 Hazel Grove High School Hall Street/Turncroft Lane Bramhall Green, Davenport, Stepping Hill, Hazel Grove, Bosden Farm, Offerton 1 Sep 19
PC0004217/100 Y18 Stockport Road West/Vernon Park Marple Hall School Woodley, Greave, Cornstall, Marple Bridge 1 Sep 19
PC0004217/126 Y72 Hulme, Chorlton Road Sale High School 1 Sep 19
PC0004217/144 887 Corbar Road/Hazel Grove Cheadle College Campus Hazel Grove, Bramhall, Cheadle Hulme 1 Sep 19
PC0004217/128 Y79 Heaton Chapel (Broadstone Road) St. Thomas More RC High School 1 Sep 19
PC0004217/47 835 Stockport Bus Station St Ambrose College 1 Sep 19
PC0004217/62 Y19 Buxton Road/Andrew Lane Hazel Grove High School London Road 29 Oct 18
PC0004217/24 391 Poynton High School Stockport 1 Sep 18
PC0004217/68 391 Stockport, Mersey Square Poynton High School Stockport, Hazel Grove, Poynton 1 Sep 18
PC0004217/139 836 Darnton Road/Springs Lane, Stalybridge Longdendale High School Ridge Hill Lane, Stamford Street. Mottram Road, Mottram Old Road 1 Sep 18
PC0004217/119 Y37 Ancoats, Butler Street St. Matthews High School Phillips Park 31 Jul 18
PC0004217/38 Y35 Wythenshaw Bus Station St Pauls High School Crossacres Road 31 Jul 18
PC0004217/65 758 Wilmslow Road, Heald Green St. James RC High School Heald Green, Gatley 31 Jul 18
PC0004217/137 880 Werneth High School Stockport Bus Station Romiley, Woodley 31 Jul 18
PC0004217/77 Y13 Newton Heath, Culcheth Lane St. Peter RC High School Clayton, Openshaw 31 Jul 18
PC0004217/122 Y28 Moss Side, Library Barlow RC High School Chorlton Bus Station 31 Jul 18
PC0004217/66 834 Marple, Hibbert lane Hazel Grove high School Marple, Hig Lane, Hazel Grove 31 Jul 18
PC0004217/120 Y56 Brookdale Park Turning Circle East Manchester Academy Oldham Road 31 Jul 18
PC0004217/129 744 Monton Green Loretto College Eccles 31 Jul 18
PC0004217/121 743 Heald Green Loretto College Northenden, Didsbury 31 Jul 18
PC0004217/133 816 Bridge Hall, Chelford Grove Cheadle Hulme High School 31 Jul 18
PC0004217/91 344 Thornley Lane South, Dane Bank Denton Community College, Edgerton Street 31 Jul 18
PC0004217/115 Y12 Brookdale Park Turning Circle St. Peters RC High SChool Newton Heath 31 Jul 18
PC0004217/116 Y14 Albert Street/Doric Close St. Peters RC High SChool Alan Turing Way 31 Jul 18
PC0004217/123 Y9 Moss Side, Library St, Peters RC High School Lloyd St, South 31 Jul 18
PC0004217/67 Y85 Hyde, Clarendon Place Longdendale High School Hyde, Hattersley, Mottram 31 Jul 18
PC0004217/40 Y28 Sale Tram Stop St Ambros College Woodsend 14 Nov 17
PC0004217/117 737 Upper Lloyd Street/Moss Lane Parrs Wood Centre West Didsbury 7 Nov 17
PC0004217/124 725 Cheetham Hill, Crescent Road Trinity High School Queens Road 7 Nov 17
PC0004217/118 746 Manchester Academy Wright Robinson College Rusholme 7 Nov 17
PC0004217/125 707 Harpurhey (ASDA) Wright Robinson College Newton Heath 7 Nov 17
PC0004217/132 808 Lane Ends, Devils Elbow Marple Hall High School Marple Bridge 4 Sep 17
PC0004217/103 705 Cedar Mount Academy Ashton New Road/ Hillkirk Street Gorton, Beswick 4 Sep 17
PC0004217/57 812 Holts/Widmoor Avenue Blessed John Henry Newman College Park Road 4 Sep 17
PC0004217/112 700 Fairfield High School Windmill Lane, Danebank 4 Sep 17
PC0004217/131 838 Stockport Road/Marple Hill Drive St. Mary's RC hogh School Buxton Lane, Hawk Green, Marple Centre 4 Sep 17
PC0004217/85 722 Monton Green Xavarian College Eccles, Trafford Park 4 Sep 17
PC0004217/55 720 Wythenshaw Bus Station Loretto College Newall Green 4 Sep 17
PC0004217/60 Y86 Debdale Park, Hyde Road St Thomas Moore RC high school Dane Bank 4 Sep 17
PC0004217/96 Y72 Stretford Road/Cornbrook Street Sale High School Stretford 4 Sep 17
PC0004217/111 701 Thornley Lane South Denton Community College 4 Sep 17
PC0004217/106 Y34 Broadheath Post Office Altrincham College of Arts Broadheat & Timperley 4 Sep 17
PC0004217/107 Y92 Crescent Road/Waterloo Street Northridge High School Cheetham Hill, Crumpsall, Moston, Higher Blackley 4 Sep 17
PC0004217/108 Y92 Ashton Old Road/Alan Turing Way Our Ladies RC Sports College Beswick,Openshaw, Newton Heath, Moston 4 Sep 17
PC0004217/21 Y93 Hattersley Road East, Pinfold School Alder Community High School 4 Sep 17
PC0004217/9 Y87 Wright Robinson Sports College Levenshulme Station 4 Sep 17
PC0004217/98 808 Greek Street, Stockport Bramhall High School Cheadle Heath, Adswood, Cheadle, Cheadle Hulme, Bramhall 4 Sep 17
PC0004217/109 849 Oasis Academy Victoria Avenue Moston, Higher Blackley 4 Sep 17
PC0004217/104 708 Ancoats, Beswick Street Wright Robinson College 10 Apr 17
PC0004217/63 Y14 Cheadle, Boundary Bridge Cheadle Hulme College Cheadle,Heald Green 10 Apr 17
PC0004217/95 PHS1 Buxton Road, opposite White Lion Pub, Disley Poynton High School Disley, High Lane, Hazel Grove 6 Apr 17
PC0004217/94 PHS2 Buxton Road Opposite White Lion Disley Poynton High School Disley 6 Apr 17
PC0004217/83 146 Worsley. Moorside Road Old Hall Lane, Manchester Grammar School 31 Mar 17
PC0004217/49 Y76 Levenshulme Melland High School Dickenson Road 14 Nov 16
PC0004217/74 846 Harrytown, RC High School Bramhall Green Offerton, Hazel Grove, Bramhall 14 Nov 16
PC0004217/34 Y92 Greymare lane our ladies Sport College Openshaw-Clayton-Moston Lane 14 Nov 16
PC0004217/90 703 Broomwood, Aimson Road East St. Hugh's Primary School 14 Nov 16
PC0004217/44 Y49 Stockport Bus Station Hazel Grove High School Shaw Heath 14 Nov 16
PC0004217/92 745 Davyhulme Circle St Ambrose College Flixton, Urmston, Trafford Park, Sale, Hale 14 Nov 16
PC0004217/33 Y76 Ancoats Oldham Road Ceder mount School Beswick / W Gorton / Ardwick 14 Nov 16
PC0004217/46 Y25 Stockport Bus Station Harrytown High School Offerton 14 Nov 16
PC0004217/51 Y35 Pundswick Lane Piper Hill School Woodhouse Park 14 Nov 16
PC0004217/48 Y92 Woodlands Road Northridge High School Crescent Road 14 Nov 16
PC0004217/23 810 Poynton Marple Ridge 14 Nov 16
PC0004217/87 758 Outwood Road/Finney Lane St James High School Heald Green, Gatley 8 Nov 16
PC0004217/76 757 St. James RC High School, St, James Way Turves Road/Conway Road, Cheadle Heald Green 31 Jul 16
PC0004217/75 Y11 Tatton Cinema, Gatley Cheadle RC Infants School, Conway Road Gatley, Heald Green 31 Jul 16
PC0004217/26 Y82 Buxton Road/Bramhall Lane Harrytown RC High School 15 Jul 16
PC0004217/8 Y88 Fallowfield St Peters RC High School 15 Jul 16
PC0004217/39 Y34 Sale Tram Stop Altrincham COA Sunderland Road Timperley 15 Jul 16
PC0004217/19 291 Piccadilly Manchester Flixton Trafford Bar Tenax Circle 15 Jul 16
PC0004217/35 814 Denton Community College (Egerton) Gee Cross, Apethorn Lane Crown point, Haughton Green, Hyde 15 Jul 16
PC0004217/2 741 Navigation road Sale Grammar School 15 Jul 16
PC0004217/37 Y69 Stockport bus Station Marple Hall Lane Ends 15 Jul 16
PC0004217/81 20 Altrincham Interchange Altrincham Interchange Timperley 15 Jul 16
PC0004217/36 803 Stockport Bus Station Harrytown High School Offerton, Harrytown 15 Jul 16
PC0004217/10 277 Trafford General Hospital Gorse Hill Firswood 15 Jul 16
PC0004217/50 847 Cheadle Cheadle Boundary Bridge Etchells Road 15 Jul 16
PC0004217/70 863 Droylsden, Market Street/Ashton Road St Damians High School 15 Jul 16
PC0004217/53 Y22 Davenport Hazel Grove High School Clarendon Road 15 Jul 16
PC0004217/42 Y68 Hyde Bus Station Longdendale High School Newton 15 Jul 16
PC0004217/7 753 The Accademy St Peters high Dickenson Road 15 Jul 16
PC0004217/82 13 Altrincham Interchange Altrincham Interchange Oldfield brow 15 Jul 16
PC0004217/86 371 Kingsway High School Stockport Bus Station Cheadle 15 Jul 16
PC0004217/88 374 Hazel Grove High School Stockport Bus Bus Station Shaw Heath 15 Jul 16
PC0004217/4 687 Varley Street St Peters Albert Street ,Pottery lane 15 Jul 16
PC0004217/22 Y92 Hattersley Road East/Beaufort Road Alder Community High School 15 Jul 16
PC0004217/3 Y80 Newark Road St Thomas 15 Jul 16
PC0004217/64 809 Marple C & M College Hazel Grove, Bramhall Moor Lane Poynton, Hazel Grove 15 Jul 16
PC0004217/79 Y12 Heaton Chapel Station St. Ambrose College 15 Jul 16
PC0004217/31 Y69 & 868 Brinnington St Joseph Primary School 15 Jul 16
PC0004217/59 836 stalybridge bus station longdendale community college stocks lane 15 Jul 16
PC0004217/30 Y68 Brinnington Offerton High School 15 Jul 16
PC0004217/6 702 Bonsall Street Jeff Joseph Technology College 15 Jul 16
PC0004217/20 188 Ryderbrow Man Piccadilly 15 Jul 16
PC0004217/5 701 Bonsall Street Jeff Joseph Technology college 15 Jul 16
PC0004217/27 768 St Antonys RC High School Flixton Station Lostock Circle 15 Jul 16
PC0004217/52 869 Woodsmoor Lane St Simons RC Primary Woodsmoore 15 Jul 16
PC0004217/32 734 Heaton Moor Road Manchester PICC 15 Jul 16
PC0004217/1 687 St Peter's RC High School Miles Platting 15 Jul 16
PC0004217/25 846 Brinnington Reddish Vale School 15 Jul 16
PC0004217/45 Y51 Stockport Bus Station Bramhill High School Acre Lane 15 Jul 16
PC0004217/54 Y19 Stepping Hill Poynton Clarendon Road 15 Jul 16
PC0004217/80 246 Altrincham Interchange Altrincham Interchange Bowden 15 Jul 16
PC0004217/56 871 Werneth High School Greave, Pennine Road 15 Jul 16
PC0004217/78 Y15 Windmill Lane, Dane Bank Audenshaw High School Dane Bank, Denton, Audenshaw 15 Jul 16
PC0004217/11 402 Annesley Ashfield School Skegby Road 6 Sep 05