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Traffic area C
Discs 20
Authorised discs 20

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Current and future bus service registrations

From To Via Last changed
PC1023915/17 26 Widnes, Green Oaks Widnes, Green Oaks Hough Green, Cronton 27 Mar 20
PC1023915/20 27 West Bank West Bank Widnes, Halton View, Green Oaks 28 Jan 20
PC1023915/15 38 Hale, Baileys Lane Wade Deacon High School Hale Bank 27 Jan 20
PC1023915/14 J53 Weston Point, Soth Parade, Ryncorn The Heath School, Runcorn Russel Road, Runcorn 27 Jan 20
PC1023915/16 10 Hough Green Road, Widnes Vicarage Road, Oldham Cronton, Birchfield Road 27 Jan 20
PC1023915/18 23 Runcorn Shopping Centre, Stand 1 The Heath School, Runcorn Beechwood 27 Jan 20
PC1023915/11 52 Runcorn Bus Station Beechwood Runcorn Castle Fields and Runcorn Shopping City 4 Sep 16
PC1023915/8 10 Cronton Widnes 24 Sep 13
PC1023915/6 42 Mordishaw St Chad's High School 23 Jan 06
PC1023915/5 42/31 Murdishaw Runcorn St Chads Runcorn 9 Jan 06

Cancelled bus service registrations

From To Via Cancelled
PC1023915/19 27 West Bank West Bank Widnes, Halton View, Green Oaks 28 Jan 20
PC1023915/13 J53 Weston Point, South Parade Runcorn The Heath High School, Runcorn 31 Aug 18
PC1023915/4 10 Widnes,Croton Hall Lane Widnes,Leigh Avenue 26 Mar 14
PC1023915/9 200 Widnes, Vicarage Road Runcorn Station 14 Feb 14
PC1023915/10 20 Murdishaw Murdishaw Weston 25 May 13
PC1023915/3 02 Widnes,the Horns Widnes,Halbank Baguley Avenue Halton Veiw Chestnut Lodge 29 Apr 11
PC1023915/7 200 Murdishaw Centre Murdishaw Centre White House, Daresbury, Manor Park 26 Mar 11
PC1023915/2 13 Widnes,Cherry Sutton WidnesMorrisons Green Oaks 22 Apr 08
PC1023915/1 53 Elton,Station Road Frodsham,St Lukes Primary School 5 Sep 04