(Hattons Travel)

Licence type Standard International
Traffic area North West of England
Discs 23
Authorised discs 23
Granted date 2 Jun 2016
Expiry date 31 May 2026

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Current and future bus service registrations

From To Via Last changed
PC1144732/69 297 Prescot Bus Station Kirkby Bus Station, Cherryfield Drive, Kirkby Knowsley Village, Knowsley Industrial Park 21 Apr 24
PC1144732/68 239 Tesco, Sewell Street, Prescot Broadgreen Hospital, Thomas Drive, Liverpool Whiston, Dragon Lane 21 Apr 24
PC1144732/6 28 St. Helens Bus Station St. Helens, Bilkerstaffe Street St. Helens Hospital 2 Dec 23
PC1144732/44 28A Bikerstaffe Street, St. Helens Florida Road, Haydock Industrial Estate Fingerpost, Blackbrook 2 Dec 23
PC1144732/63 748 Trent Road St Augustine of Canterbury High School Birchley Road, Broad Lane, Mossbank, Green Leach Lane 3 Sep 23
PC1144732/67 12A Hall Street North Florida Road 23 Jul 23
PC1144732/62 700 Prescot, Old Lane Cowley International College Old Lane, Portico Lane, Delph Lane 16 Apr 23
PC1144732/64 757 Alfred Street Cowley International College City Road, Bishops road 16 Apr 23
PC1144732/66 781 Billinge Rainford High School Billinge, Redcat Lane, Crank Hill 16 Apr 23
PC1144732/65 760 Clinkham Wood, Dalehead Place Cowley International College Clinkham Wood, Victoria Avenue 16 Apr 23
PC1144732/59 133 Kirby Admin Gate Waterloo Interchange Kirby Bus Station, Kirby Rail Station, Crosby 22 Jan 23
PC1144732/10 297 St. Helens Town Centre, Bickerstaffe Street, Kirkby Bus Station/Prescot (Thomas Drive) Grange Park 3 Jan 23
PC1144732/60 167 Garston, Speke Road Garston, Speke Road Liverpool South Parkway, St. Marys Road 4 Sep 22
PC1144732/3 12 St Helens Bus Station St Helens Bus Station Ravenhead Retail Park, Morrisons & Asda 24 Jul 22
PC1144732/7 60 St. Helens, Bilkerstaffe Street St. Helens, Bilkerstaffe Street Hard Lane, Cowley Hill 1 Sep 21

Cancelled bus service registrations

From To Via Cancelled
PC1144732/8 97 St. Helens,Bickerstaffe Street Prescott, Thomas Drive Grange Park 28 Feb 24
PC1144732/61 590 Leigh Bus Station/Lowton Labour Club Leigh Bus Station/ Lowton St. Lukes Pennington, Lowton Estates 23 Sep 23
PC1144732/5 613 Wigan Bus Station New Springs (Withington Lane) Durham Street, Bottline Wood 23 Sep 23
PC1144732/25 988 Leigh, Twist Lane, Hope Academy Hope Academy, Leigh Bus Station Golborne Tolon Centre, Golborne High School 31 Aug 23
PC1144732/50 733 West Street Sutton Academy Poynter Street 16 Apr 23
PC1144732/39 784 Rainford High School Hinlley Road/Mowbray Avenue Red Cat Lane, Kirkstone Avenue 16 Apr 23
PC1144732/38 754 Forest Road/Jubits Lane, Sutton Manor Rainford High Technology College Alder Hey Road, Windle Island 16 Apr 23
PC1144732/46 156 Garswood, Station Road Garswood, Station Road St. Helens Hospital, St. Helens Bus Station, Lea Green Rail Station, Haydock Industrial Estate 16 Apr 23
PC1144732/37 706 Cowley Int College Ashurst Drive/Longridge Avenue Chain Lane, Desford Avenue 5 Dec 22
PC1144732/47 39 St. Helens Town Centre St. Helens Junction Station Parr 5 Dec 22
PC1144732/30 722 West End Road/Sumner Street (Blackbrook) Hope Academy Vista Road, Crow Lane, Fairclough Street 5 Dec 22
PC1144732/36 774 Outwood Academy Sutton Heath Rd (Thatto Heath) 5 Dec 22
PC1144732/51 686 Edmund Arrowsmith Learning Centre Frederick Lunt Avenue/Homer Road Knowsley Lane 5 Dec 22
PC1144732/42 144 Bootle Bus Station Bootle Bus Station Irlam Road, Field Lane, Pendle Drive, Magdelene Square 5 Dec 22
PC1144732/52 774 Sutton Heath Road Haydock Leisure Centre Leach Lane, St. Helens Junction, Fleet Lane, Chancery Lane. 5 Dec 22
PC1144732/56 630 Platt Bridge, Millers Lane Wigan Bus Station Ince 29 Oct 22
PC1144732/9 99 Whiston Station Prescott Bus Station Whiston Station, Prescot Cross Lane Bus Station 3 Sep 22
PC1144732/57 970 Abram Crankwood Road Cansfield High School Bamfurlong, Platt Bridge 28 Oct 21
PC1144732/58 989 Leigh, Twist Lane Lowton High school Plank Lane/ Common Lane 28 Oct 21
PC1144732/53 933 Leigh Bus Station, Leigh St.Mary's High School, Astley Manchester Road (A572) 1 Sep 21
PC1144732/48 659 Abram, Dover Lock St. Edmund Arrowsmith High School Lily Lane, Bamfurlong 1 Sep 21
PC1144732/55 960 Winstanley College Wigan Lane/ Swinley Road St. John Rigby College, Standish 1 Sep 21
PC1144732/54 K1 Kirby Bus Station Westfield Street, St. Helens 31 Aug 21
PC1144732/40 729 Deyes High School Kirkby Bus Station Old Roan, Spencers Lane 3 Sep 20
PC1144732/49 657 Abram, Dover Lock Cansfield High School Platt Bridge, Bamfurlong 1 Sep 20
PC1144732/43 133 Kirkby Admin, Waterloo Interchange Kirkby Admin, Waterloo Interchange Maghull, Crosby 1 Sep 19
PC1144732/41 686 Frederick Lunt Avenue, Knowsley St Edmund Arrowsmith Catholic Centre, Cumber Lane Prescot, Derby St. 1 Sep 19
PC1144732/12 141 St Helens Town Centre, Bickerstaffe Street Newton Station Earlestown, St Helens Junction 21 Jul 19
PC1144732/45 141A Newton le Willows Tran Station Haydock Lane, Haydock Industrial Estate Newton High Street, Vista Road, Piele Road 21 Jul 19
PC1144732/11 140 St. Helens, Bickerstaffe Street Bold Heath/Lingley Green Clock Face, St. Helens Junction 21 Jan 19
PC1144732/4 607 Ashton Heath (Eagle & Child) Wigan Bus Station (Stand B) Ashton in Makerfield, Marus Bridge, Bryn Station 28 Oct 18
PC1144732/14 716 Gamble Avenue, St. Helens Eltonhead Road, St. Helens Boundary Road, Toll Bar 22 Apr 18
PC1144732/13 706 Gamble Avenue, St. Helens Merton Bank Road, St. Helens Haresfinch 22 Apr 18
PC1144732/18 733 West Street/Lugsmore Lane, St. Helens Elton Head Road/Marshals Cross Road, St. Helens Pointer Street 22 Apr 18
PC1144732/20 748 Trent Road, Billinge Boardmands Lane/Blackbrook Road, St. Helens Broad Lane, Green Earth Lane 22 Apr 18
PC1144732/35 748 St. Augustines High School Billinge, Stork Inn Chain Lane, Moss Bank Hotel 22 Apr 18
PC1144732/19 750 Dodd Avenue, St. Helens Warrington Road/School Lane, Rainhill St. Helens Road, Delph Lane 22 Apr 18
PC1144732/16 717 Standish Street, St. Helens Dalehead Place, St. Helens Hard Lane 22 Apr 18
PC1144732/28 718 Walkers Lane, Sutton Manor St. Cuthberts School New Street 22 Apr 18
PC1144732/17 720 Clockface Road/Gorsey Lane, St. Helens Berry's Lane, St. Helens Marshalls 22 Apr 18
PC1144732/22 742 Penny Lane, Haydock, St. Helens Prescot Road, St. Helens St. Helens Town Centre 22 Apr 18
PC1144732/33 717 Dalehead Place, Clinkham Wood Parish Primary School Hard Lane 22 Apr 18
PC1144732/29 713 Hard Lane Queens Park School Greenield Road 22 Apr 18
PC1144732/15 715 Berry's Lane/Concourse Way, St. Helens Gaskell Street, St. Helens Broad Oak Road 22 Apr 18
PC1144732/31 706 Cowley High School Merton Bank Chain Lane 22 Apr 18
PC1144732/21 741 Newton le Willows Station Prescot Road, St. Helens St. Helens Junction, Sutton Manor 22 Apr 18
PC1144732/23 752 Lunts Heath Road/Birchfield Road De la Salle School, Alder Hey Road Warrington Road, Knowsley Road 22 Apr 18
PC1144732/24 710 Toll Bar/Prescot Road Rainhill High School, Warrington Road St James Road, Delph Lane 22 Apr 18
PC1144732/32 755 Bold, The Pastures De La Salle High School Peasley Cross, St. Helens Towen Centre 22 Apr 18
PC1144732/34 796 Rainford High School St. Helens, Corporation Street Windie Island, Alder Hey Road 22 Apr 18
PC1144732/26 652 Garswood Station, Byrchall High Lay by Byrchall High, Garswood Station Booths Brow Road 10 Oct 17
PC1144732/1 137 St. Helens Bus Station St. Helens Bus Station Carr Mill, Billinge 3 Sep 17
PC1144732/2 111 Parr, Derbyshire Hill Road Lea green Railway Station St. Helens Junction Station 3 Sep 17