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Current and future bus service registrations

From To Via Last changed
PF0000087/34 9 Green Lane, Silfield Norfolk and Norwich Hospital Wymondham, Hethersett, Little Melton 29 Jul 19
PF0000087/31 584 Tattlepot Road, Julians Way, Pulham Market Diss Bus Station Dickleborough, Scole, Diss 1 Jan 19
PF0000087/33 SE1 Church Street, Attleborough (Queens Sq Stop) Park Rd, Diss (Bus Station) Eccles, Old Buckenham, The Lophams, Bressingham and Roydon 3 Mar 18
PF0000087/14 15 Shipdham Norwich Cranworth, Southburgh, Reymerston, Garveston, Hardingham, Kimberley and Barford 21 Nov 08
PF0000087/13 805 Barnham Broom Barnham Broom Marlingford, Wymondham, Wreningham,mulbarton and Bunwell 13 Nov 08

Cancelled bus service registrations

From To Via Cancelled
PF0000087/32 54 Thetford Bus Station Easton College, Norwich Attleborough Queens Sq, Wymondham London Rd 11 Aug 19
PF0000087/15 10A East Harling - Market Place Norwich - Castle Meadows Old Buckingham, Carleton Rode, Binwell, Ashwell Thorpe, Mulbarton & Swardeston 31 Aug 18
PF0000087/16 371 East Harling - Market Place Diss - High School Kenninghall, Banham & Winfarthing 20 Aug 16
PF0000087/29 58 Beccles Easton College 31 Jul 14
PF0000087/30 52 Wisbech Easton College 31 Jul 13
PF0000087/27 Harling Flexibus Wymondham Wymondham 3 Aug 12
PF0000087/24 W1 (Flexi-Bus) Wymondem Area Wymondham Area Local Area 3 Aug 12
PF0000087/25 Watten (Flexi-Bus) Wymondham & Watten Area Wymondham & Watten Area Wymondham & Watten Area 3 Aug 12
PF0000087/26 W2 (Flexi-Bus) Wymondham Area Wymondham Area Wymondham Area 3 Aug 12
PF0000087/23 61 Lyng, Norfolk Costessey Park-N-Ride Elsing 23 Jul 12
PF0000087/19 905 Wymondham Market Cross St Thomas More RC Middle School, Norwich Hethersett, Cringleford, Eaton, Norwich. 4 Sep 11
PF0000087/28 57B Norwich, Castle Meadow Norwich, Easton College 4 Sep 11
PF0000087/22 13A Great Ellingham, Norfolk Attleborough, Norfolk 4 Sep 10
PF0000087/17 17 Diss Diss Roydon, Bressingham, Shelfhanger & Winfarthing 5 Oct 09
PF0000087/3 55A Swardeston Wymondham 5 Oct 09
PF0000087/21 805 Barnham Broom Barnham Broom Marlingford, Wymondham, Wramplingham, Mulbarton & Bunwell 5 Oct 09
PF0000087/18 56 Diss Bus Station Diss Bus Station Shelfhanger, Banham, Garboldisham, Bressingham & Roydon 8 Jun 09
PF0000087/11 52 Norwich, Castle Meadow Wymondham College Eaton, Cringleford, Hetherset and Wymondham 3 Dec 07
PF0000087/5 6 Shotesham Framlingham Stoke Holy Cross 4 Sep 06
PF0000087/20 15 Shipham Norwich Cranworth, Southburgh, Garveston, Kimberley & Barford 2 Apr 06
PF0000087/8 5 Barnham Broom Norwich Barford, Marlingford, Banburgh, Little Melton, Colney and Earlham 1 Apr 06
PF0000087/12 905 Wymondham St Thomas Moore School Hethersett,cringleford, Eaton and Norwich, 28 Jan 05
PF0000087/10 10A East Harling, Market Place Norwich, Castle Meadow Old Buckenham, Carleton Rode, Bunwell, Ashwell Thorpe, Mulbarton and Swardeston 31 Oct 04
PF0000087/9 52 Norwich, Castle Meadow Wymondham College Eaton, Cringleford, Hethersett and Wymondham 31 Jul 04
PF0000087/7 376 Old Buckenham Diss Kenninghall, Fersfield, Bressingham Common, Winfarthin and Heywood Hall 1 Jan 04
PF0000087/6 57B Norwich Rail Station Easton Agricultural College Norwich & Costessey Park and Ride 4 Aug 03
PF0000087/4 904 Norwich St John Schhol 6 Jan 03
PF0000087/1 NOT AV. Wymondham Norwich 6 Jan 03
PF0000087/2 NOT AV. Gt Ellingham Wymondham 8 Apr 02