(Lochs Motor Transport)

Licence type Standard National
Traffic area Scotland
Discs 35
Authorised discs 35
Granted date 12 May 1993
Expiry date 30 Apr 2028

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Current and future bus service registrations

From To Via Last changed
PM0000618/24 W14 Tarbert Pier Outend Scalpay Sir E Scott School, Uragha, Kyles Scalpay 30 Mar 24
PM0000618/20 W8 Stornoway Bus Station Arivruach Newvalley, Cameron Terrace, Crossbost, Ranish, Grimshader Village, Keose Gebe, Laxay and Balallan 30 Mar 24
PM0000618/21 W9 Lemreway Stornoway Bus Station Orinsay, Gravir, Calbost, Marvig, Cromore, South Lochs Turn, Laxay and Nicolson Institute 30 Mar 24
PM0000618/22 W9A Keose Glebe Keose Main Road Junction Keose Village 30 Mar 24
PM0000618/23 W11 Tarbert Pier Rhenigadale Sir E Scott School, Maaruig and Aline 30 Mar 24
PM0000618/15 W10A Tarbert Pier Rodel Church Luskentyre Village, Borve, Northton Village, Levenburgh Pier 15 Aug 20
PM0000618/17 W14 Outend Scalpay Tarbert Pier Kyles Scalpay, Uragha & Sir E Scott School 3 Aug 20
PM0000618/12 W1 Lionel Village Stornoway Bus Station Eoropie, Port of Ness, Adabrock, Habost, Barvas 3 Aug 20
PM0000618/13 W8A Grmishader Village Sgoil Nan Loch Grimshader Main Road or Ranish & Crossbost 3 Aug 20
PM0000618/14 W10 Tarbert Pier Stornoway Bus Station Maaruig R.E., Balallan & Cameron Terrace 3 Aug 20
PM0000618/16 W12 Tarbert Pier Hushinish Govig Cliasmol & Sir E Scott School 3 Aug 20
PM0000618/9 W8/W7 Ranish Stornoway Bus Station Crossbost, Druim An Aoil, Newvalley 3 Aug 20
PM0000618/18 W13 Tarbert Pier Sir E Scott School Golden Road Junction, Ardvey Turn, Grosbay & Plockropool 8 Apr 20

Cancelled bus service registrations

From To Via Cancelled
PM0000618/19 W1 Stornoway Bus Station Lionel, Edgemoor Square Barvas, Habost, Port of Ness, Eorodale 16 Aug 20
PM0000618/10 W5 Flesherin Point Bayble Point Portnaguran, Portvoller, Aird 3 Apr 14
PM0000618/3 22 Stornoway Bus Station primary school) 3 Apr 14
PM0000618/8 W8 Ranish Sgoil Nan Loch Bus Park Crossbost 3 Apr 14
PM0000618/11 W5 Upper Garrabost Stornoway Bus Station Eagleton 3 Apr 14
PM0000618/6 WS7 Carloway Stornoway Breasclete, Leurbost 3 Apr 14
PM0000618/5 w7 Stornoway Bus Station Lews Castle College Bayhead 27 Mar 09
PM0000618/7 W1 Lionel, Ness Stornoway Bus Station Port of Ness, Skigersta, Barvas Junction 27 Mar 09
PM0000618/2 NOT AV. Carloway (Dalbeag Road End)( Stornoway Bus Station 27 Mar 09
PM0000618/4 W1 Lionel Lionel Stornoway Bus Station 27 Mar 09
PM0000618/1 w8 Leurbost (Old School) Lochs (Surgery) via Sgoil Nan Loch, Garynahine 27 Mar 04