(Xplore Dundee, Travel Wisharts)

Trading name XPLORE DUNDEE
Licence type Standard National
Traffic area Scotland
Discs 140
Authorised discs 174
Granted date Monday 11 November 1991
Expiry date Saturday 31 October 2026

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Current and future bus service registrations

From To Via Last changed
PM0001793/138 18 Kirkton ASDA City Centre Arklay Street 24 Dec 23
PM0001793/4 22 Craigowl View Estate Ninewells Hospital Hilltown, City Centre 24 Dec 23
PM0001793/1 32 City Centre Whitfield Fintry Road, Fintry Drive 24 Dec 23
PM0001793/167 33 Crighton Street, Dundee The Crescent, Whitfield Stobswell, Fintry 24 Dec 23
PM0001793/165 17 Commercial Street or Ninewells Hospital Whitfield Pitkerro Road, City Centre 24 Dec 23
PM0001793/3 28 Myrekirk Road ASDA Douglas Charleston, City Centre 24 Dec 23
PM0001793/152 1 Courthouse Square, Dundee Laird Street, St Mary's, Dundee Strathmore Avenue 24 Dec 23
PM0001793/73 5 Ninewells Hospital Barnhill City Centre 24 Dec 23
PM0001793/137 10 Ninewells Hospital Ninewells Hospital St. Mary's, Whitfield, Douglas 24 Dec 23
PM0001793/173 6S Charleston, Dundee Harris Academy Ancrum, Blackness 23 Oct 23
PM0001793/169 18s Western Gateway St Paul's Academy Liff, Baldragon Academy 23 Oct 23
PM0001793/175 DD1 Dundee Railway Station Dundee Law 10 Jul 23
PM0001793/172 5s Mallaig Avenue, Dundee Harris Academy Charleston Drive 20 Jun 23
PM0001793/170 6 Whitehall Street, Dundee Ninewells Hospital, Dundee Blackness, Pentland, Elmwood, Gowrie Park 20 Jun 23
PM0001793/164 23 Commercial Street, Keiller Centre Dundee Commercial Street, Keiller Centre or Whitehall Street, Dundee 20 Jun 23
PM0001793/59 17S St.Pauls Whitfield Trottick, Fintry, Whitfield 20 Jun 23
PM0001793/174 10s Alpin Road, Dundee Harris Academy Charleston 20 Jun 23
PM0001793/168 2 Dundee City Centre Lochee The Stack Dens Road, Main Street, Byron Street 20 Jun 23
PM0001793/145 14S St. Pauls Academy Arbroath Road Monymusk Park 20 Jun 23
PM0001793/171 4S Linton Road, Dryburgh Harris Academy Charleston Drive 20 Jun 23
PM0001793/154 4 Whitehall Street, Dundee Linton Road, Dryburgh Scott Street, Kilberry Street, Locheee Bank Street 24 Jan 21
PM0001793/151 56 Greenmarket or Ward Road, Dundee Camperdown Park, Dundee Riverside Drive, Technology Park, Coupar Angus Road, Lochee Road 12 Aug 17
PM0001793/14 53 City Centre, High Street Camperdown Park Seagate, Commercial Street 3 Sep 10

Cancelled bus service registrations

From To Via Cancelled
PM0001793/134 MD11 Tay Bridge South Access St. Andrews Madras College Campus Tayport 15 Aug 23
PM0001793/126 MD1 Tay Road Bridge South Access Madras College Campus, St. Andrews Newort, Wormit, St. Fort 15 Aug 23
PM0001793/127 MD2 St. Fort St. Andrews Wormit, Newport, Leuchars 15 Aug 23
PM0001793/131 MD6 Wormit St. Andrews Newport, Leuchars 15 Aug 23
PM0001793/128 MD3 Dundee St. Andrews Newort, Wormit, Gauldry 15 Aug 23
PM0001793/132 MD9 Tay Bridge South Access Madras College Campus St. Andrews Tayport 15 Aug 23
PM0001793/129 MD4 Tay Bridge South Madras College Newport 15 Aug 23
PM0001793/133 MD10 Tay Bridge South Access St. Andrews Madras College Campus Tayport 15 Aug 23
PM0001793/136 99X St. Andrews Dundee Leuchars, Drumoig 15 Aug 23
PM0001793/130 MD5 Tay Bridge South Access Madras College Campus St. Andrews Newport 15 Aug 23
PM0001793/135 GF1 Dundee St. Andrews Tayport, Leuchars 15 Aug 23
PM0001793/158 59 Seagate Bus Station, Dundee Blairgowrie Wellmeadow Lochee, Birkhill, Coupar Angus 7 Jul 23
PM0001793/159 57A Seagate Bus Station, Dundee Blairgowrie Wellmeadow Birkhill, Meigle, Alyth 7 Jul 23
PM0001793/160 57A Blairgowrie, Wellmeadow Bus Stance Perth Bus Station Coupar Angus, Burrelton, New Scone 7 Jul 23
PM0001793/176 DD2 Dundee University Campus Dundee University Campus City Centre, Perth Road, Ninewells Hospital 19 Sep 22
PM0001793/177 DD2 Dundee University Campus Dundee University Campus City Centre, Perth Road, Ninewells Hospital 19 Sep 22
PM0001793/107 138 City Centre Kirkton of Auchterhouse Kirkton ASDA 30 May 22
PM0001793/156 51 Whitehall Street, Dundee High Steet, Dundee Ninewells Hospital, Birkhill, Fowlis, Liff 30 May 22
PM0001793/108 137 City Centre City Centre Kirkton, Bridgefoot, Strathmartine Hospital 30 May 22
PM0001793/111 139 Inveraldie Hall Place or Tealing School Dundee City Centre 30 May 22
PM0001793/157 73B High Street, Dundee Ashludie Hospital, Monifieth Broughty Ferry 30 May 22
PM0001793/61 36C Ninewells Hospital Barns of Claverhouse City Centre, Mill o' Mains 2 May 22
PM0001793/149 29S Harris Academy Charleston Dunholm Road 25 Feb 22
PM0001793/147 27S Harris Academy Kilberry Street 25 Feb 22
PM0001793/146 23S Harris Academy Dryburgh 25 Feb 22
PM0001793/148 28S Harris Academy Charleston Balgarthno Road 25 Feb 22
PM0001793/166 6a Ninewells Hospital, Dundee Ninewells Hospital, Dundee Charleston, Elmwood 3 Jan 22
PM0001793/75 9S St.Pauls Ninewells Hospital St.Johns 25 Oct 21
PM0001793/91 4 City Centre Dryburgh Hilltown, Lochee 15 Aug 21
PM0001793/153 1b Courthouse Square, Dundee Laird Street, St Mary's, Dundee Byron Crescent 24 Jan 21
PM0001793/150 54 Whitehall Street, Spare Stance Liff Road Camperdown Park Lochee Road 13 Apr 20
PM0001793/161 360 Albert Square, Dundee Albert Square, Dundee Dundee Railway Station, High Street, Ward Road, Commercial Street 1 Oct 19
PM0001793/163 17 Whitehall Street Dundee Ninewells Hospital or Technology Park Perth Road, Pentland Avenue, 23 Jun 19
PM0001793/162 15A Commercial Street, Keiller Centre Dundee Commercial Street, Keiller Centre or Whitehall Street, Dundee Pitkerro, Asda Milton, Whitfield 23 Jun 19
PM0001793/155 23 Commercial Street, Dundee Cox Street, Downfield Woodside Terrace, Kirkton Derwent Avenue 13 Jan 19
PM0001793/9 15 Whitfield Explorer Technology Park Milton ASDA, City Centre, Ninewells Hospital 12 Jan 19
PM0001793/116 30 Dundee Fowlis Ninewells Hospital, Liff Hospital 2 Jun 18
PM0001793/117 51 Duindee Dundee Ninewells Hospital, Fowlis, Liff 2 Jun 18
PM0001793/143 23b Woodside City Centre 22 Oct 17
PM0001793/93 1A St. Mary's City Centre Dens Road 22 Oct 17
PM0001793/144 27 Ardler Village Douglas City Centre 22 Oct 17
PM0001793/142 23a Whitehall Street Dryburgh Lochee Road 22 Oct 17
PM0001793/141 23 St. Marys Kirkton Asda Pentland Avenue, Perth Road 22 Oct 17
PM0001793/140 14 The Stack in Lochee Douglas Kingsway Retail Park 21 Oct 17
PM0001793/121 203 Dundee City Centre Ardler Village Lochee, Dryburgh 14 Aug 16
PM0001793/96 206 Ethiebeaton Park Strathern Road, West Ferry Broughty Ferry 13 Aug 16
PM0001793/120 201 Douglas, Balmoral Kingsway Retail Park City Centre 13 Aug 16
PM0001793/95 204 Dundee City Centre Ninewells Hospital Magdalen Yard, West End, South Road 13 Aug 16
PM0001793/122 205 Ninewells Hospital Myrekirk Road, New Asda Store Elmwood Road, South Road 13 Aug 16
PM0001793/97 208 Claverhouse Dundee City Centre Provost Road, Barnes Avenue, Mill o Mains 13 Aug 16
PM0001793/94 202 Kirkton Dundee City Centre Kingsway Retail Park 13 Aug 16
PM0001793/139 24 Dundee Courthouse Square Stack Leisure Park 13 Aug 16
PM0001793/85 14 Ninewells Hospital Douglas Explorer Technology Park, Kingsway Retail Park 12 Aug 16
PM0001793/119 12S Perth Road at Riverside Harris Academy, Lawton Road Perth Road, Lochee Road 29 Jul 16
PM0001793/76 10S St Johns High School or St Pauls Academy Ninewells Hospital Kirkton, St Marys, Lochee 29 Jul 16
PM0001793/118 11S Ninewells Avenue, Lister Place Harris Academy, Lawton Road Blackness Road 29 Jul 16
PM0001793/125 24 St. Marys City Centre Ardler Village, Kingsway Retail Park, Woodside 14 Sep 15
PM0001793/28 18 City Centre Kirkton ASDA Arklay Street 12 Sep 15
PM0001793/123 10 Ninewells Hospital Ninewells Hospital Dryburgh, St. Mary's, Whitfield, Gardyne College 12 Sep 15
PM0001793/103 X39 Dundee, City Centre Carnoustie, Carlogie Road Arbroath Road, Ethiebeaton Park 17 Oct 14
PM0001793/101 27 Forfar Tesco Friockheim Bus Stance Kingsmuir Bowriefaulds Letham 17 Oct 14
PM0001793/105 81 Carnoustie, Carlogie Forfar, Tesco Monifieth, Ethiebeaton Park, Gateside 17 Oct 14
PM0001793/92 21 Dundee, Albert Square Dundee Asda, Kirkton Woodside 14 Oct 14
PM0001793/124 5N City Centre, Ward Road Monifieth Ashludie Hospital Arbroath Road, Douglas, Barnhill, Broughty Ferry 5 May 14
PM0001793/63 23 City Center, High Street City Center, High Street Woodside, Provost Road, Athurstone Terrace 5 May 14
PM0001793/90 1C Dundee City Centre, Commercial Street Murraygate Laird Street adj Benholm Road Dens Road, Clepington Road, St Marys 5 May 14
PM0001793/110 5N Dundee City Centre, Ward Road Monifieth Ashludie Hospital Arbroath Road, Strathern Road, Broughty Ferry 25 Nov 13
PM0001793/79 22S Claverhouse Mill O Mains School Harris Academy, Perth Road Downfield, Hilltown, City Centre, Perth Road 1 Jul 13
PM0001793/8 1s Dundee, Laird Street Harris Academy 1 Jul 13
PM0001793/86 26 Seagate or Whitehall Street, City Centre Seagate High Street, City Centre Ninewells Hospital, Broughty Ferry 30 Jun 13
PM0001793/106 115 Friockheim Bus Stance Montrose Railway Station Barnhead, Ferryden 8 Jun 13
PM0001793/99 B16 A933 Rosewood Villa Brechin High School Westdrums Farm Road End, Southtown of Meglund Road End 8 Jun 13
PM0001793/71 A6 Balnabreich Farm Road End Colliston Primary School 8 Jun 13
PM0001793/98 B15 Whiteside of Careston Road End Brechin High School Kirkton of Menmuir, Maisondieu Primary School 8 Jun 13
PM0001793/109 116 Friockhein Bus Stance Montrose Railway Station Inverkeillor, Braehead of Lunan, Ferryden 8 Jun 13
PM0001793/69 F6 Mains of Balmdies Road End Lethan Primary School 8 Jun 13
PM0001793/102 30 Montrose Railway Station Stracathro Hospital Brechin 8 Jun 13
PM0001793/112 F15 Upper/Nether Tullos Farm Roadend Forfar Academy Letham Craichie 8 Jun 13
PM0001793/104 52 Montrose, Charlton Place Links Health Centre Borrowfield, High Street, Tesco 8 Jun 13
PM0001793/113 F2 Turin Cottage Road End Aberlemno Primary School Balbinny Farm Cottages 8 Jun 13
PM0001793/24 140/141 Auchmithie Strathcathro Hospital 8 Jun 13
PM0001793/114 F8 Turin Cottage Road End Forfar academy Aberlemno Primary School 8 Jun 13
PM0001793/100 A30 Friockheim Bus Stance St Thomas Primary School Knockhill Junction, Leysmill, Arbroath Academy 1 Jun 13
PM0001793/115 F18 Hillkirk Farm Road End Forfar Academy Letham 1 Jun 13
PM0001793/87 30 Seagate Gellatly Street or Invergowrie Graystane Road Invergowrie Graystane Road Ninewells Road, Tesco, Liff, Fowlis, Muirhead, Birkhill 27 May 13
PM0001793/88 51 Dundee City Centre, Seagate Fowlis Liff 27 May 13
PM0001793/68 F18 Hillkirk Farm Road End Forfar Academy 16 Aug 12
PM0001793/32 826 Clocksbriggs Road End Forfar Academy 13 Aug 12
PM0001793/49 901 Little Fithe Road End Andover School Carcary Rie, West Drums Farm, Craigend Junction 13 Aug 12
PM0001793/31 824 B9113/ Red Roofs RE orBalgavies, Station House B9134/Crosston Cottage or Aberlemno Primary School PITKENNEDY PRIMARY SCHOOL BALGAVIES 13 Aug 12
PM0001793/70 A30 Knockhill Junction Arbroath Academy, St. Thomas Primary School 15 Aug 11
PM0001793/89 1 Dundee City Centre, Commercial Street, Murraygate Laird Street adj Benholm Road Hilltown, Ardler 14 Aug 11
PM0001793/58 28S St. Pauls Academy, Gilburn Road Nursery Road, Campfield Shops Trottick, Happyhillock, Douglas 14 Aug 11
PM0001793/80 3 Dundee, Commercial Street Dundee Caird Avenue Albany Terrace, Barnes Avenue, Fleming Gardens, Hilltown 14 Aug 11
PM0001793/50 905 Friockheim Yard Brechin High School Redden Rie, West Drums Farm, Craigend Junction, Netherton Junction 2 Aug 11
PM0001793/83 26 Forfar - Beech Hill Forfar - Tesco 30 May 11
PM0001793/67 49 Arbroath Bus Station Arbroath Bus Station Arbroath Infirmary, High Street 30 May 11
PM0001793/51 36 Arbroath Bus Station Friockheim Bus Stance 30 May 11
PM0001793/72 23B Lunanhead, Priory Cottage Forfar Academy/Whitehills Old Brechin Road, Priory Road, East Port 30 May 11
PM0001793/84 27E Letham, Blair Road Forfar, East High Street/Castle Street Bowriefaulds, Craichie 30 May 11
PM0001793/66 2 Dundee City Center Camperdown Park Lochee, Dryburgh 6 Mar 11
PM0001793/65 1 City Center (Royal Exchange) St Mary's (Benholm Place) Dens Road 6 Mar 11
PM0001793/62 43 Peep O' Day Lane Peep O' Day Lane City Center, City Quay, Gallacher Retail Park 7 Nov 10
PM0001793/81 25 Ninewells Hospital Broughty Ferry Occidental / Fort Street St Marys Kirktopn Fintry 7 Nov 10
PM0001793/77 11 Dundee City Centre High Street/Whitehall Street Ninewells Hospital Blackness Avenue, Pentland Avenue, Charleston Drive 7 Nov 10
PM0001793/74 6 Dundee City Centre Whitehall Street Ninewells Hospital Blackness Ave, Blackness Road, Dickson Ave 7 Nov 10
PM0001793/60 30 City Centre, Seagate or Medi Park, Mariner Drive Medi Park, Mariner Drive Liff, Fowlis, Muirhead, Birkhill 7 Nov 10
PM0001793/78 21S Dundee City Centre Commercial Street Dundee College Kingsway Campus Arklay Street, Graham Street College 7 Nov 10
PM0001793/82 14 Ninewells Hospital Sainsbury's Douglas / Broughty Ferry, Fort Street Technology Park, South Road, Charleston, Clepington Road, Kingswal Retail Park, Douglas Sainsburys, Barnhill 7 Nov 10
PM0001793/18 9X Barnhill, Forthill Road Ninewells Hospital Whitehall Street 27 Jun 10
PM0001793/13 7 Dundee (Union St or High st) Circular 27 Jun 10
PM0001793/64 8X Ninewells Hospital Stance Barnhill (Strathmore Place) Riverside City Center, Dundee Road 27 Jun 10
PM0001793/57 1C Dundee City Council Craigowl View Lawside, Kingsway Retail Park, Ardler 27 Jun 10
PM0001793/5 9 Dundee, Ninewells Hospital Dundee, Ninewells Hospital Kirkton ASDA 27 Jun 10
PM0001793/41 14 Dobbies Garden Centre Ninewells Hospital Scott Fyffe, Kingsway Retail Park, South Road 27 Jun 10
PM0001793/48 850 Greenhillocks Forfar Academy Letham, Craichie 17 Dec 09
PM0001793/47 849 Douglaswood Inverarity Primary School Burnside of Kirkbuddo, Little Lour Farm 17 Dec 09
PM0001793/56 4 City Centre, Dundee Camperdown Leisure Park Hilltown, Lawside, Lochee, Dryburgh 22 Nov 09
PM0001793/10 2 Dundee City Centre Dryburgh 22 Nov 09
PM0001793/54 6 Mill O' Mains Commercial Street, Dundee City Centre Pitkerro Road, Perth Road, City Centre, Milton, Claverhouse, Kirkton, Ardler, Lawside 16 Aug 09
PM0001793/55 5 Dundee, City Centre St. Mary's, Laird Street Stobswell, Linlathen. Claverhouse, Kirkton. 16 Aug 09
PM0001793/6 1a City Centre, Commercial Street St. Marys Kings Cross road 16 Aug 09
PM0001793/22 51 Dundee, Seagate Dundee, Fowlis 10 May 09
PM0001793/53 25 Dundee City Centre, Commercial Street Dundee City Centre, Commercial Street Blackness, Lochee 13 Dec 08
PM0001793/52 24 City Centre, Commercial Street Woodside, Kerrview Terrace Dens Road, Arklay Street 13 Dec 08
PM0001793/12 55 Dundee, St Andrews Street Dundee, Laird Street 3 Nov 08
PM0001793/7 21 Dundee, King Street Woodside, Kerrsview Terrace 3 Nov 08
PM0001793/27 1C Dundee Commercial Street Craigowl View, St Martin Avenue Provost Road, Clepington Road, Ardler Village 2 Nov 08
PM0001793/2 36 Dundee City Center Mill O' Mains 2 Nov 08
PM0001793/16 3 Dundee, Royal Exchange or Camperdown Leisure Park Panmure Street or Campberdown Leisure Park or Riverside 2 Nov 08
PM0001793/36 94 Dundee, Balunie Terrace Dundee, Gourdie 18 Apr 08
PM0001793/38 501 Newtyle (North Street) Menzieshill High School Piperdam, Fowlis, Liff, Birkhill 18 Apr 08
PM0001793/40 503 Birkhill Primary School Monifieth High School Birkhill 18 Apr 08
pm0001793/11 49 Dundee (Kings Cross Road East Dock Street) 18 Apr 08
PM0001793/39 502 Whitelawston Farm Road End Monifieth High School Muirhead, Birkhill 18 Apr 08
PM0001793/25 NOT AV. Inverarity Dundee (Yeaman Shore) 18 Apr 08
PM0001793/29 5 Dundee, Commercial Street Dundee, Derwent Avenue 18 Apr 08
PM0001793/35 93 Dundee, Balunie Terrace Dundee, Apollo Way 6 Jan 08
PM0001793/23 860 Friockheim Brechin, High School Farnell, Kinnell 15 Aug 06
PM0001793/33 823 Balglassie (Road End) Friockheim (Station Yard) Aberlemno 15 Aug 06
PM0001793/42 100 Royal Exchange, Panmure Street Camperdown Park, Liff Road Seagate Bus Station, Discovery Point, Riverside Park & Ride, Camperdown Park 13 May 06
PM0001793/21 88 Whitfield, Peebles Drive Broughty Ferry, Gray Street Sainsburys, Claypotts 1 May 06
PM0001793/17 31 Dundee, Commercial Street Dundee, Commercial Street Claverhouse 1 May 05
PM0001793/26 370 Inveraldie (hall place) Dundee (Union St) 26 Mar 04
PM0001793/20 TALL SHIPS Friockheim, Station Yard Letham, Primary School 19 Aug 03
PM0001793/34 823 Friockheim Balglassie Aberlemno Primary School 19 Aug 03
PM0001793/15 5,6 Woodside, Kerrsview Terrace Technology park, Apollo Way City Centre, Commercial Street 18 May 03