Trading name XPLORE DUNDEE
Traffic area M
Discs 140
Authorised discs 174

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Current and future bus service registrations

From To Via Last changed
PM0001793/138 18 Kirkton ASDA City Centre Arklay Street 7 Jun 21
PM0001793/3 28 Myrekirk Road ASDA Douglas Charleston, City Centre 7 Jun 21
PM0001793/165 17 Commercial Street or Ninewells Hospital Whitfield Pitkerro Road, City Centre 7 Jun 21
PM0001793/73 5 Ninewells Hospital Barnhill City Centre 7 Jun 21
PM0001793/166 6a Ninewells Hospital, Dundee Ninewells Hospital, Dundee Charleston, Elmwood 7 Jun 21
PM0001793/137 5 Ninewells Hospital Ninewells Hospital St. Mary's, Whitfield, Douglas 17 May 21
PM0001793/164 23 Commercial Street, Keiller Centre Dundee Commercial Street, Keiller Centre or Whitehall Street, Dundee 17 May 21
PM0001793/1 32 City Centre Whitfield Fintry Road, Fintry Drive 17 May 21
PM0001793/168 2 Dundee City Centre Lochee The Stack Dens Road, Main Street, Byron Street 12 Apr 21
PM0001793/4 22 Craigowl View Estate Ninewells Hospital Hilltown, City Centre 12 Apr 21
PM0001793/167 33 Crighton Street, Dundee The Crescent, Whitfield Stobswell, Fintry 12 Apr 21
PM0001793/152 1 Courthouse Square, Dundee Laird Street, St Mary's, Dundee Strathmore Avenue 12 Apr 21
PM0001793/59 17S St.Pauls Whitfield Trottick, Fintry, Whitfield 15 Mar 21
PM0001793/145 14S St. Pauls Academy Arbroath Road Monymusk Park 15 Mar 21
PM0001793/147 27S Harris Academy Kilberry Street 15 Mar 21
PM0001793/75 9S St.Pauls Ninewells Hospital St.Johns 15 Mar 21
PM0001793/149 29S Harris Academy Charleston Dunholm Road 15 Mar 21
PM0001793/148 28S Harris Academy Charleston Balgarthno Road 15 Mar 21
PM0001793/146 23S Harris Academy Dryburgh 15 Mar 21
PM0001793/154 4 Whitehall Street, Dundee Linton Road, Dryburgh Scott Street, Kilberry Street, Locheee Bank Street 24 Jan 21
PM0001793/61 36C Ninewells Hospital Barns of Claverhouse City Centre, Mill o' Mains 24 Jan 21
PM0001793/135 GF1 Dundee St. Andrews Tayport, Leuchars 10 Aug 20
PM0001793/126 MD1 Tay Road Bridge South Access St. Andrews Newort, Wormit, St. Fort 9 Aug 20
PM0001793/134 MD11 Tay Bridge South Access St. Andrews Tayport 9 Aug 20
PM0001793/133 MD10 Tay Bridge South Access St. Andrews Tayport 9 Aug 20
PM0001793/159 57A Seagate Bus Station, Dundee Blairgowrie Wellmeadow Birkhill, Meigle, Alyth 11 Jul 20
PM0001793/158 59 Seagate Bus Station, Dundee Blairgowrie Wellmeadow Lochee, Birkhill, Coupar Angus 11 Jul 20
PM0001793/108 137 City Centre City Centre Kirkton, Bridgefoot, Strathmartine Hospital 10 Jul 20
PM0001793/132 MD9 Tay Bridge South Access St. Andrews Tayport 17 Jun 20
PM0001793/127 MD2 St. Fort St. Andrews Wormit, Newport, Leuchars 17 Jun 20
PM0001793/131 MD6 Wormit St. Andrews Newport, Leuchars 17 Jun 20
PM0001793/128 MD3 Dundee St. Andrews Newort, Wormit, Gauldry 17 Jun 20
PM0001793/130 MD5 Tay Bridge South Access St. Andrews Newport 12 Apr 20
PM0001793/107 138 City Centre Kirkton of Auchterhouse Kirkton ASDA 12 Apr 20
PM0001793/129 MD4 Tay Bridge South Madras College Newport 12 Apr 20
PM0001793/111 139 Inveraldie Hall Place or Tealing School Dundee City Centre 12 Apr 20
PM0001793/160 57A Blairgowrie, Wellmeadow Bus Stance Perth Bus Station Coupar Angus, Burrelton, New Scone 12 Apr 20
PM0001793/157 73B High Street, Dundee Ashludie Hospital, Monifieth Broughty Ferry 29 Mar 20
PM0001793/156 51 Whitehall Street, Dundee High Steet, Dundee Ninewells Hospital, Birkhill, Fowlis, Liff 29 Mar 20
PM0001793/151 56 Greenmarket or Ward Road, Dundee Camperdown Park, Dundee Riverside Drive, Technology Park, Coupar Angus Road, Lochee Road 12 Aug 17
PM0001793/14 53 City Centre, High Street Camperdown Park Seagate, Commercial Street 3 Sep 10
PM0001793/45 49 Arbroath Bus Garage Arbroath Bus Garage Arbroath Infirmary, Arbroath High Street 14 Aug 06
PM0001793/42 100 Royal Exchange, Panmure Street Camperdown Park, Liff Road Seagate Bus Station, Discovery Point, Riverside Park & Ride, Camperdown Park 13 May 06
PM0001793/20 TALL SHIPS Friockheim, Station Yard Letham, Primary School 19 Aug 03

Cancelled bus service registrations

From To Via Cancelled
PM0001793/153 1b Courthouse Square, Dundee Laird Street, St Mary's, Dundee Byron Crescent 24 Jan 21
PM0001793/150 54 Whitehall Street, Spare Stance Liff Road Camperdown Park Lochee Road 13 Apr 20
PM0001793/136 198 St. Andrews Dundee Leuchars, Drumoig 29 Mar 20
PM0001793/161 360 Albert Square, Dundee Albert Square, Dundee Dundee Railway Station, High Street, Ward Road, Commercial Street 1 Oct 19
PM0001793/163 17 Whitehall Street Dundee Ninewells Hospital or Technology Park Perth Road, Pentland Avenue, 23 Jun 19
PM0001793/162 15A Commercial Street, Keiller Centre Dundee Commercial Street, Keiller Centre or Whitehall Street, Dundee Pitkerro, Asda Milton, Whitfield 23 Jun 19
PM0001793/155 23 Commercial Street, Dundee Cox Street, Downfield Woodside Terrace, Kirkton Derwent Avenue 13 Jan 19
PM0001793/9 15 Whitfield Explorer Technology Park Milton ASDA, City Centre, Ninewells Hospital 12 Jan 19
PM0001793/116 30 Dundee Fowlis Ninewells Hospital, Liff Hospital 2 Jun 18
PM0001793/117 51 Duindee Dundee Ninewells Hospital, Fowlis, Liff 2 Jun 18
PM0001793/141 23 St. Marys Kirkton Asda Pentland Avenue, Perth Road 22 Oct 17
PM0001793/93 1A St. Mary's City Centre Dens Road 22 Oct 17
PM0001793/143 23b Woodside City Centre 22 Oct 17
PM0001793/144 27 Ardler Village Douglas City Centre 22 Oct 17
PM0001793/142 23a Whitehall Street Dryburgh Lochee Road 22 Oct 17
PM0001793/140 14 The Stack in Lochee Douglas Kingsway Retail Park 21 Oct 17
PM0001793/121 203 Dundee City Centre Ardler Village Lochee, Dryburgh 14 Aug 16
PM0001793/96 206 Ethiebeaton Park Strathern Road, West Ferry Broughty Ferry 13 Aug 16
PM0001793/139 24 Dundee Courthouse Square Stack Leisure Park 13 Aug 16
PM0001793/120 201 Douglas, Balmoral Kingsway Retail Park City Centre 13 Aug 16
PM0001793/122 205 Ninewells Hospital Myrekirk Road, New Asda Store Elmwood Road, South Road 13 Aug 16
PM0001793/95 204 Dundee City Centre Ninewells Hospital Magdalen Yard, West End, South Road 13 Aug 16
PM0001793/91 4 City Centre Dryburgh Hilltown, Lochee 13 Aug 16
PM0001793/97 208 Claverhouse Dundee City Centre Provost Road, Barnes Avenue, Mill o Mains 13 Aug 16
PM0001793/94 202 Kirkton Dundee City Centre Kingsway Retail Park 13 Aug 16
PM0001793/85 14 Ninewells Hospital Douglas Explorer Technology Park, Kingsway Retail Park 12 Aug 16
PM0001793/118 11S Ninewells Avenue, Lister Place Harris Academy, Lawton Road Blackness Road 29 Jul 16
PM0001793/119 12S Perth Road at Riverside Harris Academy, Lawton Road Perth Road, Lochee Road 29 Jul 16
PM0001793/76 10S St Johns High School or St Pauls Academy Ninewells Hospital Kirkton, St Marys, Lochee 29 Jul 16
PM0001793/125 24 St. Marys City Centre Ardler Village, Kingsway Retail Park, Woodside 14 Sep 15
PM0001793/28 18 City Centre Kirkton ASDA Arklay Street 12 Sep 15
PM0001793/123 10 Ninewells Hospital Ninewells Hospital Dryburgh, St. Mary's, Whitfield, Gardyne College 12 Sep 15
PM0001793/103 X39 Dundee, City Centre Carnoustie, Carlogie Road Arbroath Road, Ethiebeaton Park 17 Oct 14
PM0001793/105 81 Carnoustie, Carlogie Forfar, Tesco Monifieth, Ethiebeaton Park, Gateside 17 Oct 14
PM0001793/101 27 Forfar Tesco Friockheim Bus Stance Kingsmuir Bowriefaulds Letham 17 Oct 14
PM0001793/92 21 Dundee, Albert Square Dundee Asda, Kirkton Woodside 14 Oct 14
PM0001793/63 23 City Center, High Street City Center, High Street Woodside, Provost Road, Athurstone Terrace 5 May 14
PM0001793/90 1C Dundee City Centre, Commercial Street Murraygate Laird Street adj Benholm Road Dens Road, Clepington Road, St Marys 5 May 14
PM0001793/124 5N City Centre, Ward Road Monifieth Ashludie Hospital Arbroath Road, Douglas, Barnhill, Broughty Ferry 5 May 14
PM0001793/110 5N Dundee City Centre, Ward Road Monifieth Ashludie Hospital Arbroath Road, Strathern Road, Broughty Ferry 25 Nov 13
PM0001793/79 22S Claverhouse Mill O Mains School Harris Academy, Perth Road Downfield, Hilltown, City Centre, Perth Road 1 Jul 13
PM0001793/8 1s Dundee, Laird Street Harris Academy 1 Jul 13
PM0001793/86 26 Seagate or Whitehall Street, City Centre Seagate High Street, City Centre Ninewells Hospital, Broughty Ferry 30 Jun 13
PM0001793/109 116 Friockhein Bus Stance Montrose Railway Station Inverkeillor, Braehead of Lunan, Ferryden 8 Jun 13
PM0001793/99 B16 A933 Rosewood Villa Brechin High School Westdrums Farm Road End, Southtown of Meglund Road End 8 Jun 13
PM0001793/114 F8 Turin Cottage Road End Forfar academy Aberlemno Primary School 8 Jun 13
PM0001793/71 A6 Balnabreich Farm Road End Colliston Primary School 8 Jun 13
PM0001793/24 140/141 Auchmithie Strathcathro Hospital 8 Jun 13
PM0001793/98 B15 Whiteside of Careston Road End Brechin High School Kirkton of Menmuir, Maisondieu Primary School 8 Jun 13
PM0001793/104 52 Montrose, Charlton Place Links Health Centre Borrowfield, High Street, Tesco 8 Jun 13
PM0001793/113 F2 Turin Cottage Road End Aberlemno Primary School Balbinny Farm Cottages 8 Jun 13
PM0001793/112 F15 Upper/Nether Tullos Farm Roadend Forfar Academy Letham Craichie 8 Jun 13
PM0001793/102 30 Montrose Railway Station Stracathro Hospital Brechin 8 Jun 13
PM0001793/69 F6 Mains of Balmdies Road End Lethan Primary School 8 Jun 13
PM0001793/106 115 Friockheim Bus Stance Montrose Railway Station Barnhead, Ferryden 8 Jun 13
PM0001793/100 A30 Friockheim Bus Stance St Thomas Primary School Knockhill Junction, Leysmill, Arbroath Academy 1 Jun 13
PM0001793/115 F18 Hillkirk Farm Road End Forfar Academy Letham 1 Jun 13
PM0001793/88 51 Dundee City Centre, Seagate Fowlis Liff 27 May 13
PM0001793/87 30 Seagate Gellatly Street or Invergowrie Graystane Road Invergowrie Graystane Road Ninewells Road, Tesco, Liff, Fowlis, Muirhead, Birkhill 27 May 13
PM0001793/68 F18 Hillkirk Farm Road End Forfar Academy 16 Aug 12
PM0001793/32 826 Clocksbriggs Road End Forfar Academy 13 Aug 12
PM0001793/31 824 B9113/ Red Roofs RE orBalgavies, Station House B9134/Crosston Cottage or Aberlemno Primary School Pitkennedy Primary School Balgavies 13 Aug 12
PM0001793/49 901 Little Fithe Road End Andover School Carcary Rie, West Drums Farm, Craigend Junction 13 Aug 12
PM0001793/70 A30 Knockhill Junction Arbroath Academy, St. Thomas Primary School 15 Aug 11
PM0001793/89 1 Dundee City Centre, Commercial Street, Murraygate Laird Street adj Benholm Road Hilltown, Ardler 14 Aug 11
PM0001793/58 28S St. Pauls Academy, Gilburn Road Nursery Road, Campfield Shops Trottick, Happyhillock, Douglas 14 Aug 11
PM0001793/80 3 Dundee, Commercial Street Dundee Caird Avenue Albany Terrace, Barnes Avenue, Fleming Gardens, Hilltown 14 Aug 11
PM0001793/50 905 Friockheim Yard Brechin High School Redden Rie, West Drums Farm, Craigend Junction, Netherton Junction 2 Aug 11
PM0001793/67 49 Arbroath Bus Station Arbroath Bus Station Arbroath Infirmary, High Street 30 May 11
PM0001793/72 23B Lunanhead, Priory Cottage Forfar Academy/Whitehills Old Brechin Road, Priory Road, East Port 30 May 11
PM0001793/51 36 Arbroath Bus Station Friockheim Bus Stance 30 May 11
PM0001793/83 26 Forfar - Beech Hill Forfar - Tesco 30 May 11
PM0001793/46 37 Arbroath Bus Station Letham Grange Wardykes 30 May 11
PM0001793/84 27E Letham, Blair Road Forfar, East High Street/Castle Street Bowriefaulds, Craichie 30 May 11
PM0001793/43 46 Arbroath Aikman Road Arbroath Bus Station, Safeway and Aikman Road 30 May 11
PM0001793/44 50 Arbroath Bus Station Red Lion Caravan Park 30 May 11
PM0001793/66 2 Dundee City Center Camperdown Park Lochee, Dryburgh 6 Mar 11
PM0001793/65 1 City Center (Royal Exchange) St Mary's (Benholm Place) Dens Road 6 Mar 11
PM0001793/81 25 Ninewells Hospital Broughty Ferry Occidental / Fort Street St Marys Kirktopn Fintry 7 Nov 10
PM0001793/74 6 Dundee City Centre Whitehall Street Ninewells Hospital Blackness Ave, Blackness Road, Dickson Ave 7 Nov 10
PM0001793/78 21S Dundee City Centre Commercial Street Dundee College Kingsway Campus Arklay Street, Graham Street College 7 Nov 10
PM0001793/77 11 Dundee City Centre High Street/Whitehall Street Ninewells Hospital Blackness Avenue, Pentland Avenue, Charleston Drive 7 Nov 10
PM0001793/62 43 Peep O' Day Lane Peep O' Day Lane City Center, City Quay, Gallacher Retail Park 7 Nov 10
PM0001793/60 30 City Centre, Seagate or Medi Park, Mariner Drive Medi Park, Mariner Drive Liff, Fowlis, Muirhead, Birkhill 7 Nov 10
PM0001793/82 14 Ninewells Hospital Sainsbury's Douglas / Broughty Ferry, Fort Street Technology Park, South Road, Charleston, Clepington Road, Kingswal Retail Park, Douglas Sainsburys, Barnhill 7 Nov 10
PM0001793/13 7 Dundee (Union St or High st) Circular 27 Jun 10
PM0001793/41 14 Dobbies Garden Centre Ninewells Hospital Scott Fyffe, Kingsway Retail Park, South Road 27 Jun 10
PM0001793/64 8X Ninewells Hospital Stance Barnhill (Strathmore Place) Riverside City Center, Dundee Road 27 Jun 10
PM0001793/57 1C Dundee City Council Craigowl View Lawside, Kingsway Retail Park, Ardler 27 Jun 10
PM0001793/5 9 Dundee, Ninewells Hospital Dundee, Ninewells Hospital Kirkton ASDA 27 Jun 10
PM0001793/18 9X Barnhill, Forthill Road Ninewells Hospital Whitehall Street 27 Jun 10
PM0001793/47 849 Douglaswood Inverarity Primary School Burnside of Kirkbuddo, Little Lour Farm 17 Dec 09
PM0001793/48 850 Greenhillocks Forfar Academy Letham, Craichie 17 Dec 09
PM0001793/30 820 Friockheim Letham Primary School Mains of Balmadies 17 Dec 09
PM0001793/56 4 City Centre, Dundee Camperdown Leisure Park Hilltown, Lawside, Lochee, Dryburgh 22 Nov 09
PM0001793/10 2 Dundee City Centre Dryburgh 22 Nov 09
PM0001793/55 5 Dundee, City Centre St. Mary's, Laird Street Stobswell, Linlathen. Claverhouse, Kirkton. 16 Aug 09
PM0001793/54 6 Mill O' Mains Commercial Street, Dundee City Centre Pitkerro Road, Perth Road, City Centre, Milton, Claverhouse, Kirkton, Ardler, Lawside 16 Aug 09
PM0001793/6 1a City Centre, Commercial Street St. Marys Kings Cross road 16 Aug 09
PM0001793/22 51 Dundee, Seagate Dundee, Fowlis 10 May 09
PM0001793/53 25 Dundee City Centre, Commercial Street Dundee City Centre, Commercial Street Blackness, Lochee 13 Dec 08
PM0001793/52 24 City Centre, Commercial Street Woodside, Kerrview Terrace Dens Road, Arklay Street 13 Dec 08
PM0001793/7 21 Dundee, King Street Woodside, Kerrsview Terrace 3 Nov 08
PM0001793/12 55 Dundee, St Andrews Street Dundee, Laird Street 3 Nov 08
PM0001793/27 1C Dundee Commercial Street Craigowl View, St Martin Avenue Provost Road, Clepington Road, Ardler Village 2 Nov 08
PM0001793/2 36 Dundee City Center Mill O' Mains 2 Nov 08
PM0001793/16 3 Dundee, Royal Exchange or Camperdown Leisure Park Panmure Street or Campberdown Leisure Park or Riverside 2 Nov 08
PM0001793/40 503 Birkhill Primary School Monifieth High School Birkhill 18 Apr 08
PM0001793/36 94 Dundee, Balunie Terrace Dundee, Gourdie 18 Apr 08
PM0001793/25 NOT AV. Inverarity Dundee (Yeaman Shore) 18 Apr 08
pm0001793/11 49 Dundee (Kings Cross Road East Dock Street) 18 Apr 08
PM0001793/39 502 Whitelawston Farm Road End Monifieth High School Muirhead, Birkhill 18 Apr 08
PM0001793/38 501 Newtyle (North Street) Menzieshill High School Piperdam, Fowlis, Liff, Birkhill 18 Apr 08
PM0001793/29 5 Dundee, Commercial Street Dundee, Derwent Avenue 18 Apr 08
PM0001793/37 94 Douglas Gourdie Technology Park 18 Apr 08
PM0001793/35 93 Dundee, Balunie Terrace Dundee, Apollo Way 6 Jan 08
PM0001793/33 823 Balglassie (Road End) Friockheim (Station Yard) Aberlemno 15 Aug 06
PM0001793/23 860 Friockheim Brechin, High School Farnell, Kinnell 15 Aug 06
PM0001793/21 88 Whitfield, Peebles Drive Broughty Ferry, Gray Street Sainsburys, Claypotts 1 May 06
PM0001793/17 31 Dundee, Commercial Street Dundee, Commercial Street Claverhouse 1 May 05
PM0001793/26 370 Inveraldie (hall place) Dundee (Union St) 26 Mar 04
PM0001793/34 823 Friockheim Balglassie Aberlemno Primary School 19 Aug 03
PM0001793/15 5,6 Woodside, Kerrsview Terrace Technology park, Apollo Way City Centre, Commercial Street 18 May 03
PM0001793/19 CITY TOUR Dundee (Crichton St) Circular Discovery Point, Broughty Castle, Shaws Sweet Factory, Law Hill, Verd 22 Apr 02