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Current and future bus service registrations

From To Via Last changed
PM0002859/8 W5a Stornoway New Tolsta Cearns, Aird Tong, Upper Coll, Coll, Vatisker, Back Lighthill, Gress, North Tolsta 27 Oct 20
PM0002859/9 W5 Stornoway Flesherin 27 Oct 20
PM0002859/10 W7 Stornoway Bus Station Stornoway Bus Station Newton/Seaforth Road, Lower Sandwick, Stenish Village, Goathill, Stewart Drive, Stornoway Co-Op 27 Oct 20

Cancelled bus service registrations

From To Via Cancelled
PM0002859/6 W5a Tolsta Stornoway Bus Station Back, Coll, Upper Coll, Gress, and Aird Tong 3 Apr 14
PM0002859/7 W5 Flesherin Stornoway Bus Station Sheshader, Bayble, Knock, Swordale, Melbost, Newton 3 Apr 14
PM0002859/5 W24 Island Flodda Village Iochdar Torlum 13 Nov 13
pm0002859/3 W5 Flesherin New Tolsta 31 Mar 09
PM0002859/2 NOT AV. Tarbert Pier Hushinish 31 Mar 09
PM0002859/1 L51 Flesherin or Upper Bayble Back of New Tolsta 27 Mar 09
PM0002859/4 w19 Berneray, Youth Hostel Lochmaddy, Pier Trumisgarry, A865 2 Apr 04