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Current and future bus service registrations

From To Via Last changed
PM1016939/32 680 Brampton Market Square Brampton Market Square Alston, Nenthead, Carlisle 3 Sep 20
PM1016939/8 127 Newcastleton Carlisle, City Centre Longrow, Canonbie, Moat, Longtown, Carlisle 10 Aug 20
PM1016939/35 503 HARRIER SERVICE Hawick Mart Street. Hawick Mart Street. Denholm, Jedburgh, Town Yetholm, Etal, Berwick Upon Tweed, Eyemouth 10 Aug 20
PM1016939/3 127 Newcastleton Langholm Harelaw, Rowanburn, Canonbie, Burnfoot, Meikledalehaugh, Hermitage Water 10 Aug 20
PM1016939/26 768 Cadgillside Canonbie Chapelknowe, Milton, Barnglies, Evertown 10 Aug 20
PM1016939/34 504 HARRIER SERVICE Hawick Mart Street Hawick Mart Street Selkirk, Galasheiels, Melrose, St Boswells, Kelso, Berwick Upon Tweed, Eyemouth 10 Aug 20
PM1016939/37 S03 Tushielaw Inn, Selkirk Tushielaw Inn, Selkirk Gordon Arms, Selkirk High School 4 Aug 20
PM1016939/2 H19 Hawick Buccleuch Street Hawick Buccleuch Street Hassendean, Minto, Denholm, Cavers 4 Aug 20

Cancelled bus service registrations

From To Via Cancelled
PM1016939/7 128 Newcastleton Hawick or Borders General Hospital Larriston, Hermitage, Stobs 21 Apr 20
PM1016939/5 390 Newbie/Back of the hill Annan, Butts Street Annan, Butts Street Newbie, Back of the Hill, Powfoot 5 Apr 20
PM1016939/27 120 Meikleholmside Meikleholmside High Street, Glenesk Road 5 Apr 20
PM1016939/4 123 Langholm Langholm Hollows, Harelaw, Canonbie, Evertown, Kirkpatrick, Flemming, Annan 5 Apr 20
PM1016939/36 20 Hawick, Mart Street Hawick, Mart Street Denholm 23 Mar 20
PM1016939/20 H13 Craik Craik Roberton Primary School, Drumlanrig PS, Hawick High School 15 Oct 18
PM1016939/30 S05 Ettrick Ettrick Kirkhope, Ettrickbridge, Howden 21 Aug 18
PM1016939/11 502 Hawick, Mart Street Hawick, Mart Street Selkirk, Yarrow, Moffat 5 Jul 16
PM1016939/13 504 Hawick, Mart Street Hawick, Mart Street Selkirk, Galashiels, Melrose, St Boswells 4 Jul 16
PM1016939/12 503 Hawick, Mart Street Hawick, Mart Street Denholm, Jedburgh, Town Yetholm, Etal 4 Jul 16
PM1016939/33 103 Langolm Langholm Bankshill, Lockerbie 30 May 16
PM1016939/31 185 Haltwhistle Railway Station Carlisle Bus Station 11 Oct 15
PM1016939/14 T0407 Bewcastle Brampton, William Howard School Nickies Hill, Walton 7 Sep 15
PM1016939/19 TO412 Moat, Cumbria William Howard School, Brampton Sletbeck,Roadhead,Heathersgill 7 Sep 15
PM1016939/23 T0417 Laversdale William Howard School, Brampton Irthington, Newton 7 Sep 15
PM1016939/17 T0428 Longtown William Howard School, Brampton 7 Sep 15
PM1016939/29 125 Rowanburn, B6357 Gretna, Central Way Cannobie, Springfield, Gretna Green 6 Apr 15
PM1016939/28 111 Gretna, Central Avenue Gretna, Central Avenue Kirkpatrick Flemming, Kirtlebridge, Creca, Annan 6 Apr 15
PM1016939/22 680 Carlisle The Courts or Brampton Market Square Brampton Market Square or Carlisle The Courts Nenthead 1 Nov 14
PM1016939/21 185 Carlisle The Courts or Brampton Market Square Haltwhistle Rail Station Gilsland 30 Aug 14
PM1016939/24 40 Hawick, Mart Street Hawick, Abert Road Lidl Horse, Towerknowe, Dickson Street 17 Aug 12
PM1016939/25 40 Hawick Mart Street Hawick Albert Road Lidl 13 Jun 11
PM1016939/18 T0455 Stonegarthside Longtown, High Street 13 Sep 10
PM1016939/16 T0454 Longtown William Howard School, Brampton 2 Sep 08
PM1016939/15 T0412 Newcastleton Brampton, William Howard School Longtown, Sleetbeck, Roadhead, Heathersgill 8 Feb 08
PM1016939/6 T1000 School Service Newcastleton Longtown Sleetbeck, Penton, Moat 21 Jul 05
PM1016939/1 502, Harirer Scenic Hawick Hawick Selkirk, Yarrow, Moffat 12 May 05
PM1016939/10 504 Harrier Service Hawick Hawick Selkirk, Galashiels, Melrose, St. Boswells, Kelso, Berwick, Eyemouth 12 May 05
PM1016939/9 503 Harrier Scenic Hawick Hawick Denholm, Jedburgh, Morebattle, Flodden, Duddo, Berwick-upon-Tweed, Eyemouth 12 May 05