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Current and future bus service registrations

From To Via Last changed
PM1016939/7 128 Newcastleton Hawick or Borders General Hospital Larriston, Hermitage, Stobs 21 Apr 20
PM1016939/8 127 Newcastleton Carlisle, City Centre Longrow, Canonbie, Moat, Longtown, Carlisle 21 Apr 20
PM1016939/3 127 Newcastleton Langholm Harelaw, Rowanburn, Canonbie, Burnfoot, Meikledalehaugh, Hermitage Water 5 Apr 20
PM1016939/32 680 Brampton Market Square Brampton Market Square Alston, Nenthead, Carlisle 26 Mar 20
PM1016939/26 768 Cadgillside Canonbie Chapelknowe, Milton, Barnglies, Evertown 25 Mar 20
PM1016939/37 S03 Tushielaw Inn, Selkirk Tushielaw Inn, Selkirk Gordon Arms, Selkirk High School 23 Mar 20
PM1016939/36 20 Hawick, Mart Street Hawick, Mart Street Denholm 23 Mar 20
PM1016939/2 H19 Hawick Buccleuch Street Hawick Buccleuch Street Hassendean, Minto, Denholm, Cavers 23 Mar 20
PM1016939/35 503 HARRIER SERVICE Hawick Mart Street. Hawick Mart Street. Denholm, Jedburgh, Town Yetholm, Etal, Berwick Upon Tweed, Eyemouth 22 Aug 16
PM1016939/34 504 HARRIER SERVICE Hawick Mart Street Hawick Mart Street Selkirk, Galasheiels, Melrose, St Boswells, Kelso, Berwick Upon Tweed, Eyemouth 17 Aug 16

Cancelled bus service registrations

From To Via Cancelled
PM1016939/27 120 Meikleholmside Meikleholmside High Street, Glenesk Road 5 Apr 20
PM1016939/4 123 Langholm Langholm Hollows, Harelaw, Canonbie, Evertown, Kirkpatrick, Flemming, Annan 5 Apr 20
PM1016939/5 390 Newbie/Back of the hill Annan, Butts Street Annan, Butts Street Newbie, Back of the Hill, Powfoot 5 Apr 20
PM1016939/20 H13 Craik Craik Roberton Primary School, Drumlanrig PS, Hawick High School 15 Oct 18
PM1016939/30 S05 Ettrick Ettrick Kirkhope, Ettrickbridge, Howden 21 Aug 18
PM1016939/11 502 Hawick, Mart Street Hawick, Mart Street Selkirk, Yarrow, Moffat 5 Jul 16
PM1016939/13 504 Hawick, Mart Street Hawick, Mart Street Selkirk, Galashiels, Melrose, St Boswells 4 Jul 16
PM1016939/12 503 Hawick, Mart Street Hawick, Mart Street Denholm, Jedburgh, Town Yetholm, Etal 4 Jul 16
PM1016939/33 103 Langolm Langholm Bankshill, Lockerbie 30 May 16
PM1016939/31 185 Haltwhistle Railway Station Carlisle Bus Station 11 Oct 15
PM1016939/14 T0407 Bewcastle Brampton, William Howard School Nickies Hill, Walton 7 Sep 15
PM1016939/19 TO412 Moat, Cumbria William Howard School, Brampton Sletbeck,Roadhead,Heathersgill 7 Sep 15
PM1016939/17 T0428 Longtown William Howard School, Brampton 7 Sep 15
PM1016939/23 T0417 Laversdale William Howard School, Brampton Irthington, Newton 7 Sep 15
PM1016939/29 125 Rowanburn, B6357 Gretna, Central Way Cannobie, Springfield, Gretna Green 6 Apr 15
PM1016939/28 111 Gretna, Central Avenue Gretna, Central Avenue Kirkpatrick Flemming, Kirtlebridge, Creca, Annan 6 Apr 15
PM1016939/22 680 Carlisle The Courts or Brampton Market Square Brampton Market Square or Carlisle The Courts Nenthead 1 Nov 14
PM1016939/21 185 Carlisle The Courts or Brampton Market Square Haltwhistle Rail Station Gilsland 30 Aug 14
PM1016939/24 40 Hawick, Mart Street Hawick, Abert Road Lidl Horse, Towerknowe, Dickson Street 17 Aug 12
PM1016939/25 40 Hawick Mart Street Hawick Albert Road Lidl 13 Jun 11
PM1016939/18 T0455 Stonegarthside Longtown, High Street 13 Sep 10
PM1016939/16 T0454 Longtown William Howard School, Brampton 2 Sep 08
PM1016939/15 T0412 Newcastleton Brampton, William Howard School Longtown, Sleetbeck, Roadhead, Heathersgill 8 Feb 08
PM1016939/6 T1000 School Service Newcastleton Longtown Sleetbeck, Penton, Moat 21 Jul 05
PM1016939/10 504 Harrier Service Hawick Hawick Selkirk, Galashiels, Melrose, St. Boswells, Kelso, Berwick, Eyemouth 12 May 05
PM1016939/1 502, Harirer Scenic Hawick Hawick Selkirk, Yarrow, Moffat 12 May 05
PM1016939/9 503 Harrier Scenic Hawick Hawick Denholm, Jedburgh, Morebattle, Flodden, Duddo, Berwick-upon-Tweed, Eyemouth 12 May 05