(J P Minibus)

Licence type Standard National
Traffic area Scotland
Discs 34
Authorised discs 34
Granted date Wednesday 29 September 2004
Expiry date Saturday 31 August 2024

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Current and future bus service registrations

From To Via Last changed
PM1037871/102 F6 Craichie / Bowriefauld Junction Letham Primary School Newmil of Balgavies, Bowriefauld Junction 20 Apr 20
PM1037871/25 K20 811 Craigeassie Farm Webster High School or Crieff Terrace 3 Feb 20
PM1037871/90 F9 Hosie Park, Auchterhouse Langlands Primary School 3 Feb 20
PM1037871/101 K10 Balintore House Road End Isla Primary School 3 Feb 20
PM1037871/98 128 Alyth Square Alyth Square Ruthven, Airlie, Westmuir 23 Sep 19
PM1037871/75 117 East High Street, Forfar East High Street, Forfar Turfbeg, Easterbank, Foresterseat 1 Jul 19
PM1037871/35 125 Forfar East High Street Forfar East High Street Forfar Glamis Newtyle 1 Jul 19
PM1037871/100 114 East High Street, Forfar East High Street, Forfar Gowanbank 1 Jul 19
PM1037871/99 129 Kirriemuir High Street Kirriemuir High Street 1 Jul 19
PM1037871/95 F8 Wemyss Road End Forfar Academy Rescobie, Pressock, Hilton of Guthrie, Turin Cottages 14 Aug 18
PM1037871/87 K8 Powmyre Farm Glamis School 14 Aug 18
PM1037871/94 K15 Bogardo Road End Tannadice Primary School 25 Apr 18
PM1037871/92 K7 Glen Ogilvie Glamis 8 Jan 18
PM1037871/91 F3 Wemyss Whitehills School 8 Jan 18
PM1037871/71 36 Arbroath Bus Station Arbroath Bus Station Redford Friockheim Guthrie 2 Jun 14
PM1037871/69 46 Arbroath Bus Station Arbroath Bus Station Cairnie Street Tesco 2 Jun 14
PM1037871/73 50 Arbroath Bus Station Arbroath Bus Station Red Lion Caravan Park 2 Jun 14

Cancelled bus service registrations

From To Via Cancelled
PM1037871/6 118 Inshewan Road End Forfar Noranside, Menmuir, Lochty, Careston 27 May 22
PM1037871/88 F6 Mill of Balmadies Letham 19 Apr 20
PM1037871/46 K28 A928/ Arniefoul Junction Southmuir Primary School Charleston, Roundyhill 6 Jan 20
PM1037871/84 F11 South Happas Langlands School 6 Jan 20
PM1037871/96 K1 A926/Craigton of Airlie Airlie Primary School Braidstone, Milton of Ruthven 18 Oct 19
PM1037871/80 320 The Square Kirriemuir The Square Kirriemuir Forfar, Inveraldie, Baluniefield 26 Aug 19
PM1037871/16 120/121 Bank Street, Kirriemuir Bank Street, Kirriemuir Kingoldrum, Lintrathen, Memus, Dykehead 26 Aug 19
PM1037871/60 A33 Letham Grange Arbroath High School Colliston, Cononsyth, Swirlburn, Greystone 14 Aug 19
PM1037871/56 A32 West Grange of Conon Cottages Arbroath High School 14 Aug 19
PM1037871/97 K23 Mains of Fullarton Road End Mains of Fullarton Road End Glamis, Kirriemuir, Webster High School 14 Aug 19
PM1037871/65 A21 Todhills Tealing School 14 Aug 19
PM1037871/82 A6 Parkhill Colliston Primary School 14 Aug 19
PM1037871/93 A7 Little Carcary Cottage Froickheim Primary School 14 Aug 19
PM1037871/32 124 Forfar (East High Street) Forfar (East High Street) Douglastown, Charleston, Glamis, Balkeerie,Eassie 1 Jul 19
PM1037871/7 119 Bogindullo Forfar Tannadice, Finavon, Little Brechin 19 Nov 18
PM1037871/86 K1 A926 Craigton of Airlie Airlie School 14 Aug 18
PM1037871/89 F8 Pressock Forfar Academy 14 Aug 18
PM1037871/67 49 Arbroath Bus Station Arbroath Bus Station Lochlands Muirfield 27 May 18
PM1037871/70 42 Hospitalfield or Bus Station, Arbroath Bus Station, Arbroath Kirkton, Warddykes 27 May 18
PM1037871/72 43 Arbroath Bus Station Arbroath Bus Station Kirkton Muirfield 27 May 18
PM1037871/68 37 Arbroath Bus Station Arbroath Bus Station Hayshead Warddykes Letham Grange 27 May 18
PM1037871/74 44 Arbroath Bus Station Arbroath Bus Staiton Cliffburn Hayshead Muirfield 27 May 18
PM1037871/20 909 B17 A934 Carcary R/E A934 Carcary R/E Brechin High School 25 Apr 18
PM1037871/77 K23 A94 Castleton Cottages A94 Castleton Cottages Kirkinch Newtyle Eassie Glamis 25 Apr 18
PM1037871/28 814 A90/Haughs of Finavon Tannadice Primary School Noranbank, Cariston Crossroads, Bogindollo, Tannadice School 25 Apr 18
PM1037871/41 K23 Blackhill Blackhill Glams, Kirkinch 25 Apr 18
PM1037871/83 F5 South Happas Inverarity Primary School 25 Apr 18
PM1037871/81 A7 Hilton of Guthrie Friockheim 3 Apr 18
PM1037871/61 K25 Orchardbank, Forfar Webster High School, Kirriemuir Kirriemuir, Kingoldrum,Glenisla, Brewlands Bridge, Forfar 28 Jul 17
PM1037871/85 K13 Balquharn Farm Tannadice Primary School Noranside, Easter Balgillo Farm 28 Jul 17
PM1037871/66 A13 Bankhead Monikie School 28 Jul 17
PM1037871/76 K17 Milton of Finavon Milton of Finavon 28 Jul 17
PM1037871/43 K19 Balquharn Farm Websters High School Noranside, Cortachy 28 Jul 17
PM1037871/79 81 Carnoustie Carlogie Road Forfar Aldi Queenswell Road Kirkbuddo Inverarity 26 May 17
PM1037871/47 K14 Goynd Steading R/E Tanndice Primary School Glenogil Crossroads, Soutra 31 Mar 17
PM1037871/49 K13 Milton of Balhall Milton of Balhall Noranside 22 Dec 15
PM1037871/26 F17 831 Rowanlee, Rescobie Forfar, Academy Guthrie, Burnside 22 Dec 15
PM1037871/62 F/9 Newton of Fotheringham Forfar Academy Inverarity,Whigstreet, Douglaswood, Gateside, Douglastown 11 Aug 15
PM1037871/53 F11 Lumley Den Langlands Primary School West Ingliston, Forfar Academy 11 Aug 15
PM1037871/63 F5 Dundee Road Forfar Inverarity Primary School A90 Fotheringham Douglaswood Kirkbuddo Gateside 11 Aug 15
PM1037871/78 A31 Boysack Mill Boysack Mill West Newton, Drunkendub, Inverkeilor, Newbarns, Arbroath Academy 11 Aug 15
PM1037871/11 A8 715 Knockhill Junction Friockheim P.S. Legaston, Leysmill, Boysack, Bolshan 30 Jul 15
PM1037871/23 320 The Square, Kirriemuir Baluniefield Leisure Complex Easterbank, Forfar 6 May 15
PM1037871/59 K12 Noranbank Websters High School A90, B957, Kilnhill, Glasswell, Websters High School 13 Aug 14
PM1037871/50 A31 Friock Mains Farm R/E Arbroath Academy Inverkeilor, 13 Aug 14
PM1037871/64 K23 Orchardbank Forfar Websters High School Kirriemuir Glamis Meigle Newtyle Essie Kirriemuir 13 Aug 14
PM1037871/34 A5 Dunvegan House R/E Carmyllie PS 11 Aug 14
PM1037871/57 120 Kirriemuir Kirriemuir Memus, Dykehead, Kingoldrum 2 Jun 14
PM1037871/33 117 Forfar (East High Street) Forfar (East High Street) or Don Street Forfar Town Service 31 May 14
PM1037871/54 114 East High Street, Forfar Don Street, Forfar Restenneth Priory, Beech Hill 31 May 14
PM1037871/55 23 Don Street, Forfar Don Street, Forfar Three Wells, The Glens, 1 Apr 13
PM1037871/52 K11 Balduff House Isla Primary School Little Kilry 23 Aug 12
PM1037871/58 F4 West Tarbrax Inverarity School A90, South Happas, Fotheringham, Inverarity, Gateside 23 Jul 12
PM1037871/42 K8 Ladywell Farm R/E Ladywell Farm R/E Roundyhill, Linross 23 Jul 12
PM1037871/27 825 Forfar, East High Street Forfar, East High Street Kingsmuir, Lour 19 Jul 12
PM1037871/5 52 116 Montrose Forties Road Montrose Forties Road 25 May 12
PM1037871/39 115 Friockheim Bus Stance Friockheim Bus Stance Farnell, Barnhead, Maryton 25 May 12
PM1037871/40 116 Friockheim Friockheim Farnell, Barnhead, Maryton 25 May 12
PM1037871/8 138 Inveraldie Dundee Tealing, Westhall Terrace, Burnside 25 May 12
PM1037871/3 81 Carnoustie or Monifieth Forfar Wellbank, Newbigging, Monikie 25 May 12
PM1037871/51 A33 Colliston Church Arbroath High School Letham Grange, Leysmill, Gardyne 15 Aug 11
PM1037871/45 F4 Orchardbank Inverarity Gateside, Manis of Kinnettles 15 Aug 11
PM1037871/36 114 Forfar East High Street Forfar East High Street Forfar, Gowanbank 30 May 11
PM1037871/44 F11 Bogindollo Forfar Academy Oathlaw 17 Aug 10
PM1037871/48 A7 Blairs Garage, A932 After Guthrie Road End Friockheim PS, Colliston Guthrie 16 Aug 10
PM1037871/10 706 East High Street, Forfar Monikie School Fallaws, Crombie, Panmuir Mill 16 Aug 10
PM1037871/29 910 Forfar East High Street Forfar East High Street Justinhaugh, Milton of Balhall, Noranside, Tannadice School 11 Mar 10
PM1037871/9 705 Forfar Forfar Friockheim, Pressock, Guthrie, Kinnell 16 Dec 09
PM1037871/14 832 Spittalburn Farm R/E Inverarity School Muirside, Gateside, 17 Aug 09
PM1037871/15 21A East High Street, Forfar Clerk Street, Brechin 31 May 09
PM1037871/31 123 Unit 3, Orchardbank Ind Estate, Forfar Unit 3, Orchardbank Ind Estate, Forfar Forfar, Noranside, Brechin, Aberlemno, Pitkennedy, Careston 30 Apr 09
PM1037871/37 A32 Redford Village or Arbroath High School Arbroath High School or Mains of Kelly Farm Monqhuir, Arbilot Village 19 Aug 08
PM1037871/30 905 Shanford Farm R/E Shanford Farm R/E Balhall, Menmuir, Balrownie, Maisondieu PS, Brechin HS 19 Aug 08
PM1037871/19 908 Bridge of Dun Bridge of Dun Ferryden Primary School 19 Aug 08
PM1037871/38 B11 West Kintrock or Andover School Andover School or Barrelwell Cottages Careston, Brechin High School, 19 Aug 08
PM1037871/24 114 Restenneth Priory Forfar, East High Street Gowanbank, Turfbeg 19 Sep 07
PM1037871/13 816 Blackhill Farm R/E Websters High School North Street Newtyle, Kirkinch, Eassie Farm 15 Aug 06
PM1037871/12 814 East High Street, Forfar Tannadice School Hornycross, Oathlaw, Finavon 1 Aug 06
PM1037871/22 53 Seaton Caravan Park Seaton Caravan Park Morrisons, Rail Station, Pleasure Land and Bus station 7 Jul 06
PM1037871/18 119A Infirmary St, Brechin (Medical Centre) Infirmary St, Brechin (Medical Centre) Brechin High Street 19 Dec 05
PM1037871/17 115A Don Street, Forfar (Outside Tesco) Don Street, Forfar (Outside Tesco) Toll Cres (Forfar) Forrester's Seat Caravan Site 17 Oct 05
PM1037871/4 115 Friockheim Forfar Kinnell, Montrose, 19 Aug 05
PM1037871/21 910 Noranbank (Angus) R/E A90 Noranbank (Angus) R/E A90 Tannadice Primary School 16 Aug 05
PM1037871/1 834 Netherton Brechin High School West Drums, Queens Park 2 Jul 05
PM1037871/2 80 Balumbie Castle Estate Forfar Broughty Ferry, Wellbank, Forfar 9 Jan 05