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Current and future bus service registrations

From To Via Last changed
PM1071911/10 22F Brae North Roe or Ollaberry 17 Aug 20
PM1071911/11 25F Muckle Roe Brae 17 Aug 20
PM1071911/14 39 Lerwick Hillswick 28 Aug 14

Cancelled bus service registrations

From To Via Cancelled
PM1071911/15 40 Sullom Hillswick Surgery 17 Aug 20
PM1071911/13 36R Brae Voe 17 Aug 20
PM1071911/2 38R Brae Lerwick Mossbank, Voe 16 Aug 20
PM1071911/12 31F Sullom Brae 16 Aug 20
PM1071911/5 RT20 Burravoe, Brae Brae Area Brae Shop and Post Office 17 Aug 14
PM1071911/4 RT16 Lower Voe Brae and Return Voe Shop and Post Office 17 Aug 14
PM1071911/7 21 Lerwick Hillswick Voe, Brae & Feeder services to Sullow, Ollaberry, North Roe & Eshaness 17 Aug 14
PM1071911/3 RT12 Brae Hillswick 17 Aug 14
PM1071911/1 RT14 Heylor Hillswick Health Centre Urafirth 17 Aug 14
PM1071911/6 Hills/03/06 Hillswick Lerwick Eshaness, Ollaberry, North Roe, Sullom, Muckle Roe 17 Aug 14
PM1071911/9 RT25 Muckle Roe Brae Shop and Post Office 17 Aug 14
PM1071911/8 RT24 Toft Ferry Terminal Lerwick Mossbank, Brae, Voe 17 Aug 14