You can buy certain tickets in advance on the MyTrip app. A wider range (singles, returns etc.) may be available from your driver.

Tickets by area

Rover - All Services

All stops on Delaine Buses Services

Bourne & Peterborough

All Stops between Bourne and Peterborough (This option is the same as the Rover and can be used on all services)

The Deepings & Peterborough

All stops between The Deepings and Peterborough

Stamford & Peterborough

All stops between Stamford and Peterborough

Bourne & Stamford

All stops between Bourne and Stamford

The Deepings & Stamford

All stops between The Deepings and Stamford

Bourne & The Deepings

All stops between Bourne and The Deepings

The Deepings & Spalding

All stops between The Deepings and Spalding

Bourne Area (Thurlby Morton Toft)

All Stops between Morton Bourne Toft and Thurlby

Bourne Rural (Baston Carlby Grimsthrpe Rippingale)

All Stops between Baston Carlby Braceborough Wilsthorpe Manthorpe Witham Grimsthorpe Edenham Rippingale Kirkby Underwood Dowsby Haconby Guthram Twenty and Bourne

Peterborough City Area (Werrington Peterborough)

All stops between Werrington, Walton, New England and Peterborough City Centre

Stamford Area (Ryhall Uffington Burghley House)

All Stops between Ryhall, Stamford, Uffington and Burghley House

Deepings Area (Langtoft Northborough West Deeping)

All Stops between Langtoft, Market Deeping, Deeping St James, Deeping gate, Northborough, West Deeping and Frognall

Spalding Area (Pinchbeck Spaldng Cmn Springfields)

All Stops between Spalding, Springfields, Little London, Spalding Common, Pinchbeck and Pode Hole

Glinton Area (Northborough Helpston Werrington)

All Stops between Northborough, Helpston, Glinton and Werrington