Grayscroft Coaches

This is an unofficial and probably incomplete list of Grayscroft Coaches vehicles (well, ticket machines) that have ever appeared in the live bus tracking system.

Thanks to the marvels of modern technology, you can see where a particular vehicle has been recently, and which vehicles have operated a particular service. This is sometimes inaccurate, e.g. when ticket machines/tracking equipment are moved between vehicles.

Last tracked Type Livery Previous reg
AGZ 1662 12 21 Jul 16:00 Scania N94UD OmniDekka YN03 DFK Flickr Edit
AGZ 1683 4 22 Jul 15:34 Scania N94UD OmniDekka YN03 DFY Flickr Edit
DCZ 1673 E66S 13 May 07:31 Volvo B9R Plaxton Panther YN09 AOL Flickr Edit
EXZ 1657 E66S 22 Jul 15:05 Scania N94UB OmniCity YS03 ZHP Flickr Edit
HXZ 1698 S144S 4 Jul 07:17 Volvo B12B Caetano Levante FH06 EBN Flickr Edit
IIG 1656 12 20 Jul 16:10 Scania N94UD OmniDekka YN03 DFU Flickr Edit
NBX1670 NBZ 1670 GC7 4 Aug 10:32 Scania N94UD OmniDekka YN54 AJU Flickr Edit
NLZ 1681 GC7 28 Jul 14:23 Volvo B7RLE Wright Eclipse Urban SN55 BJV Flickr Edit
RIL 1680 12 4 Aug 14:05 Scania N94UD OmniDekka YN55 NKJ Flickr Edit
RJI 1654 28 2 Aug 08:51 Scania N230UD OmniCity YN08 DHP Flickr Edit
TJI 1678 S144S 16 Jun 16:10 VDL SB4000 Berkhof Axial WU58 DGE, 08-D-69809 Flickr Edit
XBZ 1674 20 7 Jul 07:44 Scania N94UD OmniDekka YN55 NHU Flickr Edit
YIW 1652 1 3 Aug 08:29 Scania N94UD OmniDekka YU52 XVK Flickr Edit