H Semmence & Co.

This is an unofficial and probably incomplete list of H Semmence & Co. vehicles (or their ticket machines), created purely as a by-product of the live bus tracking system.


There’s also a list of all Ambassador Travel vehicles.

Last tracked Type Livery Name Previous reg
104 790 CVD 50 1 Dec 16:35 Volvo B10M Caetano Enigma S789 ORY Flickr Edit
612 AU07 KMK 73C 6 Nov 15:33 Optare Solo
Flickr Edit
EN53 NOF 50 29 Nov 16:06 Mercedes-Benz Vario Plaxton Beaver MU53 BOY Flickr Edit
GN07 AVK 13 15 Nov 16:25 Volvo B7RLE Wright Eclipse Urban Flickr Edit
GN07 AVM 13 1 Dec 16:45 Volvo B7RLE Wright Eclipse Urban Chloe Flickr Edit
KVU YK04 KVU 9 27 Oct 13:30 Optare Solo Flickr Edit
YG52 DFX 584 4 Jul 17:05 Optare Solo Flickr Edit