Irving of Dalston

This is an unofficial and probably incomplete list of Irving of Dalston vehicles (or their ticket machines), created purely as a by-product of the live bus tracking system.


Last tracked Type Livery Previous reg
FJ12 FXW IOD04 15:44 Volvo B9R Caetano Levante Flickr Edit
OFJ 870 IOD03 5 Dec 15:41 Volvo B9R Plaxton Elite KSK 951, SD60 DGU Flickr Edit
PSU 527 Volvo B12B Plaxton Panther Flickr Edit
S49 UBO IOD02 15:15 Volvo B10M Plaxton Expressliner II Flickr Edit
YX63 NFO IOD02 15:18 Volvo B9R Plaxton Panther 2 Flickr Edit