Thornes Independent Ltd

This is an unofficial and probably incomplete list of Thornes Independent Ltd vehicles (well, ticket machines) that have ever appeared in the live bus tracking system.

Thanks to the marvels of modern technology, you can see where a particular vehicle has been recently, and which vehicles have operated a particular service. This is sometimes inaccurate, e.g. when ticket machines/tracking equipment are moved between vehicles.

Last tracked Type Livery Previous reg
168 TH07 NES 4A 07:36 Iveco Daily MX07 OOF Flickr Edit
172 E2 OET 486 10:52 Optare Solo
MX55 BYH Flickr Edit
173 P20 VHO 4A 19 Jul 07:32 Volvo B7TL East Lancs Myllennium Vyking
PG04 WHL Flickr Edit
176 SMV 24 1 10:30 Volvo B7RLE Plaxton Centro YN08 NXM Flickr Edit
178 BU22 ZOE 1 8 Aug 13:00 Flickr Edit