From High Wycombe Bus Station
To High Wycombe Coachwa
Via Railway Station & Abbey Barn Park
Type Normal Stopping
Supported by subsidy? No
Authorities Buckinghamshire County Council
Status Registered

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# Received Effective date Status Details Publication text
1 9 Aug 21 30 Aug 21 Registered All buses to serve Abbey Barn Park due to it not being poosible to install a bus stop n Abbey Barn Lane. Operating between High Wycombe Bus Station and High Wycombe Coachwa given service number 34 effective from 30 August 2021. To amend Route and Timetable.
0 7 Jul 21 26 Jul 21 Registered Monday to Friday From: High Wycombe Bus Station
To: High Wycombe Coachwa
Via: Railway Station & Abbey Barn Park
Name or No.: 34
Service type: Normal Stopping
Effective date: 26 July 2021
Other details: Monday to Friday