From Garelochhead
To Portincaple
Via Whistlefield
Type School or Works
Supported by subsidy? Yes
Argyll & Bute Council
Status Cancelled

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# Received Effective date Status Details Publication text
1 20 Aug 03 19 Oct 03 Cancelled Schooldays only at school times. Operating between Garelochhead and Portincaple given service number 320 effective from 19-Oct-2003.
0 20 Nov 02 2 Dec 02 Registered Schooldays only at school times. From: Garelochhead
To: Portincaple
Via: Whistlefield
Name or No: 320
Service Type: Hail & Ride, School or Works
Effective Date: 02-Dec-2002
Other Details: Schooldays only at school times.