1 - Wrexham - Chester

A bus service operated by Arriva Wales


Wrexham to Chester

Wrexham, at Bus Station 7 08:15then every 30 minutes until18:1518:50then every 30 minutes until22:50
Rhosddu, after Westminster Drive 08:1718:1718:5122:51
Rhosddu, after Acton Corner 08:1718:1718:5222:52
Garden Village, before Acton Park Hotel 08:1818:1818:5322:53
Garden Village, nr Croes Eneurys 08:1918:1918:5322:53
Garden Village Bethel (o/s Post Office) 08:1918:1918:5422:54
Garden Village, after Newbrigg Road 08:2018:2018:5422:54
Garden Village, before Smithy Garage 08:2018:2018:5522:55
Pandy Farm, nr The Sycamores 08:2118:2118:5522:55
Garden Village, after Gresford Roundabout 08:2318:2318:5722:57
Gresford, after Beeches Hotel 08:2518:2518:5822:58
Gresford, nr Cross Trees House 08:2618:2618:5922:59
Gresford, before Plough Inn 08:2718:2719:0023:00
Gresford, o/s Narrow Lane 08:2818:2819:0123:01
Gresford, o/s Holly House 08:2818:2819:0123:01
Marford, opp Red Lion Hotel 08:3018:3019:0323:03
Marford Hall (o/s Bank House) 08:3118:3119:0323:03
Marford, o/s Old Carriage Yard 08:3218:3219:0423:04
Rossett, o/s Christ Church 08:3318:3319:0623:06
Rossett Butchers Arms (nr former) 08:3418:3419:0623:06
Rossett, nr Park View 08:3418:3419:0723:07
Lavister, before Darland Lane 08:3518:3519:0723:07
Lavister, before Veterinary Hospital 08:3618:3619:0823:08
Pulford, nr St Mary's Church 08:3718:3719:0923:09
Pulford, o/s Oak Cottage 08:3718:3719:0923:09
Cuckoos Nest, o/s The Coach House 08:3818:3819:1023:10
Cuckoos Nest, opp Bell Meadow Business Park 08:3918:3919:1023:10
Belgrave, opp Straight Mile 08:4018:4019:1123:11
Belgrave, opp Grosvenor Garden Centre 08:4018:4019:1223:12
Belgrave, opp Rake Lane 08:4118:4119:1323:13
Chester Business Park, opp Holiday Inn 08:4318:4319:1523:15
Chester Business Park, opp Lakewood 08:4518:4519:1623:16
Chester Business Park, opp Lakeside 08:4518:4519:1623:16
Chester Business Park, opp Bank of America 08:4618:4619:1723:17
Chester Business Park, o/s Marks & Spencer 08:4718:4719:1823:18
Chester, nr Herons Way 08:4818:4819:1923:19
Chester, opp Kings School 08:4918:4919:2023:20
Chester, nr Ash Grove 08:5018:5019:2023:20
Chester, opp Grosvenor Nuffield Hospital 08:5118:5119:2223:22
Chester Pepper Street (Stand Z) 08:5618:5619:2623:26
Chester Foregate Street Stop HH 08:5818:5819:2823:28
Chester Canal Bridge (Stop N) 08:5818:5819:2823:28
Chester Railway Station (S4) 09:0019:0019:3023:30

Chester to Wrexham

Chester Railway Station (S4) 09:14then every 30 minutes until19:1419:35then every 30 minutes until23:35
Chester Vicar's Lane (Stop G) 09:1719:1719:3823:38
Chester Grosvenor Street (Stop X) 09:1919:1919:3923:39
Chester, opp HQ 09:1919:1919:3923:39
Chester, nr Cemetery 09:2119:2119:4023:40
Chester, o/s Grosvenor Nuffield Hospital 09:2219:2219:4223:42
Chester, o/s Ash Grove 09:2319:2319:4223:42
Chester, o/s Kings School 09:2519:2519:4423:44
Chester Business Park, opp Marks & Spencer 09:2519:2519:4423:44
Chester Business Park, nr Bank of America 09:2619:2619:4523:45
Chester Business Park Lakeside (cnr) 09:2619:2619:4523:45
Chester Business Park Lakewood (cnr) 09:2619:2619:4523:45
Chester Business Park, o/s Holiday Inn 09:2719:2719:4623:46
Belgrave Rake Lane (cnr) 09:2919:2919:4823:48
Belgrave, o/s Grosvenor Garden Centre 09:3019:3019:4923:49
Belgrave Straight Mile (cnr) 09:3019:3019:4923:49
Cuckoos Nest, o/s Bell Meadow Business Park 09:3119:3119:5023:50
Cuckoos Nest, opp The Coach House 09:3219:3219:5123:51
Pulford, o/s Firwood Farm 09:3219:3219:5123:51
Pulford, adj St Mary's Church 09:3419:3419:5323:53
Lavister, before Nag's Head 09:3519:3519:5423:54
Lavister, after Darland Lane 09:3519:3519:5423:54
Rossett, nr St Peter`s School 09:3619:3619:5523:55
Rossett, before Butchers` Arms 09:3719:3719:5623:56
Rossett, after Alyn Bridge 09:3819:3819:5723:57
Marford, opp Old Carriage Yard 09:4019:4019:5923:59
Marford Hall (opp Bank House) 09:4119:4120:0000:00
Marford, before Red Lion Hotel 09:4319:4320:0200:02
Gresford, opp Holly House 09:4419:4420:0300:03
Gresford, after Narrow Lane 09:4419:4420:0300:03
Gresford, o/s Plough Inn 09:4519:4520:0400:04
Gresford, nr Cross Trees House 09:4619:4620:0500:05
Gresford, opp Beeches Hotel 09:4819:4820:0600:06
Garden Village, before Gresford Roundabout 09:4919:4920:0800:08
Garden Village, before Acton Smithy 09:5119:5120:0900:09
Garden Village, after Smithy Garage 09:5119:5120:0900:09
Garden Village, before Garden Court 09:5319:5320:1000:10
Garden Village, o/s Acton Park Hotel 09:5319:5320:1100:11
Acton, after St Margaret`s Church 09:5419:5420:1100:11
Rhosddu, before Acton Corner 09:5519:5520:1200:12
Rhosddu, before Westminster Drive 09:5519:5520:1200:12
Rhosddu, o/s Nightingale House 09:5619:5620:1300:13
Rhosddu, nr Yale College Flyover 09:5619:5620:1400:14
Wrexham, at Bus Station 7 09:5819:5820:1500:15

Timetable data from https://opendata.ticketer.com/uk/ACYM/routes_and_timetables/current.zip, 29 November 2022

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