10 - Waltham Barnoldby Road - North Sea Lane North Sea Lane

Operated by Stagecoach East Midlands


Waltham Barnoldby Road - North Sea Lane North Sea Lane

Waltham Barnoldby Road (opp 115) 08:55then hourly until17:5518:5519:4020:4021:40
Waltham, adj Brian Avenue 08:5717:5718:5719:4220:4221:42
Waltham Cheapside (o/s 7) 08:5717:5718:5719:4220:4221:42
Waltham Kirkgate (o/s 16) 08:5717:5718:5719:4220:4221:42
Waltham, opp Church Lane 08:5817:5818:5819:4320:4321:43
Waltham, opp Ings Lane 08:5817:5818:5819:4320:4321:43
Waltham, opp Station Road 08:5917:5918:5919:4420:4421:44
Waltham, opp Veterinary Clinic 08:5917:5918:5919:4420:4421:44
Waltham, adj Fairway 08:5917:5918:5919:4420:4421:44
Scartho, adj Boundary Road 09:0118:0119:0119:4620:4621:46
Scartho, adj Orchard Croft 09:0118:0119:0119:4620:4621:46
Scartho, adj Fairfield Avenue 09:0218:0219:0219:4720:4721:47
Scartho, opp Thirlmere Avenue 09:0318:0319:0319:4820:4821:48
Scartho, opp Kiddier Avenue 09:0418:0419:0419:4920:4921:49
Scartho, opp Coniston Avenue 09:0518:0519:0419:4920:4921:49
Scartho Lavenham Road (o/s 48) 09:0618:0619:0519:5020:5021:50
Scartho, opp Amesbury Avenue 09:0618:0619:0619:5120:5121:51
Scartho, adj Meadow Drive 09:0718:0719:0619:5120:5121:51
Scartho, adj Well Vale 09:0818:0819:0719:5220:5221:52
Scartho, opp Mendip Avenue 09:1018:1019:0819:5320:5321:53
Scartho, opp Gate Lane 09:1118:1119:0919:5420:5421:54
Scartho, adj Pelham Avenue 09:1118:1119:1019:5520:5521:55
Scartho, adj Matthew Telford Park 09:1218:1219:1019:5520:5521:55
Scartho, opp Conyers Avenue 09:1318:1319:1119:5620:5621:56
Scartho, opp Edge Avenue 09:1318:1319:1219:5720:5721:57
Scartho, in Princess Diana of Wales Hospital 09:1518:1519:1319:5820:5821:58
Scartho, opp St Helens Avenue 09:1718:1719:1520:0021:0022:00
Nuns Corner, adj Sutcliffe Avenue 09:1818:1819:1520:0021:0022:00
Nuns Corner, opp Eastwood Avenue 09:2018:2019:1720:0221:0222:02
Nuns Corner, o/s Grimsby Institute 09:2018:2019:1720:0221:0222:02
Bargate, adj Westlands Avenue 09:2218:2219:1920:0421:0422:04
Bargate, opp Abbey Road 09:2218:2219:1920:0421:0422:04
Bargate, adj Pelham Road 09:2318:2319:2020:0521:0522:05
Grimsby, adj Old Market Place 09:2518:2519:2120:0621:0622:06
Grimsby Riverhead Exchange (Stand F) 09:2718:2719:2320:0821:0822:08
Grimsby, nr Corporation Bridge 09:2718:2719:2320:0821:0822:08
Grimsby, opp Lower Spring Street 09:3118:3119:2720:1221:1222:12
East Marsh, adj Tomline Street 09:3418:3419:3020:1521:1522:15
East Marsh, opp Weelsby Street 09:3618:3619:3220:1721:1722:17
East Marsh, opp Park Street 09:3718:3719:3320:1821:1822:18
Cleethorpes, adj Park Street 09:3718:3719:3320:1821:1822:18
Cleethorpes, opp Barcroft Street 09:3818:3819:3420:1921:1922:19
Cleethorpes, adj Imperial Avenue 09:3918:3919:3520:2021:2022:20
Cleethorpes, adj Fuller Street 09:3918:3919:3520:2021:2022:20
Cleethorpes, adj Suggitts Lane 09:4018:4019:3620:2121:2122:21
Cleethorpes, adj Pelham Road 09:4118:4119:3720:2221:2222:22
Cleethorpes, opp Reynolds Street 09:4218:4219:3820:2321:2322:23
Cleethorpes, adj Poplar Road 09:4218:4219:3820:2321:2322:23
Cleethorpes, opp St Peters Avenue 09:4318:4319:3920:2421:2422:24
Cleethorpes Pier, adj Sea Road 09:4418:4419:4020:2521:2522:25
Cleethorpes, opp Knoll Street 09:4518:4519:4120:2621:2622:26
Cleethorpes, opp Brighton Street 09:4518:4519:4120:2621:2622:26
Cleethorpes, opp Queens Parade 09:4618:4619:4220:2721:2722:27
Cleethorpes, opp Cromwell Road 09:4718:4719:4320:2821:2822:28
Cleethorpes, adj Howlett Road 09:4718:4719:4320:2821:2822:28
Cleethorpes, adj Bassett Road 09:4818:4819:4420:2921:2922:29
Cleethorpes, opp Pearson Road 09:4918:4919:4420:2921:2922:29
Cleethorpes, opp Links Road 09:4918:4919:4520:3021:3022:30
Cleethorpes Chichester Road (o/s 2) 09:5018:5019:4620:3121:3122:31
Cleethorpes, o/s Events Arena 09:5318:5319:4820:3321:3322:33
Cleethorpes Golf Course (opp) 09:5318:5319:4820:3321:3322:33
North Sea Lane (opp) 09:5418:5419:4920:3421:3422:34

North Sea Lane North Sea Lane - Waltham Barnoldby Road

North Sea Lane (adj) 09:40then hourly until17:4018:45then hourly until21:45
Cleethorpes Golf Course (adj) 09:4117:4118:4621:46
Cleethorpes, opp Meridian Road 09:4217:4218:4721:47
Cleethorpes, opp Pavilion 09:4417:4418:4821:48
Cleethorpes Chichester Road (opp 2) 09:4517:4518:4821:48
Cleethorpes, adj Links Road 09:4617:4618:4921:49
Cleethorpes, adj Pearson Road 09:4717:4718:5021:50
Cleethorpes, opp Bassett Road 09:4817:4818:5121:51
Cleethorpes, opp Howlett Road 09:4917:4918:5121:51
Cleethorpes, adj Cromwell Road 09:5017:5018:5221:52
Cleethorpes, adj Queens Parade 09:5117:5118:5221:52
Cleethorpes, adj Brighton Street 09:5217:5218:5321:53
Cleethorpes, adj Sea View Street 09:5317:5318:5421:54
Cleethorpes, adj Albert Road 09:5317:5318:5421:54
Cleethorpes, adj Cross Street 09:5517:5518:5521:55
Cleethorpes Isaacs Hill (o/s 1) 09:5517:5518:5521:55
Cleethorpes, opp Poplar Road 09:5617:5618:5621:56
Cleethorpes, adj Reynolds Street 09:5717:5718:5721:57
Cleethorpes, opp Pelham Road 09:5717:5718:5721:57
Cleethorpes, opp Suggitts Lane 09:5817:5818:5821:58
Cleethorpes, opp Fuller Street 09:5917:5918:5921:59
Cleethorpes, opp Imperial Avenue 10:0018:0019:0022:00
Cleethorpes, adj Barcroft Street 10:0118:0119:0122:01
East Marsh, adj Park Street 10:0218:0219:0222:02
East Marsh, adj Weelsby Street 10:0318:0319:0322:03
East Marsh, opp Levington Street 10:0418:0419:0422:04
East Marsh, opp Tomline Street 10:0518:0519:0522:05
Grimsby, adj Lower Spring Street 10:0518:0519:0522:05
Grimsby, adj Market Street 10:0718:0719:0622:06
Grimsby Riverhead Exchange (Stand K) 10:1418:1419:0922:09
Grimsby, opp St James Church Stop 2 10:1918:1919:1322:13
Bargate, opp Pelham Road 10:2018:2019:1422:14
Bargate, adj Abbey Road 10:2118:2119:1522:15
Bargate, adj St Martins Prep School 10:2218:2219:1622:16
Nuns Corner Scartho Road (o/s 5) 10:2418:2419:1722:17
Nuns Corner, opp Sutcliffe Avenue 10:2518:2519:1822:18
Scartho, adj Millfield Avenue 10:2618:2619:1922:19
Scartho, in Princess Diana of Wales Hospital 10:2718:2719:2022:20
Scartho, adj Edge Avenue 10:2918:2919:2122:21
Scartho, adj Conyers Avenue 10:2918:2919:2122:21
Scartho, opp Pelham Avenue 10:3018:3019:2222:22
Scartho, adj Gate Lane 10:3118:3119:2222:22
Scartho, opp Youth Centre 10:3218:3219:2322:23
Scartho, adj Mendip Avenue 10:3218:3219:2322:23
Scartho, opp Well Vale 10:3318:3319:2422:24
Scartho, opp Meadow Drive 10:3418:3419:2522:25
Scartho, adj Amesbury Avenue 10:3518:3519:2522:25
Scartho, opp Lavenham Road 10:3518:3519:2522:25
Scartho, adj Thirlmere Avenue 10:3718:3719:2722:27
Scartho, opp Fairfield Avenue 10:3818:3819:2722:27
Scartho, opp Orchard Croft 10:3918:3919:2722:27
Scartho, opp Boundary Road 10:4018:4019:2822:28
Waltham, opp Fairway 10:4118:4119:2922:29
Waltham, adj Veterinary Clinic 10:4218:4219:2922:29
Waltham, adj Station Road 10:4218:4219:3022:30
Waltham, adj Church Lane 10:4318:4319:3022:30
Waltham, opp Brian Avenue 10:4518:4519:3122:31
Waltham, adj Salisbury Avenue 10:4518:4519:3222:32
Waltham Barnoldby Road (adj 123) 10:4718:4719:3322:33

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