10B - Wolverhampton - Codsall

A bus service operated by National Express West Midlands


Wolverhampton - Codsall

Wolverhampton Bus Station (Stand H) 09:3011:3013:30
Wolverhampton Thornley St (Stop AV) 09:3211:3213:32
Wolverhampton Art Gallery (Stop BB) 09:3311:3313:33
Wolverhampton Beatties (Stop BE) 09:3411:3413:34
Wolverhampton Fold St Car Park (Stop BG) 09:3511:3513:35
Wolverhampton St Marks Church (adjacent) 09:3611:3613:36
Merridale Rd (after) 09:3711:3713:37
Merridale, adj Hartley St 09:3811:3813:38
Merridale, adj Wolverhampton Grammar School 09:3911:3913:39
Merridale, opp Marchant Rd 09:3911:3913:39
Merridale, opp Avenue Rd 09:4011:4013:40
Merridale, opp Adult Education Centre 09:4211:4213:42
Compton, opp Alpine Way 09:4311:4313:43
Compton Square (opp) 09:4411:4413:44
Compton, adj Bramstead Avenue 09:4411:4413:44
Tettenhall Wood, adj Grove Lane 09:4511:4513:45
Tettenhall Wood Institute (opp) 09:4511:4513:45
Tettenhall Wood, opp Woodland Avenue 09:4611:4613:46
Tettenhall Wood, opp Penk Rise 09:4711:4713:47
Perton, opp Turner Grove 09:4911:4913:49
Perton, opp Rydal Drive 09:5011:5013:50
Perton, nr Richmond Drive 09:5011:5013:50
Perton, opp Severn Drive 09:5111:5113:51
Perton, adj Edge Hill Drive 09:5211:5213:52
Perton, adj Leasowe Drive 09:5311:5313:53
Perton, opp Shackleton Drive 09:5311:5313:53
Perton, by Stephenson Drive 09:5511:5513:55
Perton, adj Offas Drive 09:5511:5513:55
Perton, adj Sainsbury's Store 09:5711:5713:57
Perton, opp Offas Drive 09:5711:5713:57
Perton, nr Stephenson Drive 09:5811:5813:58
Codsall, nr Holyhead Road 10:0012:0014:00
Codsall, opp Meadow Way 10:0212:0214:03
Codsall, opp South Staffordshire Council Offices 10:0412:0414:05
Bilbrook, adj Duck Lane 10:0512:0514:06
Bilbrook, adj Fire Station 10:0512:0514:06
Bilbrook, adj The Woodman Inn 10:0512:0514:07
Bilbrook, adj Middle School 10:0612:0614:07
Bilbrook, adj Lime Tree Road 10:0712:0714:08
Bilbrook, adj Codsall Community High School 10:0712:0714:09
Codsall, adj Histons Hill 10:0812:0814:10
Codsall, adj Wheel Avenue 10:0912:0914:11
Codsall, opp Church Road 10:1012:1014:12

Codsall - Wolverhampton

Codsall, opp Church Road 08:28
Codsall, adj Church Road 08:4010:1012:10
Codsall, opp Wheel Avenue 08:4110:1112:11
Codsall, nr Histons Hill 08:4110:1112:11
Bilbrook, opp Codsall Community High School 08:4310:1312:13
Bilbrook, opp Lime Tree Road 08:4410:1412:14
Bilbrook, opp Middle School 08:4510:1512:15
Bilbrook, opp The Woodman Inn 08:4610:1612:16
Bilbrook, opp Fire Station 08:4610:1612:16
Bilbrook, opp Duck Lane 08:4710:1712:17
Codsall, adj South Staffordshire Council Offices 08:4710:1712:17
Codsall, adj Meadow Way 08:5010:2012:20
Codsall, by Holyhead Road 08:5310:2312:23
Perton, by Stephenson Drive 08:5610:2612:26
Perton, adj Offas Drive 08:5610:2612:26
Perton, adj Sainsbury's Store 08:5810:2812:28
Perton, opp Offas Drive 08:5910:2912:29
Perton, nr Stephenson Drive 08:5910:2912:29
Perton, adj Shackleton Drive 09:0010:3012:30
Perton, opp Edge Hill Drive 09:0210:3212:32
Perton, adj Severn Drive 09:0310:3312:33
Perton, by Richmond Drive 09:0410:3412:34
Perton, adj Rydal Drive 09:0510:3512:35
Perton, adj Turner Grove 09:0610:3612:36
Tettenhall Wood, adj Penk Rise 09:0810:3812:38
Tettenhall Wood, before The Crescent 09:0910:3912:39
Tettenhall Wood Institute (adj) 09:1010:4012:40
Tettenhall Wood, opp Grove Lane 09:1010:4012:40
Compton, opp Bramstead Avenue 09:1110:4112:41
Compton Square (adj) 09:1210:4212:42
Compton, adj Alpine Way 09:1210:4212:42
Merridale, adj Adult Education Centre 09:1410:4412:44
Merridale, adj Avenue Rd 09:1510:4512:45
Merridale, adj Marchant Rd 09:1610:4612:46
Merridale, opp Wolverhampton Grammar School 09:1710:4712:47
Merridale, opp Hartley St 09:1810:4812:48
Merridale Rd (before) 09:1910:4912:49
Wolverhampton, adj Compton Rd 09:1910:4912:49
Wolverhampton Fold St Car Park (Stop BH) 09:2010:5012:50
Wolverhampton Skinner St (Stop CX) 09:2110:5112:51
Wolverhampton Salop St (Stop CS) 09:2210:5212:52
Wolverhampton Wulfrun Centre (Stop CW) 09:2310:5312:53
Wolverhampton Police Station (Stop AK) 09:2510:5512:55
Wolverhampton Bus Station (Stand H) 09:2710:5712:57

Timetable data from National Express West Midlands/Bus Open Data Service, 8 June 2023. We’re not endorsed by, affiliated with or supported by them, and they don’t warrant the accuracy or quality of the information.

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