11 - Ashford - Lydd & New Romney

Operated by Stagecoach South East


Ashford - Lydd & New Romney

Ashford Park Street (Stop D) 09:0710:1111:1112:1113:11then hourly until16:1117:15
Ashford County Square (Stop L) 09:1010:1411:1412:1413:1416:1417:18
Ashford International Railway Station (Stop R) 09:1410:1811:1812:1813:1816:1817:22
South Ashford Designer Outlet and Asda (Stop B) 09:1910:2311:2312:2313:2316:2317:27
Kingsnorth, after Park Farm Roundabout 09:2210:2611:2612:2613:2616:2617:30
Kingsnorth, opp Queens Head 09:2310:2711:2712:2713:2716:2717:31
Kingsnorth Smithfields Crossroads (S-bound) 09:2410:2811:2812:2813:2816:2817:32
Bromley Green Crossroads (SW-bound) 09:2610:3011:3012:3013:3016:3017:34
Hamstreet, adj Ham Street Railway Station 09:3110:3511:3512:3513:3516:3517:39
Hamstreet, adj Bournewood Stores 09:3210:3611:3612:3613:3616:3617:40
Snave, adj Church 10:4212:42
Brenzett The Fleur de Lis (SW-bound) 09:4110:4511:4512:4513:4516:4517:49
Brookland, adj Church 09:4517:54
Old Romney, opp Oasis Cafe 09:5010:5011:5012:5013:5016:5018:00
New Romney Hammond's Corner (S-bound) 09:5210:5211:5212:5213:5216:5218:02
Lydd, adj Airport Turning 09:5510:5511:5512:5513:5516:5518:05

Lydd & New Romney - Ashford

New Romney, adj The Marsh Academy 06:2906:52then hourly until
Lydd, adj Airport Turning 09:5610:5611:5612:5613:5616:5618:06
New Romney, adj Light Railway Station 06:3006:53
Lydd, opp Police Station 09:5710:5711:5712:5713:5716:5718:08
Littlestone-on-Sea, adj St Andrew's Road 06:3006:53
Lydd, opp Poplar Lane 09:5710:5711:5712:5713:5716:5718:09
Littlestone-on-Sea, opp Queens Road 06:3106:54
Lydd, adj Church 09:5810:5811:5812:5813:5816:5818:11
Littlestone-on-Sea, opp Clark Road 06:3206:55
Lydd, opp Post Office 09:5910:5911:5912:5913:5916:5918:12
Greatstone-on-Sea, opp Hardy Road 06:3306:56
Lydd Camp (SW-bound) 09:0010:0011:0012:0013:0014:0017:0018:14
Greatstone-on-Sea, opp The Jolly Fisherman 06:3406:57
Lydd, opp Walseley Terrace 09:0110:0111:0112:0113:0114:0117:0118:15
Greatstone-on-Sea, opp Baldwin Road 06:3406:57
Lydd Robin Hood Lane (N-bound) 09:0110:0111:0112:0113:0114:0117:0118:15
Greatstone-on-Sea, opp Seaview Road 06:3506:58
Lydd, opp Ketchley Copse 09:0210:0211:0212:0213:0214:0217:0218:16
Greatstone-on-Sea, opp Romney Sands 06:3506:58
Dungeness, opp Boulderwall Farm 09:0410:0411:0412:0413:0414:0417:0418:18
Greatstone-on-Sea, opp Derville Road 06:3606:59
Dungeness, opp Power Station 09:0710:0711:0712:0713:0714:0717:0718:21
Lydd-on-Sea, opp Taylor Road 06:3707:00
Lydd-on-Sea, opp The Pilot 09:0910:0911:0912:0913:0914:0917:0918:23
Lydd-on-Sea, opp Williamson Road 06:3707:00
Lydd-on-Sea, adj Kerton Road 09:1010:1011:1012:1013:1014:1017:1018:24
Lydd-on-Sea, opp Castaways 06:3807:01
Lydd-on-Sea, adj Butterley House 09:1010:1011:1012:1013:1014:1017:1018:24
Lydd-on-Sea, opp Butterley House 06:3907:02
Lydd-on-Sea, adj Castaways 09:1110:1111:1112:1113:1114:1117:1118:25
Lydd-on-Sea, opp Kerton Road 06:3907:02
Lydd-on-Sea, adj Williamson Road 09:1210:1211:1212:1213:1214:1217:1218:26
Lydd-on-Sea, adj The Pilot 06:4107:04
Lydd-on-Sea, adj Taylor Road 09:1210:1211:1212:1213:1214:1217:1218:26
Dungeness, adj Power Station 06:4207:05
Greatstone-on-Sea, adj Derville Road 09:1310:1311:1312:1313:1314:1317:1318:27
Dungeness, adj Boulderwall Farm 06:4407:07
Greatstone-on-Sea, adj Romney Sands 09:1410:1411:1412:1413:1414:1417:1418:28
Lydd, adj Ketchley Copse 06:4707:10
Greatstone-on-Sea, adj Seaview Road 09:1410:1411:1412:1413:1414:1417:1418:28
Lydd Robin Hood Lane (S-bound) 06:4707:10
Greatstone-on-Sea, adj Baldwin Road 09:1510:1511:1512:1513:1514:1517:1518:29
Lydd, adj Walseley Terrace 06:4807:11
Greatstone-on-Sea, adj The Jolly Fisherman 09:1610:1611:1612:1613:1614:1617:1618:30
Lydd Camp (NE-bound) 06:4907:12
Greatstone-on-Sea, adj Hardy Road 09:1710:1711:1712:1713:1714:1717:1718:31
Lydd, adj Post Office 06:4907:13
Littlestone-on-Sea, adj Clark Road 09:1810:1811:1812:1813:1814:1817:1818:32
Lydd, opp Church 06:5107:15
Littlestone-on-Sea, adj Queens Road 09:1910:1911:1912:1913:1914:1917:1918:33
Lydd, adj Poplar Lane 06:5107:15
Littlestone-on-Sea, opp St Andrew's Road 09:2110:2111:2112:2113:2114:2117:2118:35
Lydd, adj Police Station 06:5207:16
New Romney, opp Light Railway Station 09:2310:2311:2312:2313:2314:2317:2318:37
Lydd, opp Airport Turning 06:5207:16
New Romney, opp The Marsh Academy 09:2510:2511:2512:2513:2514:2517:2518:39
New Romney Hammond's Corner (N-bound) 06:5607:20
New Romney, adj The Ship 09:2610:2611:2612:2613:2614:2617:2618:40
New Romney, adj Town Hall 09:2610:2611:2612:2613:2614:2617:2618:40
New Romney, opp Sussex Road 09:2710:2711:2712:2713:2714:2717:2718:41
Old Romney, adj Oasis Cafe 06:5907:2309:3110:3111:3112:3113:3114:3117:3118:45
Brenzett, opp Rheewall Farm 07:0107:2509:3310:3311:3312:3313:3314:3317:3318:47
Brookland, adj Church 07:2913:37
Brenzett The Fleur de Lis (NE-bound) 07:0407:3409:3610:3611:3612:3613:4214:3617:3618:50
Snave, opp Church 09:3913:45
Hamstreet, adj Bournewood Stores 07:1207:4409:4610:4611:4612:4613:5214:4617:4619:00
Hamstreet, opp Cock Lane 07:1207:4409:4610:4611:4612:4613:5214:4617:4619:00
Hamstreet The Street (N-bound) 07:1207:4409:4610:4611:4612:4613:5214:4617:4619:00
Hamstreet, opp Ham Street Railway Station 07:1307:4509:4710:4711:4712:4713:5314:4717:4719:01
Orlestone, o/s Ashstone House 07:1407:4609:4810:4811:4812:4813:5414:4817:4819:02
Bromley Green Crossroads (NE-bound) 07:1707:4909:5110:5111:5112:5113:5714:5117:5119:05
Kingsnorth Smithfields Crossroads (N-bound) 07:1907:5109:5310:5311:5312:5313:5914:5317:5319:07
Kingsnorth, adj Queens Head 07:2107:5309:5510:5511:5512:5514:0114:5517:5519:09
Kingsnorth, before Park Farm Roundabout 07:2107:5309:5510:5511:5512:5514:0114:5517:5519:09
Ashford International Railway Station (Stop R) 07:30
South Ashford Designer Outlet and Asda (Stop A) 07:5809:5910:5911:5912:5914:0514:5917:5919:13
Ashford Beaver Road Bridge (Stop H) 08:0410:0311:0312:0313:0314:0915:0318:0319:17
Ashford Park Street (Stop A) 07:3508:0810:0611:0612:0613:0614:1215:0618:0619:20

Timetable data from Stagecoach South East, 27 September 2022

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