110 - Nelson & Colne College - Barrowford - Alkincoats -Earby - Barnoldswick

A service operated by The Burnley Bus Company



Thornton in Craven, adj Thornton Hill 07:53
Thornton in Craven Marton Road End (W-bound) 07:54
Thornton in Craven Ghyll Golf Club (W-bound) 07:55
Coates, by Ghyll Lane 07:57
Coates, by Ben Lane 07:58
Coates, adj Roundell Road 07:59
Barnoldswick, by Wellhouse Road 07:59
Barnoldswick, adj Lower North Avenue 08:00
Barnoldswick, by Station Road 08:01
Barnoldswick, by Sussex Street 08:01
Barnoldswick, by Harrison Street 08:02
Barnoldswick, by West Craven HS 08:02
Barnoldswick, opp Higher Park Farm 08:03
Salterforth, o/s Post Office 08:05
Salterforth, by Elm Close 08:05
Salterforth, by Park Avenue 08:06
Earby, by North Holme Estate 08:09
Earby, by Sandholme Villas 08:09
Earby, opp Station Hotel 08:10
Earby, by Victoria Road 08:11
Earby, by Bus Station 08:12
Earby, o/s Post Office 08:13
Earby, o/s Station Hotel 08:13
Sough, by Parkside 08:14
Sough Lane (by) 08:15
Kelbrook, opp Craven Heifer 08:17
Kelbrook, opp Old Stone Trough 08:18
Foulridge, opp New Hague 08:19
Foulridge, by Accornlee Farm 08:19
Foulridge, adj Skipton New Road 08:20
Foulridge, opp Causeway 08:20
Foulridge, opp St Michaels Church 08:21
Foulridge, o/s St Michaels School 08:21
Alkincoats, by Ruskin Ave 08:24
Alkincoats, by Slater Avenue 08:25
Alkincoats, by Harrison Drive 08:25
Alkincoats, by Tennyson Road 08:27
Colne, by Princess Street 08:29
Alkincoats Road (opp) 08:31
Barrowford, by Carlton Court 08:31
Barrowford, by The Locks 08:32
Barrowford, by Pendle Heritage Centre 08:34
Barrowford, opp White Bear 08:34
Barrowford, opp Church Street 08:35
Barrowford, opp Rushton Street 08:35
Barrowford, by Wilton Street 08:36
Barrowford, by Roughlee Street 08:37
Barrowford, adj Nelson and Colne College 08:40


Barrowford, adj Nelson and Colne College 16:10
Barrowford, by Nelson and Colne College 16:10
Barrowford, by Maud Street 16:11
Barrowford, opp Wilton Street 16:11
Barrowford, by Rushton Street 16:11
Barrowford, by Church Street 16:11
Barrowford, by Park Street 16:12
Barrowford, opp Pendle Heritage Centre 16:12
Barrowford, opp The Locks 16:14
Barrowford, opp Carlton Court 16:15
Alkincoats Road (by) 16:16
Colne, opp Princess Street 16:17
Alkincoats, opp Tennyson Road 16:18
Alkincoats, by Haverholt Close 16:19
Alkincoats, opp Harrison Drive 16:20
Alkincoats, opp Slater Avenue 16:21
Alkincoats, opp Ruskin Avenue 16:22
Alkincoats, opp Burrell Avenue 16:22
Foulridge, opp St Michaels School 16:24
Foulridge, o/s St Michaels Church 16:24
Foulridge, o/s Causeway 16:24
Foulridge, by Skipton New Road 16:25
Foulridge, opp Accornlee Farm 16:26
Foulridge, by New Hague Cottages 16:26
Kelbrook, by Old Stone Trough 16:27
Kelbrook, by Craven Heifer 16:29
Sough Park (by) 16:30
Earby, opp Station Hotel 16:31
Earby, by Victoria Road 16:32
Earby, by Bus Station 16:33
Earby, o/s Post Office 16:34
Earby, by Beech Avenue 16:34
Earby, opp Sandholme Villas 16:35
Earby, adj North Holme Estate 16:36
Salterforth, opp Park View 16:38
Salterforth, by Sandhills Close 16:39
Salterforth, by Earby Road 16:40
Barnoldswick, by Higher Park Farm 16:41
Barnoldswick, opp Marina Way 16:42
Barnoldswick, opp West Craven HS 16:43
Barnoldswick, opp Park Street 16:43
Barnoldswick, by Rainhall Road 16:44
Barnoldswick, by Fernlea Avenue 16:45
Barnoldswick, opp Lower North Ave 16:45
Barnoldswick, opp Wellhouse Road 16:45
Coates, opp Roundell Road 16:46
Coates Avenue (by) 16:46
Thornton in Craven Marton Road End (E-bound) 16:49
Thornton in Craven, opp Sycamore Court 16:51

Timetable data from Transdev Blazefield, 9 June 2021

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The Burnley Bus Company