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111 - Aylesbury - Thame - Brill - Oakley

A bus service operated by Z & S Transport


Oakley - Brill - Thame - Aylesbury

Aylesbury - Thame - Brill - Oakley

Aylesbury Bus Stn (Bay 11) 13:10 17:45
Aylesbury Morrisons (W-bound) 13:11 17:45
Aylesbury, opp TA Centre 13:12 17:46
Aylesbury College (adj) 13:12 17:47
Aylesbury, adj Churchill Avenue 13:13 17:47
Stone, adj The Bugle Horn PH 13:16 17:51
Ford, adj Crossroads 13:22
Stone, opp The Rose & Crown PH 17:52
Haddenham Woodways (W-bound) 13:25
Haddenham Fort End (W-bound) 13:26
Stone Crossroads (W-bound) 17:59
Haddenham, adj Briden's Way 13:26
Stone, opp Long Furlong 17:59
Haddenham, opp Station Bridge 13:27
Stone, adj Upton Turn 18:00
Haddenham, adj Railway Station 13:29
Dinton Castle (opp) 18:00
Haddenham Scotsgrove (S-bound) 13:30
Dinton, adj New Road 18:01
Cuddington Dadbrook (o/s 4) 18:03
Cuddington The Green (W-bound) 18:04
Chearsley, adj The Bell PH 18:08
Long Crendon, opp College Farm 18:11
Long Crendon, adj Church End 18:12
Long Crendon Chearsley Road (S-bound) 18:12
Long Crendon, adj Bonnersfield 18:13
Long Crendon Carters Lane (o/s 2) 18:14
Long Crendon Bicester Road (o/s 14) 18:15
Long Crendon, opp The Square 18:16
Long Crendon Thame Road (S-bound) 18:16
Long Crendon, adj Southfield 18:18
Thame, adj Queens Close 13:35 18:20
Thame, opp Cricket Ground 13:35 18:21
Thame, o/s Town Hall 13:36 18:22
Thame, o/s Police Station 13:37 18:23
Thame, opp Queens Close 13:37 18:25
Haddenham, adj Railway Station 18:35
Long Crendon, opp Southfield 13:39 18:40
Long Crendon Thame Road (N-bound) 13:42 18:42
Long Crendon, adj The Square 13:43 18:43
Long Crendon Bicester Road (o/s 35) 13:43 18:43
Long Crendon Carters Lane (o/s 3) 13:45 18:45
Easington, adj Mole & Chickens 13:47 18:48s
Chilton Thame Road (N-bound) 13:49 18:49s
Brill, opp The Red Lion PH 13:57 18:52s
Brill The Square (W-bound) 13:58 18:53s
Oakley, opp Brill Turn 14:02 18:57s
Oakley, opp The Royal Oak PH 14:03 18:58s
Oakley College Crescent (S-bound) 14:05 19:00s
Worminghall, opp The Avenue 19:06s
Ickford, adj The Rising Sun PH 19:09s
Ickford, o/s Primary School 19:10s
Ickford, opp Bulls Lane 19:10s
Shabbington Ickford Road (E-bound) 19:14s
Shabbington, opp Home Close 19:14s
Long Crendon Bicester Road (o/s 14) 19:17s
Long Crendon, opp The Square 19:18s
Long Crendon Thame Road (S-bound) 19:18s
Long Crendon, adj Southfield 19:19s
Thame, opp Lord Williams Upper School 19:22s
Thame, opp Sycamore Drive 19:23s
Thame Cuttle Brook (NE-bound) 19:23s
Thame, o/s Museum 19:23s
Thame, o/s Town Hall 19:24
Mondays Only

Times marked s – “sets down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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