111 - Ilkeston to Friesland School

A bus service operated by Notts and Derby


Monday to Friday

Ilkeston - Friesland School

Smalley Rose and Crown (E-bound) 07:30
Smalley Common The Common (SE-bound) 07:31
Smalley Common, adj Working Mens Club 07:31
Stanley Common, adj Tansley Avenue 07:32
Stanley Common, opp School 07:32
Stanley Common, opp Common Lane 07:33
Stanley Common, adj Robinsons Garage 07:34
W Hallam, opp Station Road 07:35
W Hallam, opp Bramble Lodge 07:36
W Hallam, adj Plantation Farm 07:36
W Hallam, adj Mapperley Lane 07:37
W Hallam, opp Recreation Ground 07:37
W Hallam, adj Newdigate Arms 07:37
W Hallam, adj East Recreation Ground 07:38
W Hallam, adj Arthur Fisher Memorial Ground 07:38
W Hallam, opp Thacker Barn 07:38
Ilkeston, adj Kniveton Park 07:39
Ilkeston, adj Charter Park 07:40
Ilkeston, adj Moss Road 07:41
Ilkeston, adj Littlewick Medical Centre 07:45
Ilkeston, adj Albany Street 07:46
Ilkeston, adj French Street 07:47
Ilkeston, opp Thurman Street 07:47
Trowell, adj Stoney Lane 07:48
Trowell, adj Haynes Avenue 07:49
Trowell, adj St Helens Crescent 07:50
Trowell, adj Derbyshire Avenue 07:51
Trowell, opp Warehouse 07:52
Trowell Grove (adj) 07:53
Stapleford, adj Trowell Road 07:54
Stapleford, opp Moorbridge Lane 07:56
Stapleford, opp Peatfield Road 07:57
Stapleford, opp Crawford Avenue 07:58
Stapleford, opp Arthur Mee Centre 08:00
Stapleford, adj Memorial Garden 08:02
Stapleford, adj Halls Road 08:05
Stapleford, adj Brookhill Street 08:06
Sandiacre, opp Regent Street Lidl 08:08
Sandiacre, opp White Lion 08:10
Sandiacre, opp Smedleys Avenue 08:11
Sandiacre, opp The Paddocks 08:12
Sandiacre, adj Friesland School 08:15

Friesland School - Ilkeston

Sandiacre, adj Friesland School 14:50
Sandiacre, adj Friesland Drive 14:51
Sandiacre, adj The Paddocks 14:51
Sandiacre, adj Smedleys Avenue 14:52
Sandiacre, adj White Lion 14:52
Sandiacre, adj Regent Street Lidl 14:52
Stapleford, opp Brookhill Street 14:52
Stapleford, opp Halls Road 14:52
Stapleford, opp Memorial Garden 14:53
Stapleford, o/s Arthur Mee Centre 14:56
Stapleford, adj Mill Road 14:57
Stapleford, adj Crawford Avenue 14:57
Stapleford, adj Peatfield Road 14:57
Stapleford, adj Moorbridge Lane 14:58
Stapleford Trowell Road (NW-bound) 14:58
Trowell Grove (opp) 14:58
Warehouse 14:59
Trowell, opp Derbyshire Avenue 14:59
Trowell, opp St Helens Crescent 15:00
Trowell, opp Haynes Avenue 15:01
Trowell, opp Stoney Lane 15:01
Ilkeston, adj Thurman Street 15:02
Ilkeston, opp French Street 15:03
Ilkeston, adj Kensington Street 15:04
Ilkeston, opp Littlewick Medical Centre 15:05
Ilkeston, opp Moss Road 15:10
Ilkeston, opp Charter Park 15:10
Ilkeston, opp Kniveton Park 15:11
W Hallam, adj Thacker Barn 15:11
W Hallam, opp Arthur Fisher Memorial Ground 15:12
W Hallam, opp East Recreation Ground 15:12
W Hallam, opp Newdigate Arms 15:13
W Hallam, adj Recreation Ground 15:13
W Hallam, adj Methodist Church 15:14
W Hallam, opp Plantation Farm 15:14
W Hallam, adj Bramble Lodge 15:14
W Hallam Crossroads (W-bound) 15:15
Stanley Common, opp Robinsons Garage 15:15
Stanley Common, adj Common Lane 15:16
Stanley Common, adj School 15:17
Stanley Common, opp Tansley Avenue 15:17
Smalley Common, opp Working Mens Club 15:18
Smalley Common The Common (NW-bound) 15:19
Smalley Rose and Crown (W-bound) 15:20

Timetable data from Notts and Derby/Bus Open Data Service, 29 May 2021. We’re not endorsed by, affiliated with or supported by them, and they don’t warrant the accuracy or quality of the information.

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