113 - PRESTON - LEYLAND via Higher Walton, Gregson Lane, Lostock Hall, Seven Stars

A bus service operated by Vision Bus

Preston - Higher Walton, Gregson Lane, Lostock Hall, Seven Stars - Leyland

Preston Bus Station (Stand 39) 06:50then every 30 minutes until16:5017:2017:5018:2519:1020:1021:15
Preston Church Street (Stand J) 06:5216:5217:2217:5218:2719:1220:1221:17
Preston Grimshaw Street (Stand H) 06:5316:5317:2317:5318:2719:1220:1221:17
Frenchwood, opp Queen Street 06:5516:5517:2517:5518:2919:1420:1421:19
Frenchwood, by Ashleigh Street 06:5516:5517:2517:5518:2919:1420:1421:19
Walton-le-Dale, opp Edward Street 06:5716:5717:2717:5718:3019:1520:1521:20
Walton-le-Dale, opp Yew Tree 06:5716:5717:2717:5718:3119:1620:1621:21
Walton-le-Dale, by Higher Walton Road 06:5816:5817:2817:5818:3119:1620:1621:21
Walton-le-Dale, opp Garden Centre 06:5816:5817:2817:5818:3219:1720:1721:22
Walton-le-Dale, by Knot Lane 06:5916:5917:2917:5918:3219:1720:1721:22
Higher Walton, by Little Oaks 07:0017:0017:3018:0018:3319:1820:1821:23
Higher Walton, by Barnflatt Close 07:0117:0117:3118:0118:3419:1920:1921:24
Higher Walton, by Mill Tavern 07:0117:0117:3118:0118:3419:1920:1921:24
Higher Walton, o/s All Saints Church 07:0217:0217:3218:0218:3519:2020:2021:25
Gregson Lane, by Charles Crescent 07:0317:0317:3318:0318:3619:2120:2121:26
Gregson Lane, opp Castle Court 07:0417:0417:3418:0418:3619:2120:2121:26
Gregson Lane, by Cooper House Farm 07:0517:0517:3518:0518:3719:2220:2221:27
Gregson Lane, by Conway Court 07:0617:0617:3618:0618:3819:2320:2321:28
Gregson Lane, adj Alma Row 07:0617:0617:3618:0618:3819:2320:2321:28
Gregson Lane, by Alder Drive 07:0717:0717:3718:0718:3919:2420:2421:29
Gregson Lane, o/s Bank Head Lane South 07:0717:0717:3718:0718:3919:2420:2421:29
Gregson Lane, o/s Bank Head Farm 07:0817:0817:3818:0818:4019:2520:2521:30
Bamber Bridge, opp Hospital Inn 07:0917:0917:3918:0918:4119:2620:2621:31
Bamber Bridge, by Brindle Close 07:1017:1017:4018:1018:4219:2720:2721:32
Bamber Bridge, by Bluebell Way 07:1117:1117:4118:1118:4319:2820:2821:33
Bamber Bridge, by Leisure Centre 07:1217:1217:4218:1218:4419:2920:2921:34
Bamber Bridge, opp Collins Road North 07:1317:1317:4318:1318:4519:3020:3021:35
Bamber Bridge, by Poplar Avenue 07:1417:1417:4418:1418:4619:3120:3121:36
Bamber Bridge, by Station Road 07:1417:1417:4418:1418:4619:3120:3121:36
Bamber Bridge, opp St Marys Church 07:1617:1617:4618:1618:4719:3220:3221:37
Bamber Bridge, opp Brownedge Close 07:1717:1717:4718:1718:4819:3320:3321:38
Lostock Hall, by Irongate 07:1817:1817:4818:1818:4919:3420:3421:39
Lostock Hall, by Brownedge Road 07:1917:1917:4918:1918:5019:3520:3521:40
Lostock Hall, by Moss Street 07:2017:2017:5018:2018:5119:3620:3621:41
Tardy Gate, by British Legion 07:2117:2117:5118:2118:5119:3620:3621:41
Lostock Hall, by Berry Street 07:2317:2317:5318:2318:5319:3820:3821:43
Farington Moss, adj Anchor inn 07:2317:2317:5318:2318:5319:38
Farington Moss, by Wellfield Road 07:2417:2417:5418:2418:5419:39
Farington Moss, by Fowler Lane 07:2517:2517:5518:2518:5519:40
Farington Moss, by Croston Road 07:2517:2517:5518:2518:5519:40
Farington Moss, opp Lower Field 07:2617:2617:5618:2618:5619:41
Farington, by Business Park 07:3017:3018:0018:3019:0019:45
Farington, by Jubilee House 07:3317:3318:0218:3219:0219:47
Farington, opp Kentmere Avenue 07:3417:3418:0318:3319:0319:48
Golden Hill, opp Parish Gardens 07:3517:3518:0418:3419:0419:49
Golden Hill, by Morrisons 07:3617:3618:0418:3419:0419:49
Golden Hill, adj Morrisons 07:3617:3618:0518:3519:0519:50
Leyland, by Churchill Way 07:3717:3718:0618:3619:0619:51
Leyland, by Dorothy Ave 07:3817:3818:0618:3619:0619:51
Leyland, o/s Gables Hotel 07:3917:3918:0718:3719:0719:52
Leyland, by King Street 07:3917:3918:0718:3719:0719:52
Towngate, opp Westgate 07:4017:4018:0818:3819:0819:53
Towngate Tesco (Stand D) 07:4117:4118:0918:3919:0919:54
Towngate, adj Leisure Centre 07:4117:4118:0918:3919:0919:54
Broadfield, opp Spring Gardens 07:4117:4118:0918:3919:0919:54
Broadfield, opp Fire Station 07:4217:4218:1018:4019:1019:55
Broadfield, by Westfield Drive 07:4317:4318:1118:4119:1119:56
Broadfield, by Earnshaw Drive 07:4417:4418:1218:4219:1219:57
Earnshaw Bridge, o/s St Johns Church 07:4417:4418:1218:4219:1219:57
The Straits, o/s Broadfields Arms 07:4517:4518:1318:4319:1319:58
The Straits, by Daisy Bank Close 07:4617:4618:1418:4419:1419:59
Seven Stars (by) 07:4717:4718:1518:4519:1520:00
Seven Stars, by The Crofters 07:4717:4718:1518:4519:1520:00
Wade Hall, opp Clayton Avenue 07:4717:4718:1518:4519:1520:00
Wade Hall, by Leyton Green 07:4817:4818:1618:4619:1620:01
Broadfield, by Medical Centre 07:4917:4918:1718:4719:1720:02
Broadfield, by Civic Centre 07:5017:5018:1818:4819:1820:03
Towngate, opp Leisure Centre 07:5017:5018:1818:4819:1820:03
Towngate Tesco (Stand C) 07:5117:5118:1918:4919:1920:04

Operated on behalf of Lancashire County Council

Leyland - Higher Walton, Gregson Lane, Lostock Hall, Seven Stars - Preston

Towngate Tesco (Stand D) 06:41then every 30 minutes until17:1117:4118:0919:09
Towngate, adj Leisure Centre 06:4117:1117:4118:0919:09
Broadfield, opp Spring Gardens 06:4117:1117:4118:0919:09
Broadfield, opp Fire Station 06:4217:1217:4218:1019:10
Broadfield, by Westfield Drive 06:4317:1317:4318:1119:11
Broadfield, by Earnshaw Drive 06:4417:1417:4418:1219:12
Earnshaw Bridge, o/s St Johns Church 06:4417:1417:4418:1219:12
The Straits, o/s Broadfields Arms 06:4517:1517:4518:1319:13
The Straits, by Daisy Bank Close 06:4617:1617:4618:1419:14
Seven Stars (by) 06:4717:1717:4718:1519:15
Seven Stars, by The Crofters 06:4717:1717:4718:1519:15
Wade Hall, opp Clayton Avenue 06:4817:1817:4818:1619:16
Wade Hall, by Leyton Green 06:4917:1917:4918:1719:17
Broadfield, by Medical Centre 06:5017:2017:5018:1819:18
Broadfield, by Civic Centre 06:5117:2117:5018:1819:18
Towngate, opp Leisure Centre 06:5217:2217:5118:1919:19
Towngate Tesco (Stand C) 06:5317:2317:5218:2019:20
Towngate, by Westgate 06:5317:2317:5218:2019:20
Leyland, opp Gables Hotel 06:5417:2417:5318:2119:21
Leyland, by Ruskin Avenue 06:5417:2417:5318:2119:21
Leyland, o/s Churchill Way 06:5517:2517:5418:2219:22
Golden Hill, opp Morrisons 06:5617:2617:5518:2319:23
Golden Hill, by Parish Gardens 06:5717:2717:5518:2319:23
Farington, by Kentmere Avenue 06:5817:2817:5618:2419:24
Farington, opp Jubilee House 06:5817:2817:5718:2519:25
Farington, by Business Park 07:0217:3218:0018:2819:28
Farington Moss, by Lower Field 07:0517:3518:0218:3019:30
Farington Moss, o/s Croston Road 07:0517:3518:0318:3119:31
Farington Moss, opp Fowler Lane 07:0617:3618:0318:3119:31
Farington Moss, opp Wellfield Road 07:0717:3718:0418:3219:32
Farington Moss, opp Anchor Inn 07:0817:3818:0518:3319:33
Lostock Hall, opp Berry Street 06:3907:0917:3918:0618:3419:3420:39
Tardy Gate, by Wateringpool Lane 06:4007:1017:4018:0618:3419:3420:39
Lostock Hall, opp Moss Street 06:4007:1017:4018:0718:3519:3520:40
Lostock Hall, by Four Lane Ends 06:4107:1117:4118:0818:3619:3620:41
Lostock Hall, opp Irongate 06:4207:1217:4218:0818:3619:3620:41
Bamber Bridge, by Brownedge Close 06:4407:1417:4418:1018:3819:3820:43
Bamber Bridge, o/s St Marys Church 06:4407:1417:4418:1018:3819:3820:43
Bamber Bridge, by Station Road 06:4607:1617:4618:1218:4019:4020:45
Bamber Bridge, opp Poplar Avenue 06:4707:1717:4718:1318:4119:4120:46
Bamber Bridge, by Brown Lane 06:4707:1717:4718:1318:4119:4120:46
Bamber Bridge, opp Leisure Centre 06:4807:1817:4818:1418:4219:4220:47
Bamber Bridge, opp Bluebell Way 06:4907:1917:4918:1518:4319:4320:48
Bamber Bridge, opp Briindle Close 06:5007:2017:5018:1518:4319:4320:48
Bamber Bridge, o/s Hospital Inn 06:5007:2017:5018:1618:4419:4420:49
Gregson Lane, opp Bank Head Farm 06:5207:2217:5218:1718:4519:4520:50
Gregson Lane, o/s Bank Head Lane North 06:5207:2217:5218:1818:4619:4620:51
Gregson Lane, opp Alder Drive 06:5307:2317:5318:1918:4719:4720:52
Gregson Lane, opp Alma Row 06:5407:2417:5418:1918:4719:4720:52
Gregson Lane, opp Conway Court 06:5507:2517:5518:2018:4819:4820:53
Gregson Lane, opp Cooper House Farm 06:5607:2617:5618:2118:4919:4920:54
Gregson Lane, by Castle Court 06:5707:2717:5718:2218:5019:5020:55
Gregson Lane, opp Charles Crescent 06:5807:2817:5818:2318:5119:5120:56
Higher Walton, opp All Saints Church 06:5907:2917:5918:2418:5219:5220:57
Higher Walton, opp Mill Tavern 07:0007:3018:0018:2518:5319:5320:58
Higher Walton, by Motorway Bridge 07:0107:3118:0118:2618:5419:5420:59
Higher Walton, opp Little Oaks 07:0207:3218:0218:2718:5519:5521:00
Walton-le-Dale, opp Knot Lane 07:0307:3318:0318:2718:5519:5521:00
Walton-le-Dale, adj Garden Centre 07:0307:3318:0318:2818:5619:5621:01
Walton-le-Dale, by Sir Robert Peel 07:0407:3418:0418:2918:5719:5721:02
Walton-le-Dale, by Edward Street 07:0607:3618:0618:3018:5819:5821:03
Frenchwood Avenue (by) 07:0707:3718:0718:3219:0020:0021:05
Frenchwood, adj Queen Street 07:0807:3818:0818:3219:0020:0021:05
Preston, by Percy Street 07:1007:4018:1018:3419:0220:0221:07
Preston Arrival Stand (Stand 0) 07:1107:4118:1118:3519:0320:0321:08

Operated on behalf of Lancashire County Council

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS), 12 April 2024

Vision Bus