12 - Newport - Freshwater - Totland - Alum Bay

A bus service operated by Southern Vectis

Newport - Freshwater - Totland - Alum Bay

Newport Bus Station (Stand B) 09:3010:4013:2015:4017:40
Newport, opp Drill Hall Road 09:3210:4213:2215:4217:42
Newport Simeon Monument (SW-bound) 09:3310:4313:2315:4317:43
Newport Lukely Terrace (SW-bound) 09:3410:4413:2415:4417:44
Carisbrooke Cedar Hill (adjacent) 09:3510:4513:2515:4517:45
Carisbrooke High Street (W-bound) 09:3610:4613:2615:4617:46
Carisbrooke, opposite The Waverley 09:3610:4613:2615:4617:46
Clatterford Shute (SW-bound) 09:3710:4713:2715:4717:47
Carisbrooke, opposite Bowcombe Barn Farm 09:3710:4713:2715:4717:47
Bowcombe Plaish Lane (adjacent) 09:3810:4813:2815:4817:48
Bowcombe, opp White Lane 09:3910:4913:2915:4917:49
Bowcombe Cottages (adjacent) 09:3910:4913:2915:4917:49
Bowcombe, opposite Idlecombe Farm 09:4010:5013:3015:5017:50
Bowcombe Rainsgrove Cottages (adjacent) 09:4110:5113:3115:5117:51
Bowcombe, opposite Rowborough Farm 09:4210:5213:3215:5217:52
Bowcombe, opposite Cheverton Farm 09:4310:5313:3315:5317:53
North of Shorwell (SW-bound) 09:4410:5413:3415:5417:54
Shorwell, opposite Northcourt 09:4510:5513:3515:5517:55
Shorwell, opposite Crown Inn 09:4610:5613:3615:5617:56
Shorwell Westcourt Farm (adjacent) 09:4710:5713:3715:5717:57
Yafford, opposite Yard's Hollow 09:4810:5813:3815:5817:58
Limerstone Short Lane (W-bound) 09:4810:5813:3815:5817:58
Limerstone Farm (W-bound) 09:4910:5913:3915:5917:59
Limerstone Brighstone Cemetery (W-bound) 09:5011:0013:4016:0018:00
Brighstone Three Bishops (adjacent) 09:5211:0213:4216:0218:02
Brighstone Moortown Lane (NW-bound) 09:5311:0313:4316:0318:03
Brighstone Galley Lane (adjacent) 09:5411:0413:4416:0418:04
Moortown Grammars Hill (NW-bound) 09:5511:0513:4516:0518:05
Moortown Brighstone Grange (adjacent) 09:5611:0613:4616:0618:06
Mottistone Manor (opposite) 09:5711:0713:4716:0718:07
Mottistone Estate (W-bound) 09:5711:0713:4716:0718:07
Hulverstone Sun Inn (adjacent) 09:5911:0913:4916:0918:09
Hulverstone, adj Brook Triangle 09:5911:0913:4916:0918:09
Brook, opp Badger Lane 10:0111:1113:5116:1118:11
Brook Chine (W-bound) 10:0211:1213:5216:1218:12
Brook, nr Compton Bay 10:0311:1313:5316:1318:13
Compton Bay Compton Farm (N-bound) 10:0511:1513:5516:1518:15
Freshwater Bay Southdown Road (W-bound) 10:0711:1713:5716:1718:17
Freshwater Bay (NW-bound) 10:1011:2014:0016:2018:19
Freshwater Bay St Agnes Church (adjacent) 10:1111:2114:0116:2118:20
Freshwater Bay Guyers Road (N-bound) 10:1211:2214:0216:2218:21
Freshwater, opposite Parish Hall 10:1311:2314:0316:2318:22
Freshwater, adj Stroud Recreation Ground 10:1411:2414:0416:2418:23
Freshwater School Green Road (W-bound) 10:1511:2514:0516:2518:24
Freshwater, adj Sainsburys 10:1611:2614:0616:2618:25
Freshwater Fire Station (adjacent) 10:1711:2714:0716:2718:26
Freshwater The Avenue (W-bound) 10:1811:2814:0816:2818:27
Totland, opposite Coastguard Cottages 10:1911:2914:0916:2918:28
Totland War Memorial (S-bound) 10:2111:3114:1116:3118:30
Totland, opp Heatherwood Park Road 10:2211:3214:1216:3218:31
Totland Christ Church (adjacent) 10:2211:3214:1216:3218:31
Alum Bay Headon Rise (SW-bound) 10:2311:3314:1316:3318:32
Alum Bay Golf House (SW-bound) 10:2411:3414:1416:3418:33
Alum Bay Needles Landmark Attraction (SE-bound) 10:2611:3614:1616:3618:35

Alum Bay - Totland - Freshwater - Newport

Alum Bay Needles Landmark Attraction (SE-bound) 09:2510:3511:4514:2516:45
Alum Bay Golf House (NE-bound) 09:2610:3611:4614:2616:46
Alum Bay Headon Rise (NE-bound) 09:2710:3711:4714:2716:47
Totland, opposite Christ Church 09:2810:3811:4814:2816:48
Totland War Memorial (N-bound) 09:3010:4011:5014:3016:50
Totland Coastguard Cottages (adjacent) 09:3110:4111:5114:3116:51
Freshwater The Avenue (E-bound) 09:3210:4211:5214:3216:52
Freshwater Memorial Hall (SE-bound) 09:3410:4411:5414:3416:54
Freshwater, opp Sainsburys 09:3510:4511:5514:3516:55
Freshwater School Green Road (E-bound) 09:3610:4611:5614:3616:56
Freshwater, opp Stroud Recreation Ground 09:3710:4711:5714:3716:57
Freshwater Parish Hall (adjacent) 09:3810:4811:5814:3816:58
Freshwater Bay Guyers Road (S-bound) 09:3910:4911:5914:3916:59
Freshwater Bay, opposite St Agnes Church 09:4010:5012:0014:4017:00
Freshwater Bay (SE-bound) 09:4210:5212:0214:4217:02
Freshwater Bay Southdown Road (SE-bound) 09:4310:5312:0314:4317:03
Compton Bay Compton Farm (S-bound) 09:4510:5512:0514:4517:05
Brook Compton Bay (behind) 09:4710:5712:0714:4717:07
Brook Chine (NE-bound) 09:4810:5812:0814:4817:08
Brook, adj Badger Lane 09:4910:5912:0914:4917:09
Hulverstone, nr Brook Triangle 09:5011:0012:1014:5017:10
Hulverstone, opposite Sun Inn 09:5111:0112:1114:5117:11
Mottistone Estate (opposite) 09:5211:0212:1214:5217:12
Mottistone Manor (adjacent) 09:5311:0312:1314:5317:13
Moortown, opposite Brighstone Grange 09:5411:0412:1414:5417:14
Moortown Grammars Hill (SE-bound) 09:5511:0512:1514:5517:15
Moortown, adj Gaggerhill Lane 09:5611:0612:1614:5617:16
Brighstone, opposite Galley Lane 09:5711:0712:1714:5717:17
Brighstone Moortown Lane (SE-bound) 09:5811:0812:1814:5817:18
Brighstone, opposite Three Bishops 09:5911:0912:1914:5917:19
Limerstone Brighstone Cemetery (E-bound) 10:0111:1112:2115:0117:21
Limerstone Farm (E-bound) 10:0211:1212:2215:0217:22
Limerstone Short Lane (E-bound) 10:0211:1212:2215:0217:22
Yafford Yard's Hollow (adjacent) 10:0311:1312:2315:0317:23
Shorwell, opposite Westcourt Farm 10:0411:1412:2415:0417:24
Shorwell Crown Inn (adjacent) 10:0511:1512:2515:0517:25
Shorwell Northcourt (adjacent) 10:0511:1512:2515:0517:25
North of Shorwell (NE-bound) 10:0611:1612:2615:0617:26
Bowcombe Cheverton Farm (adjacent) 10:0711:1712:2715:0717:27
Bowcombe Rowborough Farm (adjacent) 10:0811:1812:2815:0817:28
Bowcombe, opposite Rainsgrove Cottages 10:0911:1912:2915:0917:29
Bowcombe Idlecombe Farm (adjacent) 10:1011:2012:3015:1017:30
Bowcombe Cottages (opposite) 10:1111:2112:3115:1117:31
Bowcombe, adj White Lane 10:1111:2112:3115:1117:31
Bowcombe, opposite Plaish Lane 10:1211:2212:3215:1217:32
Carisbrooke Bowcombe Barn Farm (adjacent) 10:1311:2312:3315:1317:33
Clatterford Shute (NE-bound) 10:1311:2312:3315:1317:33
Carisbrooke The Waverley (adjacent) 10:1411:2412:3415:1417:34
Carisbrooke High Street (E-bound) 10:1511:2512:3515:1517:35
Carisbrooke, opposite Cedar Hill 10:1611:2612:3615:1617:36
Newport Lukely Terrace (NE-bound) 10:1711:2712:3715:1717:37
Newport Simeon Monument (NE-bound) 10:1811:2812:3815:1817:38
Newport, nr Drill Hall Road 10:1911:2912:3915:1917:39
Newport Bus Station (Stand B) 10:2511:3512:4515:2517:45

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