130 - Maidstone - Twydall

A bus service operated by Nu-Venture


Maidstone - Twydall

Maidstone King Street (Stop G) 08:3010:0512:0514:0516:0517:55
Maidstone Pudding Lane (Stop S1) 08:3210:0712:0714:0716:0717:57
Maidstone Earl Street (Stop V1) 08:3310:0812:0814:0816:0817:58
Maidstone Brenchley Gardens (Stop P) 08:3510:1012:1014:1016:1018:00
Maidstone East Railway Station (Stop N) 08:3710:1212:1214:1216:1218:02
Maidstone Staceys Street (E-bound) 08:3710:1212:1214:1216:1218:02
Maidstone, adj Esso Garage 08:3810:1312:1314:1316:1318:03
Maidstone, adj The Dog and Gun 08:3910:1412:1414:1416:1418:04
Penenden Heath, adj Boxley Road TA Centre 08:3910:1412:1414:1416:1418:04
Penenden Heath, opp Heathfield Road 08:4110:1612:1614:1616:1618:06
Penenden Heath, o/s Shops 08:4210:1712:1714:1716:1718:07
Penenden Heath, adj Woodlands Way 16:18
Penenden Heath, adj The Hedges 16:20
Penenden Heath, opp Woodlands Way 16:20
Penenden Heath, opp Shops 16:21
Boxley, adj The Kings Arms 08:4510:2012:2014:2016:2518:10
Bredhurst, opp Primary School 08:5310:2812:2814:2816:3318:18
Wigmore, opp Fowler Close 08:5510:3012:3014:3016:3518:20
Wigmore, opp Kenyon Walk 08:5610:3112:3114:3116:3618:21
Hempstead Valley Shopping Centre (Stop B) 09:0010:3512:3514:3516:4018:25
Wigmore, adj Sharsted Way 09:0110:3612:3614:3616:4118:26s
Wigmore, opp Kings Frith 09:0210:3712:3714:3716:4218:27s
Wigmore Road (o/s 100) 09:0210:3712:3714:3716:4218:27s
Wigmore, opp Spyglass and Kettle 09:0410:3912:3914:3916:4418:29s
Wigmore The Smallholders Club (E-bound) 09:0410:3912:3914:3916:4418:29s
Parkwood Deanwood Drive Top (E-bound) 09:0510:4012:4014:4016:4518:30s
Parkwood, opp Campleshon Road 09:0610:4112:4114:4116:4618:31s
Parkwood, opp Shopping Centre 09:0710:4212:4214:4216:4718:32s
Parkwood, opp Lovelace Close 09:0710:4212:4214:4216:4718:32s
Parkwood, adj Thrale Way 09:0810:4312:4314:4316:4818:33s
Meresborough, adj Tyler Drive 09:0910:4412:4414:4416:4918:34s
Meresborough, adj Middleton Close 09:0910:4412:4414:4416:4918:34s
Meresborough, opp Maryland Court 09:0910:4412:4414:4416:4918:34s
Meresborough, adj Ploughmans Way East 09:1010:4512:4514:4516:5018:35s
Meresborough, adj Nightingale Close 09:1110:4612:4614:4616:5118:36s
Rainham, adj Lonsdale Drive 09:1210:4712:4714:4716:5218:37s
Rainham, opp Mierscourt Close 09:1310:4812:4814:4816:5318:38s
Rainham, opp Post Office 09:1510:5012:5014:5016:5518:40s
Rainham, adj The Cricketers 09:1710:5212:5214:5216:5718:42s
Rainham, adj Roberts Road 09:1810:5312:5318:43s
Twydall, adj Danson Way 09:1910:5412:5418:44s
Twydall, adj Monmouth Close 09:2110:5612:5618:46s
Twydall, opp Truro Close 09:2110:5612:5618:46
Twydall, adj Beechings Green 09:2210:5712:5718:47s
Twydall, adj Wingham Close 09:2310:5812:5818:48s
Twydall Shops (Stop B) 09:2410:5912:5918:49

Twydall - Maidstone

Twydall Shops (Stop B) 07:0409:0411:0413:04
Twydall, adj Bodiam Close 07:0509:0511:0513:05
Twydall Begonia Avenue (SE-bound) 07:0609:0711:0713:07
Twydall Hawthorne Avenue (SE-bound) 07:0609:0711:0713:07
Twydall, before Pump Lane roundabout 07:0709:0811:0813:08
Twydall, adj Truro Close 07:0709:0811:0813:08
Twydall, adj Ely Close 07:0809:0911:0913:09
Twydall, opp Danson Way 07:0909:1111:1113:11
Rainham, opp Roberts Road 07:1009:1211:1213:12
Rainham, adj Holding Street 07:1109:1311:1313:13
Rainham, adj White Horse 07:1209:1411:1413:1415:0417:09
Rainham, adj Mierscourt Close 07:1409:1611:1613:1615:0617:11
Rainham, opp Lonsdale Drive 07:1409:1611:1613:1615:0617:11
Meresborough, opp Nightingale Close 07:1509:1711:1713:1715:0717:12
Meresborough, opp Ploughmans Way East 07:1509:1711:1713:1715:0717:12
Meresborough, adj Maryland Court 07:1609:1811:1813:1815:0817:13
Meresborough, adj Bayswater Drive 07:1609:1811:1813:1815:0817:13
Meresborough, opp Tyler Drive 07:1709:1911:1913:1915:0917:14
Parkwood, opp Thrale Way 07:1709:1911:1913:1915:0917:14
Parkwood, adj Lovelace Close 07:1809:2011:2013:2015:1017:15
Parkwood, adj Shopping Centre 07:1909:2111:2113:2115:1117:16
Parkwood, adj Campleshon Road 07:1909:2111:2113:2115:1117:16
Parkwood Deanwood Drive Top (W-bound) 07:2009:2211:2213:2215:1217:17
Wigmore Queen's Head (W-bound) 07:2109:2211:2213:2215:1217:17
Wigmore The Smallholders Club (W-bound) 07:2209:2311:2313:2315:1317:18
Wigmore, adj Spyglass and Kettle 07:2309:2411:2413:2415:1417:19
Wigmore Road (opp 100) 07:2409:2511:2513:2515:1517:20
Wigmore, adj Kings Frith 07:2509:2611:2613:2615:1617:21
Wigmore, opp Sharsted Way 07:2609:2711:2713:2715:1717:22
Hempstead Valley Shopping Centre (Stop B) 07:2809:2911:2913:2915:1917:24
Wigmore, adj Kenyon Walk 07:3009:3111:3113:3115:2117:26
Wigmore, adj Fowler Close 07:3109:3211:3213:3215:2217:28
Bredhurst, adj Primary School 07:3309:3411:3413:3415:2417:30
Boxley, opp The Kings Arms 07:4209:4211:4213:4215:3217:38
Penenden Heath, adj Woodlands Way 07:51
Penenden Heath, adj The Hedges 07:53
Penenden Heath, opp Woodlands Way 07:53
Penenden Heath, opp Shops 07:54
Penenden Heath, nr Shops 07:5509:4511:4513:4515:3517:41
Penenden Heath, adj Heathfield Road 07:5609:4511:4513:4515:3617:42
Penenden Heath, opp Boxley Road TA Centre 07:5709:4611:4613:4615:3717:43
Maidstone, opp The Dog and Gun 07:5809:4711:4713:4715:3717:43
Maidstone, opp Esso Garage 07:5909:4711:4713:4715:3817:44
Maidstone Staceys Street (SW-bound) 08:0009:4811:4813:48
Maidstone, before Hedley Street 15:3917:45
Maidstone East Railway Station (Stop O) 08:0109:4911:4913:49
Maidstone, adj St Luke's Avenue 15:4017:46
Maidstone St Faith's Street (Stop Q) 08:0309:5111:5113:51
Maidstone, opp Holland Road 15:4117:47
Maidstone The Cannon (Stop T) 08:0609:5411:5413:54
Maidstone, opp Haynes 15:4217:48
Maidstone King Street (Stop K1) 08:1009:5811:5813:58
Maidstone King Street (Stop G) 15:4417:50

Times marked s – “set down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

Timetable data from Nu-Venture/Bus Open Data Service, 24 January 2023. We’re not endorsed by, affiliated with or supported by them, and they don’t warrant the accuracy or quality of the information.

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