134 - Goring Station - Wallingford

A bus service operated by Going Forward Buses

Goring & Streatley Station - Wallingford School

Goring & Streatley Station (entrance) 07:5714:3515:4516:55
Goring Lockstile Way (E-bound) 07:5714:3515:4516:55
Goring Milldown Avenue (W-bound) 07:5814:3615:4616:56
Cleeve Elvendon Road (E-bound) 07:5814:3715:4716:56
Cleeve, opp Scout Hut 07:5914:3815:4816:57
Cleeve Springhill Road (W-bound) 07:5914:3815:4816:57
Goring, o/s Wallingford Road 07:5914:3915:4916:57
Goring, o/s Spring Farm 07:5914:3915:4916:57
Goring, opp Grove Farm Turn 07:5914:4015:5016:57
South Stoke South Bank (W-bound) 07:5914:4115:5116:57
South Stoke, opp The Perch & Pike 08:0014:4215:5216:58
South Stoke Ferry Road (E-bound) 08:0214:4215:5216:58
South Stoke, opp Freedom Cottages 08:0514:4315:5316:59
South Stoke, adj Little Stoke Turn 08:0614:4415:5417:00
North Stoke, adj Cook Lane 08:0814:4615:5617:02
North Stoke, adj The Springs 08:0914:4715:5717:03
Mongewell Turn (adj) 08:1014:4815:5817:04
Mongewell, opp CABI 08:1114:4915:5917:05
Wallingford, adj Winterbrook Lane 08:1214:5016:0017:06
Wallingford, o/s Community Hospital 08:1314:5116:0117:07
Wallingford, opp Morrell Place 08:1414:5216:0117:09
Wallingford School (inside) 08:25
Wallingford, adj Lidl 16:03
Wallingford Market Place (Stop B) 14:5516:1017:13
some places only served by arrangement with driver
Supported by Oxfordshire County Council

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS)

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