14 - Bridgwater College - Shurton

A bus service operated by First Buses of Somerset


Bridgwater College - Shurton

Bridgwater College (E-bound) then hourly until17:00
Bridgwater Rugby Club (SW-bound) 17:03
Bridgwater, opp The Sportsman 17:05
Bridgwater Sainsburys (W-bound) 17:06
Bridgwater Bus Station (Bay 2) 08:5709:5015:5017:10
Bridgwater Angel Place (W-bound) 09:0009:5315:5317:13
Bridgwater Malt Shovel (W-bound) 09:01
Bridgwater The Shops (SW-bound) 09:5415:5417:14
Bridgwater Wembdon Road (W-bound) 09:02
Bridgwater Park Road (SW-bound) 09:5515:5517:15
Wembdon Danesboro Road (near) 09:03
Bridgwater Woodbury Road Jct (W-bound) 09:5615:5617:15
Durleigh Oakfield Road (W-bound) 09:5715:5717:16
Durleigh, opp Queenswood Road 09:5715:5717:17
Durleigh, opp Rosary Drive 09:5815:5817:17
Durleigh, opp Mayfield Drive 09:5815:5817:17
Durleigh, opp Andersfield Close 09:5815:5817:17
Durleigh, adj Merridge Close 09:5915:5917:17
Durleigh, adj Heathcombe Road 09:5915:5917:18
Durleigh, adj Heathcombe Green 10:0016:0017:19
Durleigh Holford Road (S-bound) 10:0016:0017:19
Durleigh, nr Hawkridge Road 10:0016:0017:20
Durleigh, adj Willoughby Road 10:0116:0117:21
Wembdon Meadow Rise (NE-bound) 09:0410:0416:0417:23
Wembdon Inwood Road (N-bound) 09:0610:0616:0617:25
Wembdon Rise (W-bound) 09:0710:0716:0717:27
Wembdon, adj Skimmerton Lane 09:0810:0816:0817:28
Wembdon Sandford (NW-bound) 09:0910:0916:0917:29
Cannington, opp Southbrook 09:1110:1216:1217:32
Cannington Bridge (N-bound) 09:1110:1216:1217:32
Cannington Post Office (W-bound) 09:1210:1316:1317:33
Cannington Cemetery (W-bound) 09:1310:1416:1417:34
Cannington Cemetery (E-bound) 09:1510:1516:1517:35
Cannington Post Office (E-bound) 17:36
Cannington Rodway Hill (N-bound) 17:37
Rodway Farm (opp) 17:39
Combwich Crossway Farm (NW-bound) 17:41
Stockland Bristol Telephone Box (W-bound) 17:47
Stockland Bristol St Marys Church (SW-bound) 17:48
Otterhampton Stockland Bristol Turn (S-bound) 17:51
Stogursey High Street (NW-bound) 17:57
Stogursey, o/s The School 17:57
Shurton Burton (NE-bound) 18:00
Shurton, adj Wayside 18:02

Nether Stowey, Pooles Close - Bridgwater Bus Station

Shurton, opp Wayside 07:31then hourly until
Shurton Burton (SW-bound) 07:33
Stogursey, opp The School 07:35
Stogursey High Street (E-bound) 07:36
Coultings Stockland Bristol Turn (N-bound) 07:41
Stockland Bristol St Marys Church (NE-bound) 07:45
Stockland Bristol Telephone Box (E-bound) 07:45
Combwich Crossway Farm (SE-bound) 07:52
Rodway Farm (adj) 07:54
Cannington Rodway Hill (S-bound) 07:56
Cannington Post Office (W-bound) 07:57
Cannington Cemetery (W-bound) 07:58
Cannington Cemetery (E-bound) 08:0009:1516:15
Cannington Post Office (E-bound) 08:0109:1616:16
Cannington Bridge (S-bound) 08:0209:1716:17
Cannington, adj Southbrook 08:0309:1816:18
Wembdon Sandford (SE-bound) 08:0509:2116:21
Wembdon, opp Skimmerton Lane 08:0609:2216:22
Wembdon Rise (SE-bound) 08:0909:2416:24
Wembdon Inwood Road (S-bound) 08:1009:2516:25
Wembdon Meadow Rise (SW-bound) 08:1209:2716:27
Durleigh, opp Willoughby Road 08:1509:3016:30
Durleigh, adj Hawkridge Road 08:1509:3116:31
Durleigh Holford Road (near) 08:1609:3116:31
Durleigh, adj Heathcombe Green 08:1609:3116:31
Durleigh, opp Heathcombe Road 08:1709:3216:32
Durleigh, opp Merridge Close 08:1809:3316:33
Durleigh, adj Andersfield Close 08:1809:3316:33
Durleigh, adj Mayfield Drive 08:1809:3316:33
Durleigh, adj Rosary Drive 08:1909:3416:34
Durleigh, adj Queenswood Road 08:1909:3416:34
Durleigh Oakfield Road (E-bound) 08:2009:3516:35
Bridgwater Woodbury Road Jct (E-bound) 08:2109:3616:36
Bridgwater Park Road (NE-bound) 08:2109:3716:37
Bridgwater The Shops (NE-bound) 08:2209:3816:38
Bridgwater Cinema (E-bound) 08:2309:3816:38
Bridgwater Magistrates Court (NE-bound) 08:2409:3916:39
Bridgwater Bus Station (Bay 2) 08:2709:4216:42

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