14 - Haverhill - Bury St Edmunds

A bus service operated by Stephensons of Essex

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Bus Station - Bus Station

Haverhill Bus Station (Stand 3) 10:1515:2515:45
Haverhill, opp Millfields Way 10:1615:2815:46
Haverhill Samuel Ward School (Adjacent) 15:30
Haverhill, opposite Jaywick Road 10:1715:47
Haverhill, adj Ann Suckling Road 15:31
Haverhill, opposite Ingham Road 10:1715:47
Little Wratting, opp The Fox 15:33
Haverhill, opp Hardwick Road 10:1815:48
Great Wratting Blunts Corner (S-bound) 15:34
Haverhill, adj Tern Close 10:1915:49
Little Wratting, opp Mill House 15:34
Haverhill, opp Manor Road 10:1915:49
Kedington, adj Risbridge Drive 15:35
Haverhill, adj Kestrel Road 10:2015:50
Kedington Westward Deals (Adjacent) 15:35
Haverhill, adj Larks Close 10:2015:50
Kedington Rectory Road (Adjacent) 15:35
Haverhill Tasman Road (Adjacent) 10:2015:50
Kedington Barnardiston Arms (Adjacent) 15:36
Haverhill Coupals Road (o/s 7) 10:2115:51
Kedington, opposite Mill Road 15:37
Haverhill, opp Minerva Close 10:2115:51
Haverhill, adj Julian Close 10:2315:53
Haverhill, opposite Janus Close 10:2515:55
Calford Green, opp Eastcotts 10:2715:57
Kedington, opposite Barnardiston Arms 10:3016:00
Kedington, opposite Rectory Road 10:3116:01
Kedington, opposite Westward Deals 10:3216:02
Kedington, opp Risbridge Drive 10:3216:02
Little Wratting, adj Mill House 10:3415:3916:04
Great Wratting Blunts Corner (N-bound) 10:3515:4116:05
Barnardiston, adj Greys Lane 10:3615:4316:06
Sowley Green Farm (Adj) 10:3815:4516:08
Stradishall Highpoint (E-bound) 10:4015:4816:10
Stradishall, adj Post Office 10:4015:4816:10
Stradishall Shelter (E-bound) 10:4315:5116:13
Wickhambrook, opp Thorns Close 10:4615:5416:16
Wickhambrook The Meadows (Adjacent) 10:4615:5416:16
Wickhambrook, opp Coltsfoot Close 10:4715:5516:17
Wickhambrook, opp Pound House 10:4815:5616:18
Wickham Street Plumbers Arms (S-bound) 10:5015:5816:20
Wickham Street, outside Plumbers Arms 10:5015:5816:20
Clopton Green Hill Cottages (Near) 10:5216:0016:22
Depden, adj Church End 10:5516:0316:25
Chedburgh, opp Bus Shelter 10:5616:0416:26
Chedburgh, opp Majors Close 10:5616:0416:26
Chevington, adj Greyhound 10:5916:0716:29
Chevington, adj Brookes Corner 11:0216:1016:32
Horringer, adj Godfreys Close 11:0516:1316:35
Horringer, opp Sharpes Lane 11:0616:1416:36
Horringer, opp Meadow Drive 11:0716:1516:37
Horringer Park Gates (Adjacent) 11:0716:1516:37
Horringer Court, adj Bristol Road 11:1116:1916:41
Bury St Edmunds, adj Spread Eagle 11:1216:2016:42
Bury St Edmunds, adj Kevor House 11:1316:2116:43
Bury St Edmunds, opp Albert Buildings 11:1316:2116:43
Bury St Edmunds, outside Old Convent Orchard 11:1316:2116:43
Bury St Edmunds, o/s Arc Shopping Centre 11:1416:2216:44
Bury St Edmunds Bus Station (Stand 8) 11:1516:2316:45
Schooldays only

Bus Station - Bus Station

Bury St Edmunds Bus Station (Stand 8) 07:3014:15
Bury St Edmunds, opp Arc Shopping Centre 07:3014:15
Bury St Edmunds, opposite Old Convent Orchard 07:3014:15
Bury St Edmunds, adj Albert Buildings 07:3114:16
Bury St Edmunds, opp Kevor House 07:3114:16
Bury St Edmunds, opposite Spread Eagle 07:3214:17
Horringer Court, opp Bristol Road 07:3314:18
Horringer, opp Park Gates 07:3714:22
Horringer, adj Meadow Drive 07:3814:23
Horringer, adj Sharpes Lane 07:3814:23
Horringer, opp Godfreys Close 07:3814:23
Chevington, opp Brookes Corner 07:4214:27
Chevington, opp Greyhound 07:4514:30
Chedburgh, adj Majors Close 07:4814:33
Chedburgh, o/s Bus Shelter 07:4914:34
Depden, opp Church End 07:5114:36
Clopton Green Hill Cottages (Near) 07:5414:39
Wickham Street, opposite Plumbers Arms 07:5514:40
Wickham Street Plumbers Arms (N-bound) 07:5514:40
Wickhambrook, adj Pound House 07:5614:41
Wickhambrook, adj Coltsfoot Close 07:5814:43
Wickhambrook, adj Thorns Close 07:5914:44
Stradishall Shelter (W-bound) 08:0214:47
Stradishall, opp Post Office 08:0514:50
Stradishall Highpoint (W-bound) 08:0614:51
Sowley Green Farm (opp) 08:0814:52
Barnardiston, opp Greys Lane 08:1014:54
Great Wratting Blunts Corner (W-bound) 08:1314:56
Little Wratting, opp Mill House 08:1414:56
Kedington, adj Risbridge Drive 08:1514:57
Kedington Westward Deals (Adjacent) 08:1714:58
Kedington Rectory Road (Adjacent) 08:1714:58
Kedington Barnardiston Arms (Adjacent) 08:1814:59
Kedington, opposite Mill Road 08:18
Calford Green, adj Eastcotts 15:02
Little Wratting, adj Mill House 08:19
Haverhill Janus Close (Adjacent) 15:05
Great Wratting Blunts Corner (N-bound) 08:19
Haverhill, opp Julian Close 15:06
Little Wratting, o/s The Fox 08:22
Haverhill, adj Minerva Close 15:06
Haverhill, opp Ann Suckling Road 08:22
Haverhill Coupals Road (opp 7) 15:07
Haverhill, opposite Tasman Road 15:08
Haverhill, opp Larks Close 15:08
Haverhill, opp Kestrel Road 15:09
Haverhill, adj Manor Road 15:09
Haverhill, adj Hardwick Road 15:10
Haverhill Ingham Road (Adjacent) 15:11
Haverhill Jaywick Road (Adjacent) 15:12
Haverhill, adj Millfields Way 08:2315:12
Haverhill Samuel Ward School (Adjacent) 08:24
Haverhill, opposite Samuel Ward School 08:24
Haverhill Bus Station (Arrivals) 08:2915:14
Schooldays only

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS), 23 May 2024

Stephensons of Essex


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