144 - Birmingham - Catshill - Droitwich Spa - Worcester

A bus service operated by First Worcestershire


Worcester - Droitwich Spa - Catshill - Birmingham

Worcester Crowngate Bus Station (Stand O) 06:20then hourly until17:2017:5018:2019:2020:20
Worcester, opp Foregate Street Station 06:2117:2117:5118:2119:2120:21
Arboretum The Tything (N-bound) 06:2217:2217:5218:2219:2220:22
Barbourne, opp Little London 06:2217:2217:5218:2219:2220:22
Barbourne, opp St George's Square 06:2317:2317:5318:2319:2320:23
Barbourne, adj Gheluvelt Park 06:2417:2417:5418:2419:2420:24
Barbourne, adj Wentworth Court 06:2517:2517:5518:2519:2520:25
Perdiswell, adj St. Stephens Church 06:2517:2517:5518:2519:2520:25
Perdiswell, adj Penbury Street 06:2617:2617:5618:2619:2620:26
Perdiswell, adj Checkett's Lane 06:2717:2717:5718:2719:2720:27
Perdiswell, adj Metal Castings 06:2817:2817:5818:2819:2820:28
Perdiswell, adj Raven Inn 06:2917:2917:5918:2919:2920:29
Fernhill Heath, adj Claines Lane 06:3017:3018:0018:3019:3020:30
Fernhill Heath, adj Grange Lane 06:3117:3118:0118:3119:3120:31
Fernhill Heath, adj Dilmore Lane 06:3317:3318:0318:3319:3320:33
Fernhill Heath, opp White Hart 06:3317:3318:0318:3319:3320:33
Fernhill Heath, adj Halfway House 06:3417:3418:0418:3419:3420:34
Martin Hussingtree, opp Swan Inn 06:3717:3718:0718:3719:3720:37
Copcut Elm (adj) 06:3917:3918:0918:3919:3920:39
Witton, opp Red Lion 06:4017:4018:1018:4019:4020:40
Witton, opp The Oaklands 06:4117:4118:1118:4119:4120:41
Witton, adj Old Coach Road 06:4217:4218:1218:4219:4220:42
Droitwich Spa, adj Victoria Square 06:4417:4418:1418:4419:4420:44
Droitwich Spa, adj Queen Street 06:4417:4418:1418:4419:4420:44
Hill End, adj Dodderhill Road 06:4517:4518:1518:4519:4520:45
Chateau Impney (opp) 06:4617:4618:1618:4619:4620:46
Rashwood, opp Robin Hood Inn 06:4817:4818:1818:4819:4820:48
Wychbold, adj Walkmill Drive 06:4917:4918:1918:4919:4920:49
Wychbold, adj The Crown Inn 06:4917:4918:1918:4919:4920:49
Wychbold, adj Paper Mill Lane 06:5017:5018:2018:5019:5020:50
Wychbold, opp BBC Station 06:5017:5018:2018:5019:5020:50
Wychbold, adj Webbs 06:5117:5118:2118:5119:5120:51
Upton Warren, adj Swan Inn 06:5217:5218:2218:5219:5220:52
Upton Warren, adj Caravan Sales 06:5317:5318:2318:5319:5320:53
Charford, adj Puddle Wharf 06:5517:5518:2518:5519:5520:55
Charford, opp Stoke Turn 06:5617:5618:2618:5619:5620:56
Charford, opp Bredon Road 06:5717:5718:2718:5719:5720:57
Charford, adj Greyhound 06:5817:5818:2818:5819:5820:58
Bromsgrove, adj Ford Road 06:5817:5818:2818:5819:5820:58
Bromsgrove, opp Market Hall 07:0018:0018:3019:0020:0021:00
Bromsgrove Bus Station (Stand 1) 07:0118:0118:3119:0120:0121:01
Bromsgrove Bus Station (Stand 1) 07:07 18:07 19:07
Bromsgrove, opp Princess of Wales Hospital 07:0918:0919:09
Sidemoor, adj Bewell Head 07:1018:1019:10
Sidemoor Broad Street (NW-bound) 07:1118:1119:11
Sidemoor, opp Barnsley Hall 07:1218:1219:12
Catshill, adj Hinton Fields 07:1518:1519:15
Catshill, opp Chadsgrove School 07:1718:1719:17
Catshill Meadow Road (N-bound) 07:1718:1719:17
Catshill, opp Gibb Lane School 07:1818:1819:18
Catshill, adj Ash Drive 07:2018:2019:20
Lower Marlbrook, adj Marlbrook Hotel 07:2218:2219:22
Lydiate Ash, adj Woodrow Lane 07:2318:2319:23
Lydiate Ash Road (opp) 07:2318:2319:23
Rubery, opp Gannow Walk 07:2818:2819:28
Each Way, opp Waseley Hills School 07:2818:2819:28
Each Way, opp Birch Rd 07:2918:2919:29
Rubery, adj Library Way 07:3018:3019:30
Rubery, opp St. Chads Church 07:3118:3119:31
Rubery, opp Beverley Road 07:3118:3119:31
Rubery, after Leach Green Lane 07:3218:3219:32
Rubery, after Ashill Rd 07:3418:3419:34
Rednal, opp Cliff Rock Rd 07:3518:3519:35
Longbridge Island (Stop LA) 07:3718:3719:37
Longbridge Technology Park (Stop LC) 07:3718:3719:37
Longbridge, adj Tessall Lane 07:3918:3919:39
Turves Green, opp Hawkesley Mill Lane 07:4018:4019:40
Northfield Leisure Centre (nr) 07:4318:4319:43
Northfield Bell Lane (Stop NJ) 07:4418:4419:44
Northfield, adj Whitehill Lane 07:4618:4619:46
Bournville Lane (opp) 07:4918:4919:49
Selly Oak, opp College Walk 07:5018:5019:50
Selly Oak Oak Tree Lane (Stop SL) 07:5218:5219:52
Selly Oak, after Chapel Lane 07:5218:5219:52
Bournbrook, nr Dawlish Rd 07:5518:5519:55
Bournbrook, adj Edgbaston Park Rd 07:5618:5619:56
Cannon Hill Park, adj Priory Rd 08:0119:0120:01
Lee Bank, adj Stone Rd 08:0719:0720:07
Lee Bank O2 Academy (Stop HF2) 08:1119:1120:11
Birmingham Smallbrook Queensway (Stop NS5) 08:1319:1320:13
Birmingham Smallbrook Queensway (Stop NS8) 08:1519:1520:15

Birmingham - Catshill - Droitwich Spa - Worcester

Birmingham Smallbrook Queensway (Stop NS8) 08:25then hourly until16:2517:2518:2519:2520:25
Lee Bank O2 Academy (Stop HF1) 08:2616:2617:2618:2619:2620:26
Lee Bank, opp Stone Rd 08:2916:2917:2918:2919:2920:29
Cannon Hill Park, after Priory Rd 08:3516:3517:3518:3519:3520:35
Bournbrook, opp Edgbaston Park Rd 08:3916:3917:3918:3919:3920:39
Bournbrook, adj Dawlish Rd 08:4116:4117:4118:4119:4120:41
Selly Oak Station (adj) 08:4216:4217:4218:4219:4220:42
Selly Oak Oak Tree Lane (Stop SK) 08:4416:4417:4418:4419:4420:44
Selly Oak, after College Walk 08:4516:4517:4518:4519:4520:45
Bournville Lane (adj) 08:4716:4717:4718:4719:4720:47
Northfield, opp Whitehill Lane 08:4916:4917:4918:4919:4920:49
Northfield Shopping Centre (Stop NB) 08:5116:5117:5118:5119:5120:51
Northfield Bell Lane (Stop NG) 08:5116:5117:5118:5119:5120:51
Northfield Leisure Centre (adj) 08:5316:5317:5318:5319:5320:53
Turves Green, adj Hawkesley Mill Lane 08:5516:5517:5518:5519:5520:55
Longbridge, opp Tessall Lane 08:5616:5617:5618:5619:5620:56
Longbridge Technology Park (Stop LD) 08:5716:5717:5718:5719:5720:57
Longbridge Technology Park (Stop LB) 08:5816:5817:5818:5819:5820:58
Longbridge Island (Stop LB) 08:5916:5917:5918:5919:5920:59
Rednal, adj Cliff Rock Rd 09:0117:0118:0119:0120:0121:01
Rubery, adj Ashill Rd 09:0217:0218:0219:0220:0221:02
Rubery, adj Beverley Road 09:0417:0418:0419:0420:0421:04
Rubery, adj St. Chads Church 09:0617:0618:0619:0620:0621:06
Rubery, adj St. Chads Church 09:11 17:11
Rubery, opp Library Way 09:1117:1118:0619:0620:0621:06
Each Way, after Birch Rd 09:1217:1218:0719:0720:0721:07
Lydiate Ash, opp Spring Pools 09:1417:1418:0919:0920:0921:09
Lydiate Ash Road (adj) 09:1617:1618:1119:1120:1121:11
Lydiate Ash, opp Woodrow Lane 09:1617:1618:1119:1120:1121:11
Lower Marlbrook, opp Marlbrook Gardens 09:1817:1818:1319:1320:1321:13
Catshill, opp Ash Drive 09:1917:1918:1419:1420:1421:14
Catshill, adj Gibb Lane School 09:2117:2118:1419:1420:1421:14
Catshill Meadow Road (S-bound) 09:2217:2218:1519:1520:1521:15
Catshill, adj Chadsgrove School 09:2317:2318:1619:1620:1621:16
Catshill, adj War Memorial 09:2317:2318:1619:1620:1621:16
Catshill, opp Hinton Fields 09:2517:2518:1719:1720:1721:17
Sidemoor, adj Barnsley Hall 09:2817:2818:1819:1820:1821:18
Sidemoor Broad Street (SE-bound) 09:3017:3018:1919:1920:1921:19
Sidemoor, opp Bewell Head 09:3117:3118:1919:1920:1921:19
Bromsgrove, adj Princess of Wales Hospital 09:3217:3218:2019:2020:2021:20
Bromsgrove Bus Station (Stand 3) 09:3617:3618:2219:2220:2221:22
Bromsgrove Bus Station (Stand 3) 09:41 17:41 18:26 19:26 20:26
Bromsgrove, adj St John Street - Market Hall 09:4117:4118:2619:2620:26
Bromsgrove, opp Ford Road 09:4217:4218:2719:2720:27
Charford, opp Bromsgrove- Worcester Road 09:4317:4318:2819:2820:28
Charford, adj Bredon Road 09:4417:4418:2919:2920:29
Charford, adj Stoke Turn 09:4517:4518:3019:3020:30
Charford, opp Puddle Wharf 09:4517:4518:3019:3020:30
Upton Warren, opp Caravan Sales 09:4817:4818:3319:3320:33
Upton Warren, opp Swan Inn 09:4917:4918:3419:3420:34
Wychbold, opp Webbs 09:4917:4918:3419:3420:34
Wychbold, adj BBC Station 09:5017:5018:3519:3520:35
Wychbold, opp Paper Mill Lane 09:5117:5118:3619:3620:36
Wychbold, opp The Crown Inn 09:5217:5218:3719:3720:37
Wychbold, opp Walkmill Drive 09:5317:5318:3819:3820:38
Rashwood, adj Robin Hood Inn 09:5417:5418:3919:3920:39
Chateau Impney (adj) 09:5617:5618:4119:4120:41
Hill End, opp Dodderhill Road 09:5717:5718:4219:4220:42
Droitwich Spa, adj Waitrose 09:5817:5818:4319:4320:43
Droitwich Spa Ombersley Street East (Stop 3) 10:0018:0018:4519:4520:45
Droitwich Spa, adj Raven Hotel 10:0018:0018:4519:4520:45
Witton, opp Old Coach Road 10:0118:0118:4619:4620:46
Witton, adj The Oaklands 10:0218:0218:4719:4720:47
Witton, adj Red Lion 10:0318:0318:4819:4820:48
Copcut Elm (opp) 10:0318:0318:4819:4820:48
Martin Hussingtree, adj Swan Inn 10:0618:0618:5119:5120:51
Martin Hussingtree, adj Ladywood Turn 10:0618:0618:5119:5120:51
Fernhill Heath, opp Halfway House 10:0818:0818:5319:5320:53
Fernhill Heath, adj White Hart 10:0818:0818:5319:5320:53
Fernhill Heath, opp Dilmore Lane 10:1018:1018:5519:5520:55
Fernhill Heath, opp Claines Lane 10:1218:1218:5719:5720:57
Perdiswell, opp Raven Inn 10:1318:1318:5819:5820:58
Perdiswell, opp Metal Castings 10:1518:1519:0020:0021:00
Perdiswell, opp Checkett's Lane 10:1618:1619:0120:0121:01
Perdiswell, opp Penbury Street 10:1718:1719:0220:0221:02
Perdiswell Street (opp) 10:1718:1719:0220:0221:02
Perdiswell, opp St Stephens Church 10:1818:1819:0320:0321:03
Barbourne, opp Gheluvelt Park 10:1918:1919:0420:0421:04
Barbourne, adj St George's Square 10:2018:2019:0520:0521:05
Barbourne, adj Little London 10:2118:2119:0620:0621:06
Barbourne, opp Moor Street 10:2218:2219:0720:0721:07
Arboretum The Tything (S-bound) 10:2218:2219:0720:0721:07
Worcester, adj Foregate Street Station 10:2318:2319:0820:0821:08
Worcester Crowngate Bus Station (Stand O) 10:2518:2519:1020:1021:10

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