145 - Three Mile Cross Post Office - Wokingham - Winnersh

A bus service operated by Horseman Coaches



Three Mile Cross - Winnersh

Three Mile Cross Post Office (S-bound) 09:45
Spencer’s Wood, opp Sevenoaks Drive 09:45
Spencer’s Wood St Michaels Hall (S-bound) 09:45
Spencer’s Wood, adj Hyde End Road 09:46
Spencer’s Wood, adj Post Office 09:48
Spencer’s Wood, opp Back Lane 09:48
Swallowfield, opp The Mill House 09:49
Swallowfield, adj Charlton Lane 09:50
Swallowfield, opp Goddards Farm 09:51
Riseley Maythorne Stores (S-bound) 09:52
Riseley, opp The Bull 09:53
Riseley, adj Dog And Partridge 09:55
Riseley, adj The Bull 09:56
Riseley Maythorne Stores (N-bound) 09:56
Swallowfield, adj Goddards Farm 09:57
Swallowfield, opp Charlton Lane 09:58
Swallowfield, opp The Crown 09:59
Farley Hill Jouldings Lane (E-bound) 10:05
Finchampstead New Mill Road (Adj 128) 10:08
Finchampstead Village, adj The Tally Ho 10:10
Eversley Centre Eversley School (W-bound) 10:12
Eversley Cross The Chequers (E-bound) 10:14
Finchampstead Wood Moor (NE-bound) 10:15
Finchampstead, adj Longwater Lane 10:16
Finchampstead Village, opp Finchampstead War Memorial 10:17
Finchampstead, adj Warren Lane 10:18
California Crossroads, adj Ratepayers Hall 10:18
Finchampstead, opp Pine Drive 10:20
Finchampstead Handpost Corner (N-bound) 10:21
Wokingham, opp Woodcray Manor Farm 10:22
Wokingham, adj Evendons Lane 10:23
Wokingham, opp Two Poplars 10:24
Wokingham, adj Tesco 10:26
Wokingham, opp Elms Road 10:28
Wokingham Broad Street (E-bound) 10:30
Wokingham Station (opp) 10:32
Wokingham Hospital (Opp) 10:33
Wokingham, opp Woosehill Lane 10:34
Guide Dogs Centre, opp Ye Olde Leathern Bottel 10:35
Wokingham Smalley Close (Adj 300) 10:35
Barkham, adj Doles Farm 10:36
Barkham, opp Bearwood Road 10:37
Barkham, adj The Bull 10:38
Langley Common Road North (SW-bound) 10:39
Langley Common (SW-bound) 10:39
Arborfield Garrison, opp Rickman Close 10:40
Arborfield Cross, adj Ducks Nest Farm 10:41
Arborfield Cross, opp British Legion 10:41
Arborfield Cross, nr The Swan 10:42
Arborfield Cross Sindlesham Road South (N-bound) 10:43
Arborfield Cross Sindlesham Road North (NE-bound) 10:44
Arborfield Cross, adj Church Lane 10:45
Sindlesham, adj Mole Road - Mayfields 10:48
Sindlesham King Street Lane (ne-bound) 10:49
Winnersh, opp King Street Lane - Allnatt Avenue 10:50

Winnersh - Three Mile Cross

Winnersh, adj King Street Lane - Allnatt Avenue 12:00
Sindlesham King Street Lane (sw-bound) 12:01
Sindlesham, opp Mole Road - Mayfields 12:02s
Arborfield Cross, opp Church Lane 12:05s
Arborfield Cross Sindlesham Road North (SW-bound) 12:06s
Arborfield Cross Sindlesham Road South (S-bound) 12:07s
Arborfield Cross, opp The Swan 12:08s
Arborfield Cross, adj British Legion 12:09s
Arborfield Cross, opp Ducks Nest Farm 12:09s
Arborfield Garrison, adj Rickman Close 12:10s
Langley Common Road North (NE-bound) 12:11
Barkham, opp The Bull 12:12
Barkham, adj Bearwood Road 12:13
Barkham Doles Farm (Adj 295) 12:14
Wokingham, adj Smalley Close 12:14
Guide Dogs Centre, adj Ye Olde Leathern Bottel 12:15
Wokingham Station Interchange (Stop 1) 12:17
Wokingham, on Shute End 12:19
Wokingham Broad Street (E-bound) 12:20
Wokingham, adj Library 12:22
Wokingham, adj Tesco 12:25
Wokingham, adj Two Poplars 12:27
Wokingham, opp Evendons Lane 12:28
Wokingham, adj Woodcray Manor Farm 12:29
Finchampstead Handpost Corner (S-bound) 12:30
Finchampstead, adj Pine Drive 12:31
California Crossroads Ratepayers Hall (Opp 399) 12:33
Finchampstead, opp Warren Lane 12:34
Finchampstead Village, adj Finchampstead War Memorial 12:34
Finchampstead Longwater Lane (Adj 15) 12:35s
Finchampstead Wood Moor (NE-bound) 12:36s
Eversley Cross, o/s The Chequers 12:37s
Eversley Centre Eversley School (E-bound) 12:39s
Finchampstead Village The Tally Ho (adj 9) 12:41s
Finchampstead New Mill Road (Adj 129) 12:42s
Farley Hill Jouldings Lane (W-bound) 12:46s
Swallowfield, opp The Crown 12:52s
Swallowfield, adj Charlton Lane 12:53s
Swallowfield, opp Goddards Farm 12:53s
Riseley Maythorne Stores (S-bound) 12:54s
Riseley, opp The Bull 12:55s
Riseley, opp Dog And Partridge 12:56s
Riseley, adj The Bull 12:57s
Swallowfield, adj Goddards Farm 12:58s
Swallowfield, opp Charlton Lane 12:59s
Swallowfield, adj The Mill House 13:00s
Spencer’s Wood, adj Back Lane 13:01s
Spencer’s Wood, opp Post Office 13:03s
Spencer’s Wood, opp Hyde End Road 13:03s
Spencer’s Wood, opp St Michaels Hall 13:03s
Spencer’s Wood, adj Sevenoaks Drive 13:04s
Three Mile Cross Post Office (Opp) 13:05

Times marked s – “set down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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