145C - (Woodcote) - Caversham Heights - Henley on Thames

A bus service operated by Whites Coaches

🧑‍🎓 This may be a "closed-door" school or works service, not open to the public

(Woodcote) - Caversham Heights - Henley on Thames

Woodcote War Memorial (N-bound) 07:15
Sonning Common, opp Westleigh Drive 08:15
Woodcote, opp Langtree School 07:15
Sonning Common Kidmore End Turn (NE-bound) 08:15
Woodcote, adj Tidmore Lane 07:15
Sonning Common, o/s Post Office 08:16
Cane End Horsepond Road (SE-bound) 07:20
Sonning Common, opp Brinds Corner 08:16
Chazey Heath, o/s The Packhorse 07:23
Sonning Common, adj Sedgewell Road 08:17
Chazey Heath, adj Rokeby Drive 07:23
Sonning Common Gravel Hill Top (N-bound) 08:18
Caversham Heights, adj Shepherds Lane 07:25
Rotherfield Peppard, adj Red Lion PH 08:20
Caversham Heights Blagrave Lane (adj 176) 07:26
Greys Green, opp Hall 08:22
Caversham Heights, adj Gurney Close 07:27
Rotherfield Greys, opp St Nicholas Church 08:24
Caversham Heights, nr St Peters Avenue 07:28
Caversham Heights Richmond Road (NE-bound) 07:29
Caversham Heights Chelford Way (S-bound) 07:29
Caversham Heights, opp St Andrews Church 07:30
Caversham Heights Oakley Road (E-bound) 07:31
Caversham Grove Hill (opp 298) 07:33
Caversham, opp Victoria Road 07:33
Caversham Queen Street (Opp 142) 07:33
Caversham Hemdean Hill (opp 46) 07:34
Caversham Library (adj) 07:34
Caversham Prospect Street (adj 44) 07:35
Caversham, opp Rufus Isaacs Road 07:37
Henley Road Chiltern Road (Adj 130) 07:40
Henley Road, adj Travellers Rest 07:40
Caversham All Hallows Road (adj 202) 07:40
Henley Road Micklands Road (adj 262) 07:41
Henley Road County Boundary (nr) 07:42
Caversham Park Village, opp Earlsfield Close 07:43
Caversham Park Village, opp Galsworthy Drive 07:44
Caversham Park Village Montpelier Drive (opp 96) 07:45
Caversham Park Village Ariel View (opp 148) 07:45
Caversham Park Village, opp Barnard Close 07:46
Emmer Green, opp Cavendish Road 07:47
Henley-on-Thames Gillotts School (S-bound) 07:5708:28

Henley on Thames - Caversham Heights - (Woodcote)

Henley-on-Thames Gillotts School (S-bound) 15:40
Rotherfield Greys, o/s St Nicholas Church 15:45
Greys Green, o/s Hall 15:47
Rotherfield Peppard, opp Red Lion PH 15:49
Sonning Common Gravel Hill Top (SE-bound) 15:51
Sonning Common, opp Sedgewell Road 15:51
Sonning Common, adj Brinds Corner 15:52
Sonning Common, opp Post Office 15:52
Sonning Common Kidmore End Turn (SW-bound) 15:53
Sonning Common, adj Westleigh Drive 15:54
Sonning Common, adj Essex Way 15:54
Sonning Common, o/s Bird in Hand Turn 15:55
Chalkhouse Green, opp Abbey Rugby Club 15:56
Emmer Green, adj Tower Close 15:56
Emmer Green Rose Hill (adj 372) 15:57
Emmer Green, opp Courtenay Drive 15:57
Emmer Green, adj Kiln Road 15:57
Emmer Green, adj Cavendish Road 15:58
Caversham Park Village, adj Barnard Close 15:58
Caversham Park Village Ariel View (adj 138) 15:59
Caversham Park Village, adj Milestone Centre 15:59
Caversham Park Village Montpelier Drive (adj 86) 16:00
Caversham Park Village, adj Galsworthy Drive 16:00
Caversham Park Village Earlsfield Close (opp 6b) 16:01
Henley Road County Boundary (adj) 16:02
Henley Road Micklands Road (opp 258) 16:03
Caversham All Hallows Road (opp 206) 16:03
Henley Road, opp Travellers Rest 16:04
Henley Road, opp Chiltern Road 16:05
Caversham, adj Rufus Isaacs Road 16:07
Caversham Prospect Street (adj 19) 16:10
Caversham Church Street (W-bound) 16:10
Caversham Library (opp 19) 16:10
Caversham Hemdean Hill (adj 70) 16:11
Caversham Queen Street (Adj 158) 16:11
Caversham Victoria Road (adj 256) 16:12
Caversham, opp Grove Hill 16:13
Caversham Heights Oakley Road (W-bound) 16:16
Caversham Heights, adj St Andrews Church 16:17
Caversham Heights Richmond Road (SW-bound) 16:18
Caversham Heights, opp St Peters Avenue 16:18
Caversham Heights, opp Gurney Close 16:19
Caversham Heights Blagrave Lane (adj 161) 16:20
Caversham Heights, opp Shepherds Lane 16:22
Chazey Heath, opp Rokeby Drive 16:23s
Chazey Heath, opp The Packhorse 16:23s
Cane End Horsepond Road (NW-bound) 16:26s
Woodcote, opp Tidmore Lane 16:31s
Woodcote, adj Langtree School 16:31s
Woodcote War Memorial (S-bound) 16:32

Times marked s – “set down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

Timetable data from Whites Coaches/Bus Open Data Service (BODS), 18 May 2024. We’re not endorsed by, affiliated with or supported by them, and they don’t warrant the accuracy or quality of the information.

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