149S - Redditch - Worcester

A service operated by Diamond Bus


Redditch - Worcester

Redditch Bus Station (Stand G) 07:10
Redditch, adj Station Way Top 07:10
Smallwood, opp Trafford Park 07:11
Smallwood, adj Kings Arms 07:12
Lakeside, opp St. Bede's School 07:13
Lakeside, adj Arrowdale Road 07:14
Lodge Park, opp Barlich Way 07:14
Greenlands, adj Watery Lane 07:15
Greenlands Post Office (Opp) 07:16
Greenlands, opp Auxerre Avenue 07:16
Woodrow, adj Howard Road 07:17
Woodrow Centre (opp) 07:18
Woodrow, opp Frederick Eary House 07:18
Woodrow North of Studley Road Island (SE bound) 07:19
Alexandra Hospital (Adj) 07:21
Woodrow, adj Nine Days Lane 07:22
Oakenshaw Rough Hill Drive (SW bound) 07:25
Crabbs Cross Evesham Road (Southbound) 07:27
Crabbs Cross, opp Kenneth Vincent Close 07:28
Dagtail End, opp Dagtail Lane 07:29
Astwood Bank, adj Yeomans Close 07:30
Astwood Bank, adj Eastern Hill 07:31
Astwood Bank, opp White Lion 07:32
Astwood Bank, opp The Bell Inn 07:33
Astwood Bank, opp Edgioake Lane 07:33
Ridgeway, adj The Why Not Inn 07:34
New End, opp Nevill Arms 07:35
Cookhill, opp Village Hall 07:36
Cookhill, opp Oak Tree Lane 07:37
Cookhill, opp Thornhill Crossroads 07:39
Cookhill, adj Knighton Lane- Turn 07:39
Holberrow Green, opp Golf Driving Range 07:43
Inkberrow First School (Adj) 07:44
Inkberrow, opp Bull's Head 07:45
Inkberrow, adj Chaston Close 07:45
The Bourne, opp Cockshot Lane 07:50
Flyford Flavell, adj Flyford Arms 07:51
North Piddle Turn (Adj) 07:53
Libbery Farm (Opp) 07:55
Upton Snodsbury, adj Pershore Road Shelter 07:56
Broughton Hackett, adj March Hare Inn 07:59
Worcestershire Royal Hospital, adj A & E Unit 08:08
Worcestershire Royal Hospital, adj Childrens Unit 08:08
Worcestershire Royal Hospital, adj Main Entrance 08:09
Nunnery Wood Wildwood Drive (Westbound) 08:13
Nunnery Wood, adj County Hall Shelter 08:15
Red Hill, opp Sixth Form College 08:16
Red Hill Top (Westbound) 08:18
Red Hill, adj Foxwell Street 08:19
Battenhall, adj Sebright 08:20
Battenhall, adj Camp Hill Road 08:20
Battenhall, opp Fort Royal 08:21
Worcester, opp King's School 08:23
Worcester Crowngate Bus Station (Stand K) 08:27
Worcester, opp Foregate Street Station 08:28
Arboretum The Tything (Northbound) 08:29
Barbourne, opp Little London 08:30

Worcester - Redditch

Barbourne, adj Little London 16:00
Barbourne, opp Moor Street 16:00
Arboretum The Tything (Southbound) 16:01
Worcester, opp King's School 16:09
Worcester Crowngate Bus Station (Stand K) 16:15
Worcester, opp Cathedral 16:16
Worcester Sidbury (Eastbound) 16:17
Battenhall, adj Fort Royal 16:18
Battenhall, opp Camp Hill Road 16:19
Battenhall, opp Sebright 16:19
Red Hill, opp Foxwell Street 16:20
Red Hill Top (Eastbound) 16:21
Red Hill, adj Nunnery Wood High School 16:22
Red Hill, adj Sixth Form College 16:23
Nunnery Wood, opp County Hall Shelter 16:25
Nunnery Wood, adj County Hall Boiler House 16:25
Nunnery Wood Wildwood Drive (Eastbound) 16:26
Worcestershire Royal Hospital, adj A & E Unit 16:32
Worcestershire Royal Hospital, adj Childrens Unit 16:32
Worcestershire Royal Hospital, adj Main Entrance 16:32
Spetchley, opp Swinesherd 16:36
Spetchley Park Gardens (opp) 16:37
Broughton Hackett, opp March Hare Inn 16:41
Upton Snodsbury, opp Pershore Road 16:43
Libbery Farm (Adj) 16:44
North Piddle Turn (Opp) 16:47
Flyford Flavell, opp Flyford Arms 16:48
The Bourne, adj Red Hart 16:49
Inkberrow, opp Chaston Close 16:54
Inkberrow, adj Bull's Head 16:55
Holberrow Green, adj Golf Driving Range 16:56
Cookhill, opp Knighton Lane- Turn 17:00
Cookhill, adj Thornhill Crossroads 17:00
Cookhill, adj Oak Tree Lane 17:02
Cookhill, adj Village Hall 17:03
New End, adj Nevill Arms 17:04
Ridgeway, opp The Why Not Inn 17:05
Astwood Bank, adj Edgioake Lane 17:06
Astwood Bank, adj The Bell Inn 17:07
Astwood Bank, adj White Lion 17:07
Astwood Bank, opp Eastern Hill 17:08
Astwood Bank, opp Yeomans Close 17:08
Dagtail End, adj Dagtail Lane 17:10
Crabbs Cross Evesham Road (Northbound) 17:11
Oakenshaw Rough Hill Drive (NE bound) 17:14
Woodrow, opp Nine Days Lane 17:16
Alexandra Hospital (Adj) 17:19
Woodrow North of Studley Road Island (NW bound) 17:20
Woodrow, adj Frederick Eary House 17:21
Woodrow Centre (Adj) 17:22
Woodrow, opp Howard Road 17:22
Greenlands, adj Auxerre Avenue 17:23
Greenlands Post Office (Adj) 17:23
Greenlands, opp Watery Lane 17:24
Lodge Park, adj Barlich Way 17:25
Lakeside, opp Arrowdale Road 17:25
Lakeside, adj St. Bede's School 17:26
Smallwood, opp Kings Arms 17:27
Smallwood, adj Trafford Park 17:27
Smallwood, adj Ipsley Street 17:28
Redditch Station Way Top (Westbound) 17:28
Redditch Bus Station (Stand G) 17:30

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