15 - Marks Tey - Stanway - Shrub End - Lexden

A bus service operated by Hedingham & Chambers

Marks Tey - Marks Tey

Marks Tey, o/s Railway Station 05:4506:1506:4507:15
Stanway, adj Wagtail Mews 05:4906:1906:4907:19
Stanway Church Ln (E-bound) 05:5006:2006:5007:20
Stanway, o/s Winstree Court 05:5106:2106:5107:21
Stanway, adj Fiveways 05:5206:2206:5207:22
Stanway, o/s Fiveways Co - Op 05:2305:5306:2306:5307:23
Stanway, opp Moss Road 05:2305:5306:2306:5307:23
Colchester, adj Parr Drive 05:2405:5406:2406:5407:24
Colchester, opp Dugard Avenue 05:2405:5406:2406:5407:24
Colchester, o/s Church of Jesus Christ 05:2505:5506:2506:5507:25
Colchester, adj Baden Powell Drive 05:2605:5606:2606:5607:26
Shrub End, o/s Leather Bottle 05:2705:5706:2706:5707:27
Shrub End, o/s The Huntsman 05:2805:5806:2806:5807:28
Colchester, opp Wilkin Court 05:2805:5806:2806:5807:28
Colchester, adj Hastings Road 05:2905:5906:2906:5907:29
Colchester, opp All Saints Avenue 05:3006:0006:3007:0007:30
Colchester, adj Prettygate Shops 05:3106:0106:3107:0107:31
Colchester, opp Hills Crescent 05:3106:0106:3107:0107:31
Colchester Scott Drive (N-bound) 05:3206:0206:3207:0207:32
Colchester, adj Burns Avenue 05:3306:0306:3307:0307:33
Colchester Shakespeare Road (NW-bound) 05:3306:0306:3307:0307:33
Lexden Chaucer Way (W-bound) 05:3406:0406:3407:0407:34
Lexden, o/s Evangelical Church 05:3506:0506:3507:0507:35
Lexden, adj Halstead Road Corner 05:3606:0606:3607:0607:36
Marks Tey, opp Railway Station 05:4306:1306:4307:1307:43

Marks Tey - Marks Tey

Marks Tey, o/s Railway Station 17:4018:1018:4019:1019:40
Lexden, opp Halstead Road Corner 17:4718:1718:4719:1719:47
Lexden Straight Road North (S-bound) 17:4718:1718:4719:1719:47
Lexden, opp Evangelical Church 17:4818:1818:4819:1819:48
Lexden Chaucer Way (E-bound) 17:4818:1818:4819:1819:48
Colchester Shakespeare Road (SE-bound) 17:4918:1918:4919:1919:49
Colchester, opp Burns Avenue 17:5018:2018:5019:2019:50
Colchester, adj Baines Close 17:5018:2018:5019:2019:50
Colchester, adj Hills Crescent 17:5118:2118:5119:2119:51
Colchester, opp Prettygate Shops 17:5218:2218:5219:2219:52
Colchester, o/s Prettygate Library 17:5218:2218:5219:2219:52
Colchester, adj All Saints Avenue 17:5218:2218:5219:2219:52
Colchester, opp Hastings Road 17:5318:2318:5319:2319:53
Colchester, adj Wilkin Court 17:5418:2418:5419:2419:54
Shrub End, opp The Huntsman 17:5518:2518:5519:2519:55
Shrub End, opp Leather Bottle 17:5618:2618:5619:2619:56
Colchester, adj Ash Way 17:5618:2618:5619:2619:56
Colchester, adj The Brambles 17:5718:2718:5719:2719:57
Colchester, opp Church of Jesus Christ 17:5718:2718:5719:2719:57
Colchester Dugard Avenue (W-bound) 17:5818:2818:5819:2819:58
Colchester, opp Parr Drive 17:5818:2818:5819:2819:58
Stanway, adj Moss Road 17:5918:2918:5919:2919:59
Stanway, opp Fiveways Co - Op 18:0018:3019:0019:3020:00
Stanway, opp Fiveways 18:0018:3019:0019:30
Stanway Post Office (near) 18:0118:3119:0119:31
Stanway Church Ln (W-bound) 18:0318:3319:0319:33
Stanway, opp Wagtail Mews 18:0318:3319:0319:33
Marks Tey, opp Railway Station 18:0818:3819:0819:38

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS)

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