15A - Chester Bus Interchange - Saughall, Church Rd

Operated by Stagecoach Merseyside and South Lancashire


Chester Interchange, Stand J - Saughall Lodge Lane Terminus

Chester Bus Interchange (Stand J) 07:5509:10then hourly until14:1015:14then hourly until18:14
Chester Bull & Stirrup (Stop V) 07:5609:1114:1115:1518:15
Chester, o/s Northgate Church 07:5709:1214:1215:1618:16
Chester Dawson Drive (cnr) 07:5809:1314:1315:1718:17
Chester, opp Waterloo Road 07:5909:1414:1415:1818:18
Chester Abbot's Drive (cnr) 07:5909:1414:1415:1818:18
Bache, o/s Countess Hospital 08:0109:1614:1615:2018:20
Bache, nr Countess Roundabout 08:0109:1614:1615:2018:20
Bache, o/s Maternity Wing 08:0209:1714:1715:2118:21
Bache, o/s Main Entrance 08:0309:1814:1815:2218:22
Bache, opp Countess Hospital 08:0509:2014:2015:2418:24
Chester, o/s The Little Owl 08:0709:2214:2215:2618:26
Blacon, o/s Cemetery 08:0809:2314:2315:2718:27
Blacon Ludlow Road (cnr) 08:0909:2414:2415:2818:28
Blacon, opp Tennyson Walk 08:1009:2514:2515:2918:29
Blacon Morgan Close (cnr) 08:1109:2614:2615:3018:30
Blacon, opp Browning Close 08:1109:2614:2615:3018:30
Blacon, o/s Playground 08:1209:2714:2715:3118:31
Blacon Tudor Green (cnr) 08:1309:2814:2815:3218:32
Blacon Willow Drive (cnr) 08:1309:2814:2815:3218:32
Saughall Wash Hall (NW-bound) 08:1509:3014:3015:3418:34
Saughall, nr Egerton Arms PH 08:1509:3014:3015:3418:34
Saughall, opp Aspen Grove 08:1609:3114:3115:3518:35
Saughall, o/s The Peg 08:1709:3214:3215:3618:36
Saughall, opp Meadows Lane 08:1809:3314:3315:3718:37
Saughall Fox Lea (cnr) 08:1809:3314:3315:3718:37
Saughall Aldersley Close (cnr) 08:1809:3314:3315:3718:37
Saughall, o/s All Saints' Church 08:1909:3414:3415:3818:38
Saughall, o/s Lodge Lane Terminus 08:2009:3514:3515:3918:39

Saughall Lodge Lane Terminus - Chester Interchange, Stand J

Saughall, o/s Lodge Lane Terminus 07:2508:2509:40then hourly until14:4015:44then hourly until18:44
Saughall, opp All Saints' Church 07:2608:2609:4114:4115:4518:45
Saughall Hey (SE-bound) 07:2608:2609:4114:4115:4518:45
Saughall, nr The Ridings 07:2608:2609:4114:4115:4518:45
Saughall The Ridings (SW-bound) 07:2708:2709:4214:4215:4618:46
Saughall The Ridings (cnr) 07:2808:2809:4314:4315:4718:47
Saughall Aspen Grove (cnr) 07:2908:2909:4414:4415:4818:48
Saughall, opp Egerton Arms PH 07:3008:3009:4514:4515:4918:49
Saughall Wash Hall (SE-bound) 07:3008:3009:4514:4515:4918:49
Blacon, opp Willow Drive 07:3108:3109:4614:4615:5018:50
Blacon Palatine Close (cnr) 07:3208:3209:4714:4715:5118:51
Blacon, opp Playground 07:3308:3309:4814:4815:5218:52
Blacon Browning Close (cnr) 07:3408:3409:4914:4915:5318:53
Blacon, opp Griffin Close 07:3508:3509:5014:5015:5418:54
Blacon Donne Place (cnr) 07:3508:3509:5014:5015:5418:54
Blacon Wordsworth Crescent (cnr) 07:3608:3609:5014:5015:5418:54
Blacon, opp Ludlow Road 07:3708:3709:5114:5115:5518:55
Blacon, o/s Police Headquarters 07:3708:3709:5214:5215:5618:56
Chester, opp The Little Owl 07:3908:3909:5314:5315:5718:57
Bache, o/s Main Entrance 07:4208:4209:5614:5616:0019:00
Bache, opp Countess Hospital 07:4408:4409:5814:5816:0219:02
Bache, nr The Mill PH 07:4508:4509:5914:5916:0319:03
Chester, opp Abbot's Drive 07:4608:4610:0015:0016:0419:04
Chester Waterloo Road (cnr) 07:4608:4610:0015:0016:0419:04
Chester, opp Abbot's Grange 07:4808:4810:0215:0216:0619:06
Chester, o/s Tudor Place 07:4908:4910:0315:0316:0719:07
Chester Delamere Street (Stop 3) 07:5008:5010:0415:0416:0819:08
Chester Bus Interchange (Stand J) 07:5108:5110:0515:0516:0919:09

Timetable data from Stagecoach Merseyside, 28 January 2023

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