168 - East Rainton,Houghton-le-Spring - East Rainton,Houghton-le-Spring

A bus service operated by Gateshead Central Taxis


East Rainton Durham Road-North Street (S-Bound) 07:59then hourly until16:5917:59
East Rainton Durham Road - South Street (W-Bound) 08:0017:0018:00
East Rainton Durham Road-Cowley Crescent (SW-Bound) 07:0508:0517:0518:05
Hetton-le-Hole Hetton Park Estate (SE-Bound) 07:1008:1017:1018:10
Hetton-le-Hole The Crescent (N-Bound) 07:1208:1217:1218:12
Hetton Le Hole Interchange (B) 07:1408:1417:1418:14
Hetton-le-Hole Caroline Street-Market Street (NE-Bound) 07:1508:1517:1518:15
Hetton Downs Regent Street (W-Bound) 07:1608:1617:1618:16
Hetton Downs Regent Street (W-Bound) 07:1608:1617:1618:16
Hetton-le-Hole Houghton Road-Caroline Street (S-Bound) 07:1808:1817:1818:18
Hetton Le Hole Interchange (D) 07:2008:2017:2018:20
Hetton-le-Hole Station Road-Industrial Estate (S-Bound) 07:2008:2017:2018:20
Hetton-le-Hole Peat Carr Estate (N-Bound) 07:2408:2417:2418:24
Easington Lane Lilywhite Terrace-Lawson Terrace (SE-Bound) 07:2608:2617:2618:26
Easington Lane Pemberton Bank-St Michaels Church (SE-Bound) 07:2608:2617:2618:26
Easington Lane Jubilee Square (SE-Bound) 07:2708:2717:2718:27
Easington Lane Sheriffs Moor Estate (S-Bound) 07:3108:3117:3118:31
Easington Lane South Hetton Road-Primary School (NW-Bound) 07:3308:3317:3318:33
Easington Lane High Street (NW-Bound) 07:3508:3517:3518:35
Easington Lane Pemberton Bank-Blindy Lane (NW-Bound) 07:3508:3517:3518:35
Easington Lane Pemberton Bank-Smiths Terrace (NW-Bound) 07:3508:3517:3518:35
Hetton-le-Hole Lilywhite Tce-White Gates Dr (NW-Bound) 07:3608:3617:3618:36
Hetton-le-Hole Peat Carr Estate (N-Bound) 07:3808:3817:3818:38
Hetton-le-Hole Station Road-Industrial Estate (N-Bound) 07:4008:4017:4018:40
Hetton Le Hole Interchange (B) 07:4208:4217:4218:42
Hetton-le-Hole Caroline Street-Market Street (NE-Bound) 07:4308:4317:43
Hetton Downs Regent Street (W-Bound) 07:4408:4417:44
Hetton Downs Regent Street (W-Bound) 07:4408:4417:44
Hetton-le-Hole Houghton Road-Caroline Street (S-Bound) 07:4608:4617:46
Hetton Le Hole Interchange (C) 07:4808:4817:48
Hetton-le-Hole The Crescent (S-Bound) 07:5108:5117:51
Hetton-le-Hole Hetton Park Estate (NW-Bound) 07:5208:5217:52
Hetton-le-Hole Hetton Park Estate (SE-Bound) 07:5508:5517:55
East Rainton Durham Road-North Street (S-Bound) 07:59s08:59s17:59s
East Rainton Durham Road - South Street (W-Bound) 08:0009:0018:00

Times marked s – “set down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

Gateshead Central Taxis