172 - Bakewell, Square Stand B - Matlock, Interchange, S

A bus service operated by Hulleys of Baslow

Bakewell - Starkholmes

Bakewell Square (Stand B) 07:2010:0012:2014:4015:5517:20
Bakewell Matlock Street (Stand E) 07:2110:0112:2114:4115:5617:21
Bakewell, opp The Manners 07:2110:0112:2114:4115:5617:21
Bakewell, opp Burton Close Drive 07:2210:0212:2214:4215:5717:22
Bakewell, opp Haddon House Farm 07:2310:0312:2314:4315:5817:23
Bakewell, adj Haddon Hall 07:2610:0612:2614:4616:0117:26
Rowsley Picory Corner (S-bound) 07:2710:0712:2714:4716:0317:27
Stanton in Peak, opp Oxclose Wood 07:2910:0912:2914:4916:0617:29
Alport, opp Riverside 07:3210:1212:3214:5217:32
Youlgreave Alport Lane (SW-bound) 07:3310:1312:3314:5317:33
Youlgreave, adj Church 07:3410:1412:3414:5417:34
Youlgreave, adj Holywell Lane 07:3410:1412:3414:5417:34
Youlgreave, opp Grove Place 07:3510:1512:3514:5517:35
Middleton by Youlgreave, on The Square 07:4010:2012:4015:0017:40
Youlgreave, outside Grove Place 07:4310:2312:4315:0317:43
Youlgreave, opp Holywell Lane 07:4310:2312:4315:0317:43
Youlgreave, opp Church 07:4310:2312:4315:0317:43
Youlgreave Alport Lane (NE-bound) 07:4410:2412:4415:0417:44
Alport, adj Riverside 07:4510:2512:4515:0517:45
Stanton in Peak, adj Tolls Wood 07:4710:2712:4715:0716:0717:47
Stanton in Peak, opp The Lodge 07:4910:2912:4915:0916:0817:49
Stanton in Peak, opp Flying Childers 07:5010:3012:5015:1016:1017:50
Stanton in Peak, opp Stanton Hall 07:5010:3012:5015:1016:1017:50
Birchover, adj The Green 07:5510:3512:5515:1516:1517:55
Birchover, opp Cratcliff View 07:5610:3612:5615:1616:1617:56
Birchover, opp Eagle Tor 07:5610:3612:5615:1616:1617:56
Elton, adj Dudwood Farm 07:5810:3812:5815:1816:1817:58
Elton Chadwick Hill (N-bound) 08:0110:4113:0115:2116:2118:01
Elton East End (W-bound) 08:0310:4313:0315:2316:2318:03
Elton, adj Old Hall 08:0310:4313:0315:2316:2318:03
Elton, opp Duke Of York 08:0410:4413:0415:2416:2418:04
Elton, opp Old Hall 08:0410:4413:0415:2416:2418:04
Elton East End (E-bound) 08:0410:4413:0415:2416:2418:04
Elton Chadwick Hill (S-bound) 08:0610:4613:0615:2616:2618:06
Winster, adj Hall 08:0810:4813:0815:2816:2818:08
Winster, adj Leacroft Road 08:0810:4813:0815:2816:2818:08
Wensley, opp The Square 08:1210:5213:1215:3216:3218:12
Wensley, opp Oker Road 08:1210:5213:1215:3216:3218:12
Darley Bridge Cross Green (N-bound) 08:1310:5313:1315:3316:3318:13
Darley Bridge, opp Three Stags Heads 08:1410:5413:1415:3416:3418:14
Darley Dale, opp Four Lane Ends 08:1510:5513:1515:3516:3518:15
Darley Dale, opp Whitworth Institute 08:1710:5713:1715:3716:3718:17
Darley Dale, adj Greenaway Lane 08:1810:5813:1815:3816:3818:18
Darley Dale, adj St Elphins 08:1910:5913:1915:3916:3918:19
Darley Dale, adj Old Hackney Lane 08:2011:0013:2015:4016:4018:20
Darley Dale, adj Whitworth Hospital 08:2011:0013:2015:4016:4018:20
Darley Dale, adj Hooley Estate 08:2111:0113:2115:4116:4118:21
Matlock, adj Morledge 08:2211:0213:2215:4216:4218:22
Matlock, adj Gateway Court 08:2311:0313:2315:4316:4318:23
Matlock, opp Twiggs 08:2411:0413:2415:4416:4418:24
Matlock Bakewell Road (Stand D) 08:2511:0513:2515:4516:4518:25

Starkholmes - Bakewell

Matlock Bakewell Road (Stand D) 07:4008:5011:1013:3015:5517:30
Matlock, adj Twiggs 07:4008:5011:1013:3015:5517:30
Matlock, opp Gateway Court 07:4108:5111:1113:3115:5617:31
Matlock, opp Morledge 07:4208:5211:1213:3215:5717:32
Darley Dale, opp Hooley Estate 07:4208:5211:1213:3215:5717:32
Darley Dale, opp Whitworth Hospital 07:4308:5311:1313:3315:5817:33
Darley Dale, opp Old Hackney Lane 07:4408:5411:1413:3415:5917:34
Darley Dale, opp St Elphins 07:4408:5411:1413:3415:5917:34
Darley Dale, opp Greenaway Lane 07:4508:5511:1513:3516:0017:35
Darley Dale, adj Whitworth Institute 07:4708:5711:1713:3716:0217:37
Darley Dale, opp Whitworth Hotel 07:4708:5711:1713:3716:0217:37
Darley Bridge, adj Three Stags Heads 07:5009:0011:2013:4016:0517:40
Darley Bridge Cross Green (SW-bound) 07:5109:0111:2113:4116:0617:41
Wensley, adj Oker Road 07:5209:0211:2213:4216:0717:42
Wensley, adj The Square 07:5309:0311:2313:4316:0817:43
Winster, opp Leacroft Road 07:5709:0711:2713:4716:1217:47
Winster, opp Hall 07:5809:0811:2813:4816:1317:48
Elton Chadwick Hill (N-bound) 07:5909:0911:2913:4916:1417:49
Elton East End (W-bound) 08:0109:1111:3113:5116:1617:51
Elton, adj Old Hall 08:0209:1211:3213:5216:1717:52
Elton, opp Duke Of York 08:0309:1311:3313:5316:1817:53
Elton, opp Old Hall 08:0309:1311:3313:5316:1817:53
Elton East End (E-bound) 08:0309:1311:3313:5316:1817:53
Elton Chadwick Hill (S-bound) 08:0509:1511:3513:5516:2017:55
Elton, opp Dudwood Farm 08:0809:1811:3813:5816:2317:58
Birchover, adj Eagle Tor 08:0909:1911:3913:5916:2417:59
Birchover, adj Cratcliff View 08:1009:2011:4014:0016:2518:00
Birchover, opp The Green 08:1209:2211:4214:0216:2718:02
Stanton in Peak, adj Stanton Hall 08:1609:2611:4614:0616:3118:06
Stanton in Peak, adj Flying Childers 08:1709:2711:4714:0716:3218:07
Stanton in Peak, adj The Lodge 08:1709:2711:4714:0716:3218:07
Stanton in Peak, adj Tolls Wood 08:1909:2811:4814:0816:3318:08
Stanton in Peak, adj Oxclose Wood 08:2009:2911:4914:0916:3418:09
Middleton by Youlgreave, on The Square 09:3611:5614:1616:4118:16
Youlgreave, outside Grove Place 09:4012:0014:2016:4518:20
Youlgreave, opp Holywell Lane 09:4012:0014:2016:4518:20
Youlgreave, opp Church 09:4012:0014:2016:4518:20
Youlgreave Alport Lane (NE-bound) 09:4112:0114:2116:4618:21
Alport, adj Riverside 09:4212:0214:2216:4718:22
Stanton in Peak, adj Oxclose Wood 09:4512:0514:2516:5018:25
Rowsley Picory Corner (W-bound) 08:2209:4812:0814:2816:5318:28
Bakewell, opp Haddon Hall 08:2409:4912:0914:2916:5418:29
Bakewell, adj Haddon House Farm 08:2709:5212:1214:3216:5718:32
Bakewell, adj Burton Close Drive 08:2809:5312:1314:3316:5818:33
Bakewell, adj Holywell 08:2809:5312:1314:3316:5818:33
Bakewell, adj The Manners 08:2909:5412:1414:3416:5918:34
Bakewell Rutland Square (Stand C) 08:3009:5512:1514:3517:0018:35

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS)

Hulleys of Baslow