17A - Stourbridge - Dudley

A bus service operated by National Express West Midlands


Stourbridge - Dudley

Stourbridge Interchange (Stand C) 16:05
Stourbridge Ring Rd (opp) 16:10
Amblecote Church (opposite) 16:12
Amblecote, before Stamford St 16:13
Amblecote, before Collis St 16:14
Audnam, opp Brettell Lane 16:16
Audnam, adj Junction Rd 16:17
Audnam, opp Brook St 16:17
Audnam, opp Brierley Hill Rd 16:19
Wordsley, opp Blandford Drive 16:21
Wordsley, adj Rectory St 16:21
Wordsley, opp Auckland Road 16:22
Wordsley, opp Bromley Lane 16:23
Kingswinford, adj Glynne Ave 16:23
Kingswinford, opp Greenfields Rd 16:24
Kingswinford, adj Park St 16:25
Kingswinford Cross (after) 16:26
Kingswinford, opp Back Rd 16:26
Kingswinford, adj Dubarry Ave 16:27
Wall Heath, adj New Dudley Rd 16:27
Wall Heath, opposite New St 16:30
Wall Heath, before Moss Grove 16:31
Wall Heath, opp British Oak 16:32
Kingswinford, adj Ham Lane 16:33
Tansey Green, opp Elf Garage 16:35
Tansey Green, after Second Ave 16:36
Tansey Green Rd (after) 16:37
Tansey Green, before Sandfield Bridge 16:38
Gornal Wood, opp Chase Rd 16:39
Gornal Wood, before Flavells Lane 16:40
Gornal Wood, after Bulls Head 16:40
Gornal Wood, opp Bank Rd 16:42
Gornal Wood, adj Abbey St 16:42
Gornal Wood, opp Brookdale 16:43
Gornal Wood, after Bird St 16:44
Gornal Wood, adj Ellowes Rd 16:45
Stickley, adj Wood Rd 16:45
Stickley, adj Turners Hill Rd 16:46
Stickley, adj Park Rd 16:46
Stickley, before Wood Rd 16:47
Lower Gornal, adj Holloway St 16:48
Lower Gornal, opp Five Ways 16:49
Lower Gornal, opp Humphrey St 16:49
Milking Bank, opp Peak Drive 16:50
Milking Bank, after Grosvenor Rd 16:51
Milking Bank, adj Sedgefield Close 16:52
Milking Bank Stratford Close (adjacent) 16:53
Milking Bank, adj Hexham Way 16:53
Milking Bank Osberton Drive (adjacent) 16:55
Shavers End Castle Meadows Nursing Home (adjacent) 16:56
Shavers End, opp Dibdale House 16:57
Shavers End, adj Highland Road 16:57
Shavers End, opp Nith Place 16:58
Eve Hill, opposite The Shrubbery 16:59
Eve Hill, opp Grange Rd 17:00
Eve Hill, opposite Wellington Rd 17:01
Dudley, opp Steppingstone St 17:02
Dudley, opposite Flood St 17:04
Dudley Churchill Centre (adjacent) 17:05
Dudley Bus Station (Stand L) 17:07

Dudley - Stourbridge

Dudley Bus Station (Stand L) 06:45
Dudley, opp St Edmunds Church 06:45
Dudley, after Castle Hill 06:46
Dudley Coronation Gardens (adjacent) 06:46
Dudley, after Stone Street 06:47
Dudley Gads Lane (adjacent) 06:48
Eve Hill, adj Charlton St 06:49
Eve Hill, adj Grange Rd 06:50
Eve Hill The Shrubbery (adjacent) 06:51
Shavers End, adj Nith Place 06:52
Shavers End, opp Highland Road 06:52
Shavers End, adj Dibdale House 06:53
Shavers End, opposite Castle Meadows Nursing Home 06:54
Milking Bank, opposite Osberton Drive 06:55
Milking Bank, opp Hexham Way 06:57
Milking Bank, opposite Stratford Close 06:57
Milking Bank, opp Sedgefield Close 06:59
Milking Bank Grosvenor Rd (adjacent) 06:59
Milking Bank, adj Peak Drive 07:00
Lower Gornal, adj Humphrey St 07:00
Lower Gornal, opp Five Ways 07:01
Lower Gornal, opp Holloway St 07:02
Stickley, after Wood Rd 07:03
Stickley, opp Park Rd 07:03
Stickley, opp Turners Hill Rd 07:04
Stickley, after Ellowes Rd 07:04
Gornal Wood, before Bird St 07:05
Gornal Wood, adj Brookdale 07:06
Gornal Wood, opp Brook St 07:07
Gornal Wood, adj Bank Rd 07:09
Gornal Wood, before Bulls Head 07:09
Gornal Wood, after Flavells Lane 07:10
Gornal Wood Chase Rd (adjacent) 07:11
Tansey Green, after Sandfield Bridge 07:11
Tansey Green Rd (before) 07:12
Tansey Green, before Second Ave 07:13
Tansey Green, adj Elf Garage 07:14
Kingswinford, opp Ham Lane 07:15
Wall Heath, adj British Oak 07:16
Wall Heath, adj New Dudley Rd 07:18
Wall Heath, opposite New St 07:20
Wall Heath, before Moss Grove 07:21
Kingswinford, adj Back Rd 07:22
Kingswinford Cross (before) 07:23
Kingswinford, before Park St 07:23
Kingswinford, adj Greenfields Rd 07:24
Kingswinford, opposite Glynne Ave 07:25
Wordsley Bromley Lane (adjacent) 07:25
Wordsley, adj Auckland Road 07:27
Wordsley, opp Rectory St 07:27
Wordsley, adj Blandford Drive 07:28
Audnam, adj Brierley Hill Rd 07:29
Audnam, adj Brook St 07:30
Audnam, opp Junction Rd 07:31
Audnam, adj Brettell Lane 07:32
Amblecote, after Collis St 07:34
Amblecote, opposite Stamford St 07:34
Amblecote, adj Mill Race Lane 07:36
Stourbridge Interchange (Stand C) 07:40

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