18 - Blackpool Town Centre - South Shore - Mereside Tesco

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Blackpool Town Centre - Mereside Tesco

Blackpool Central Library (QU1) 10:00then hourly until16:00
Central, by Buchanan Street 10:0516:05
Devonshire Square (by) 10:0716:07
Stanley Park, by Mere Road 10:0716:07
Stanley Park Gates (by) 10:0916:09
Stanley Park, opp Woodland Grove 10:1016:10
Stanley Park, o/s Sports Centre 10:1116:11
Stanley Park, by Elmslie Gardens 10:1316:13
Marton, o/s The Saddle 10:1516:15
Oxford Square, o/s St Paul's Church 10:1516:15
Ansdell, by Vicarage Lane 10:1616:16
Marton, by Rectory Road 10:1716:17
Spen Corner, opp Waterloo School 10:1916:19
Hawes Side, opp Threlfall Road 10:2016:20
South Shore, by Waterloo Hotel 10:2116:21
Royal Oak (o/s) 10:2216:22
Royal Oak, by Byron Street 10:2316:23
Pleasure Beach, by Waterloo Road 10:2416:24
Pleasure Beach, by Station Road 10:2416:24
Pleasure Beach, by Withnell Road 10:2516:25
Pleasure Beach, by Watson Road 10:2616:26
Pleasure Beach, by Napier Avenue 10:2716:27
Harrowside, by Tudor Place 10:2816:28
Harrowside, adj Abercorn Place 10:2916:29
Squires Gate, by Starr Gate 10:3016:30
Blackpool Airport (by) 10:3116:31
Airport, by Squires Gate 10:3216:32
Airport, by Albany Avenue 10:3216:32
Farmers Arms, o/s South Shore Hospital 10:3316:33
Farmers Arms, by Blesma Home 10:3416:34
Farmer's Arms (o/s) 10:3416:34
Fishers Field, opp Abbey Road 10:3516:35
Fishers Field, by Knightsbridge Avenue 10:3616:36
Fishers Field, by St Annes Rd 10:3716:37
Highfield High School (opp) 10:3816:38
Highfield Hotel (o/s) 10:3916:39
Highfield, opp Marshdale Road 10:4016:40
Highfield, opp Walker's Hill 10:4116:41
Marton Moss, o/s Marton Methodist Church 10:4216:42
Marton, opp The Cherry Tree 10:4316:43
Marton, opp St Georges School 10:4516:45
Marton, by Penrose Avenue 10:4616:46
Marton, by Cherry Tree Road North 10:4616:46
Mereside, by Langdale Road 10:4716:47
Mereside, opp Cornford Road 10:4816:48
Mereside, by Deepdale Road 10:4916:49
Mereside, opp Police Headquarters 10:5116:51
Mereside, by Tesco 10:5216:52

Mereside Tesco - Blackpool Town Centre

Mereside, by Tesco 10:00then hourly until16:00
Mereside, by Police Headquarters 10:0016:00
Mereside, opp Deepdale Road 10:0216:02
Mereside, by Cornford Road 10:0216:02
Mereside, opp Langdale Road 10:0316:03
Marton, opp Cherry Tree Road North 10:0416:04
Marton, opp Penrose Avenue 10:0416:04
Marton, o/s St Georges School 10:0616:06
Marton, opp The Cherry Tree 10:0716:07
Marton Moss, opp Marton Methodist Church 10:0716:07
Highfield, opp Carisbrook Avenue 10:0816:08
Highfield, by Walker's Hill 10:0816:08
Highfield, by Marshdale Road 10:1016:10
Highfield Hotel (o/s) 10:1016:10
Highfield High School (o/s) 10:1116:11
Fishers Field, opp Acre Gate 10:1216:12
Fishers Field, opp Knightsbridge Avenue 10:1316:13
Farmers Arms, by Abbey Road 10:1416:14
Farmers Arms, by Orchard Avenue 10:1416:14
Farmers Arms (o/s) 10:1516:15
Farmers Arms, o/s South Shore Hospital 10:1616:16
Airport, opp Squires Gate 10:1716:17
Squires Gate, by Blackpool Airport 10:1816:18
Squires Gate, opp Stony Hill Avenue 10:1816:18
Squires Gate Station (o/s) 10:1816:18
Harrowside, by Abercorn Place 10:2116:21
Harrowside, by Tudor Place 10:2216:22
Pleasure Beach, by Napier Avenue 10:2416:24
Pleasure Beach, by Watson Road 10:2616:26
Pleasure Beach, by Withnell Road 10:2716:27
Royal Oak, o/s Station Road 10:2816:28
Royal Oak, by Station Road 10:2916:29
Royal Oak, o/s Lido Pool 10:3016:30
Royal Oak (o/s) 10:3016:30
South Shore, by Waterloo Hotel 10:3216:32
Ansdell, by Threlfall Road 10:3316:33
Spen Corner, by Waterloo School 10:3416:34
Spen Corner (by) 10:3416:34
Ansdell, by Pine Avenue 10:3516:35
Ansdell, opp Vicarage Lane 10:3616:36
Oxford Square (by) 10:3716:37
Marton, o/s The Saddle 10:3816:38
Stanley Park, by Elmslie Gardens 10:3816:38
Stanley Park, o/s Sports Centre 10:4016:40
Stanley Park, by Woodland Grove 10:4116:41
Stanley Park Gates (opp) 10:4216:42
Stanley Park, o/s Mere Road 10:4316:43
Devonshire Square (by) 10:4416:44
Devonshire Square (by) 10:4516:45
Central, opp Buchanan Street 10:4616:46
Blackpool Church Street (CH1) 10:4716:47
Blackpool Topping Street (TO1) 10:4916:49
Blackpool Central Library (QU1) 10:5316:53

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