18 - Stokesley - Saltburn

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Monday to Friday until Friday 16 December 2022

Stokesley to Saltburn

Stokesley High Street (SW-bound) 08:4510:4513:4516:05
Stokesley The Green (SW-bound) 08:4510:4513:4516:05
Stokesley Allen Grove (N-bound) 08:4610:4613:4616:06
Stokesley, opp Allen Grove 08:4610:4613:4616:06
Stokesley Balliol Court (S-bound) 08:4710:4713:4716:07
Stokesley Leven Bridge House (SE-bound) 08:4810:4813:4816:08
Stokesley, opp Cricket Ground 08:4910:4913:4916:09
Stokesley Easby Lane End (E-bound) 08:5110:5113:5116:11
Great Ayton Sewerage Works (NE-bound) 08:5210:5213:5216:12
Great Ayton Grange Lodge (NE-bound) 08:5310:5313:5316:13
Great Ayton Buck Inn (NE-bound) 08:5410:5413:5416:14
Great Ayton Stone Bridge (E-bound) 08:5410:5413:5416:14
Great Ayton Methodist Church (E-bound) 08:5510:5513:5516:15
Great Ayton Green (NE-bound) 08:5610:5613:5616:16
Great Ayton Romany Road (N-bound) 08:5710:5713:5716:17
Great Ayton Stephens Garage (N-bound) 08:5710:5713:5716:17
Great Ayton Roseberry Crescent (NE-bound) 08:5810:5813:5816:18
Newton under Roseberry Whitegate Farm (NE bound) 08:5910:5913:5916:19
Newton under Roseberry The King's Head Inn (A) 09:0011:0014:0016:20
Pinchinthorpe, opp Bousdale Farm 09:0211:0214:0216:22
Pinchinthorpe Forest & Walkway Visitor Centre (A) 09:0411:0414:0416:24
Guisborough Deepdale (B) 09:0611:0614:0616:26
Guisborough Askewdale (B) 09:0611:0614:0616:26
Guisborough Rosedale Crescent (B) 09:0611:0614:0616:26
Hutton Gate The Grove (A) 09:0711:0714:0716:27
Guisborough St Leonards Road South End (A) 09:0911:0914:0916:29
Guisborough Strona Walk (A) 09:1111:1114:1116:31
Guisborough Sainsbury's (B) 09:1211:1214:1216:32
Guisborough Chaloner Hall Apartments (B) 09:1211:1214:1216:32
Guisborough Kemplah House (B) 09:1311:1314:1316:33
Guisborough Market Place (D) 09:2011:2014:2016:40
Guisborough Avenue Place (A) 09:2111:2114:21
Guisborough Police Station (B) 09:2111:2114:21
Guisborough The Laurence Jackson School (A) 09:2211:2214:22
Guisborough Cemetery (A) 09:2311:2314:23
Guisborough Tocketts House (NE bound) 09:2411:2414:24
Guisborough Tocketts Mill Country Park (NE bound) 09:2411:2414:24
Skelton Ellers Bridge (B) 09:2611:2614:26
Upleatham, o/s Home Farm 09:2811:2814:28
Saltburn Lane End Farm (B) 09:2911:2914:29
Saltburn Corngrave House (B) 09:3011:3014:30
Saltburn Hob Hill Close (A) 09:3111:3114:31
Saltburn Learning Campus (B) 09:3211:3214:32
Saltburn Emmanuel Church (B) 09:3311:3314:33
Saltburn Station (B) 09:3511:3514:35

Saltburn to Stokesley

Saltburn Station (B) 10:0013:0014:40
Saltburn Emmanuel Church (A) 10:0113:0114:41
Saltburn Learning Campus (B) 10:0113:0114:41
Saltburn Hob Hill Close (A) 10:0213:0214:42
Saltburn Corngrave House (B) 10:0313:0314:43
Saltburn Lane End Farm (A) 10:0313:0314:43
Upleatham, opp Home Farm 10:0513:0514:45
Skelton Ellers Bridge (SW bound) 10:0713:0714:47
Guisborough Tocketts Mill Country Park (B) 10:0913:0914:49
Guisborough Tocketts House (SW bound) 10:0913:0914:49
Guisborough Cemetery (B) 10:1013:1014:50
Guisborough The Laurence Jackson School (B) 10:1213:1214:52
Guisborough Police Station (A) 10:1413:1414:54
Guisborough Avenue Place (B) 10:1413:1414:54
Guisborough Market Place (A) 07:4010:1813:1814:58
Guisborough Kemplah House (A) 07:4010:1813:1814:58
Guisborough Chaloner Hall Apartments (A) 07:4110:1913:1914:59
Guisborough Sainsbury's (A) 07:4110:2013:2015:00
Guisborough Strona Walk (B) 07:4310:2213:2215:02
Guisborough St Leonards Road South End (B) 07:4410:2313:2315:03
Hutton Gate The Grove (B) 07:4410:2313:2315:03
Guisborough Rosedale Crescent (A) 07:4510:2413:2415:04
Guisborough Askewdale (A) 07:4610:2513:2515:05
Guisborough Deepdale (A) 07:4610:2513:2515:05
Pinchinthorpe Forest & Walkway Visitor Centre (B) 07:4810:2713:2715:07
Pinchinthorpe, nr Bousdale Farm 07:4910:2813:2815:08
Newton under Roseberry The King's Head Inn (B) 07:5010:3013:3015:10
Newton under Roseberry Whitegate Farm (B) 07:5010:3013:3015:10
Great Ayton Roseberry Crescent (SW-bound) 07:5110:3113:3115:11
Great Ayton Stephens Garage (S-bound) 07:5210:3213:3215:12
Great Ayton Romany Road (S-bound) 07:5310:3313:3315:13
Great Ayton Green (W-bound) 07:5410:3413:3415:14
Great Ayton Methodist Church (W-bound) 07:5410:3413:3415:14
Great Ayton Stone Bridge (NW-bound) 07:5510:3513:3515:15
Great Ayton Buck Inn (W-bound) 07:5610:3613:3615:16
Great Ayton Grange Lodge (SW-bound) 07:5610:3613:3615:16
Great Ayton Sewerage Works (SW-bound) 07:5710:3713:3715:17
Stokesley Easby Lane End (W-bound) 07:5810:3813:3815:18
Stokesley Cricket Ground (W-bound) 07:5910:3913:3915:19
Stokesley, opp Leven Bridge House 08:0010:4013:4015:20
Stokesley High Street (SW-bound) 10:4513:4515:25

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