183 - Corby Glen - Great Casterton

A bus service operated by Bland’s


Corby Glen - Great Casterton

Great Casterton - Corby Glen

Stamford, in Morrison Car Park 15:25
Stamford & Rutland Hospital (opp) 15:30
Stamford College (o/s) 15:31 16:40
Stamford Free Church (adj) 15:33
Stamford, opp 169 Kesteven Road 15:34
Stamford, opp Welland Academy 15:35
Stamford, adj Selwyn Road 15:36
Stamford Charles Road (SE-bound) 15:37
Stamford, adj Trinity Road 15:38
Stamford, adj Lambeth Walk 15:39
Stamford, adj Radcliffe Road 15:39
Stamford, opp Beverley Gardens 15:41
Stamford, opp Waverley Gardens 15:41
Stamford, adj Caledonian Road 15:42
Stamford, adj Ayr Close 15:42
Stamford, opp Belvoir Close 15:43
Stamford, opp Guash Way 16:41s
Stamford, adj Arran Road (North End) 15:44
Stamford, adj Sidney Farm Lane 15:45
Great Casterton, opp Tolethorpe 15:46
Great Casterton, outside Church 15:47
Ryhall, opp Coppice Road 16:42s
Great Casterton, outside College 15:50
Ryhall, opp Mill Street 15:54 16:42s
Essendine, outside Village Hall 15:56
Carlby, adj High Street 15:58
Carlby, adj Manor Road 16:45s
Carlby, opp Village Hall 16:46s
Witham on the Hill, opp Six Bells PH 16:05
Careby, adj Station Road 16:52s
Little Bytham, opp Witham Road 16:09 16:54s
Little Bytham, adj Church Lane 16:10 16:55s
Castle Bytham, opp Station Road 16:13 16:59s
S Witham, adj Post Office 16:21 17:05s
S Witham, adj Cemetery 16:23 17:07s
N Witham, adj Gunby Road 16:26 17:10s
Woolsthorpe by Colsterworth, adj The Close 16:29 17:13s
Colsterworth Woolsthorpe Road (NW-bound) 16:31 17:15s
Corby Glen, opp Fighting Cocks Inn 16:46 17:30
Monday to Thursday on College Days only
Set down on request only.
Stamford College Days

Times marked s – “set down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset