184 - Oldham - Marsden

A bus service operated by Nexus Move


Oldham - Marsden

Oldham Bus Station (Stand G) 20:0522:05
Oldham Tommyfield Market (Stop LB) 20:0622:06
Oldham, nr St Mary's Way 20:0822:08
Oldham Mumps, nr Scholes Street 20:0922:09
Oldham Mumps Interchange (Stop F) 20:1022:10
Oldham Mumps, adj Castlemill Street 20:1122:11
Greenacres, nr Hill Street 20:1322:13
Greenacres, nr Dunkerley Street 20:1422:14
Greenacres, nr Windermere Walk 20:1622:16
Greenacres Cemetery (opp) 20:1722:17
Top of Moor, nr Sycamore Avenue 20:1722:17
Top of Moor, nr Cotton Tree Close 20:1722:17
Waterhead, o/s Bulls Head 20:1822:18
Cross Bank, opp Dunham Street 20:1822:18
Cross Bank, opp Redwood Lane 20:1922:19
Cross Bank, opp St John's 20:2022:20
Lees, opp The Grapes 20:2022:20
Lees, nr Greaves Street 20:2022:20
Lees The Swan (Stop D) 20:2122:21
Lees, at County End 20:2222:22
Springhead, opp Ashbrook Road 20:2322:23
Springhead, nr Walkers Lane 20:2322:23
Springhead, nr Cooper Street 20:2422:24
Grotton, nr Brooklands Parade 20:2522:25
Grotton, opp Coverhill Road 20:2522:25
Lydgate (in) 20:2622:26
Grasscroft, opp Beechfield 20:2722:27
Grasscroft, nr Lovers Lane 20:2722:27
Grasscroft, opp Brookway 20:2822:28
Grasscroft, o/s Farrars Arms 20:2922:29
Greenfield Station (Stop B) 20:3022:30
Uppermill, o/s Wade Lock 20:3122:31
Uppermill, opp Hare & Hounds 20:3222:32
Uppermill Commercial Hotel (Stop A) 20:3222:32
Uppermill Turning Area (in) 20:3322:33
Uppermill, o/s Spiritualist Church 20:3322:33
Uppermill, o/s Brownhill Centre 20:3422:34
Marslands, o/s Navigation Inn 20:3522:35
Diggle, opp Saddleworth School 20:3722:37
Diggle, nr Hillside Avenue 20:3822:38
Diggle Post Office (opp) 20:3822:38
Diggle, nr Sunfield Lane 20:4022:40
Diggle, adj Carr Lane 20:40
Diggle, opp Brun Clough 20:42
Marsden Manchester Rd The Great Western PH (stop) 20:43
Marsden Manchester Road Owlers Farm (stop) 20:44
Marsden Manchester Road White Lee Farm (stop) 20:45
Marsden Manchester Rd Ainsley Lane (stop) 20:45
Marsden Manchester Road Glenroyd 20:46
Marsden, adj Manchester Rd Millwright Close 20:46
Marsden Manchester Road Towngate (stop) 20:46
Marsden Peel Street (stop M1) 20:47

Marsden - Oldham

Marsden Peel Street (stop M2) 21:01
Marsden Manchester Road Towngate 21:01
Marsden Manchester Rd Millwright Close 21:01
Marsden Manchester Road Glenroyd (stop) 21:01
Marsden Manchester Rd Ainsley Lane 21:02
Marsden Manchester Road White Lee Farm 21:03
Marsden Manchester Road Owlers Farm 21:03
Marsden, adj Manchester Rd Carriage House PH 21:05
Marsden Manchester Rd The Great Western PH 21:05
Diggle, opp Sunfield Lane 21:11
Diggle Day Nursery (o/s) 21:11
Diggle, opp Hillside Avenue 21:13
Marslands, nr Saddleworth School 21:15
Marslands, opp Navigation Inn 21:16
Dobcross, opp Brownhill Centre 21:18
Uppermill, opp Spiritualist Church 21:19
Uppermill Commercial Hotel (Stop B) 21:20
Uppermill, o/s Hare & Hounds 21:20
Uppermill, opp Wade Lock 21:21
Greenfield Station (o/s) 21:22
Greenfield Station (Stop A) 21:22
Grasscroft, nr Brookway 21:24
Grasscroft, opp Lovers Lane 21:25
Grasscroft, nr Beechfield 21:26
Lydgate (at) 21:26
Grotton, nr Coverhill Road 21:28
Grotton, opp Brooklands Parade 21:29
Springhead, nr Old Mill Lane 21:29
Springhead, nr Ashbrook Road 21:30
Lees, by County End 21:32
Lees St John Street (Stop C) 21:33
Lees, opp Greaves Street 21:34
Lees, o/s The Grapes 21:35
Cross Bank, o/s St John's 21:35
Cross Bank, nr Redwood Lane 21:35
Cross Bank, nr Dunham Street 21:36
Waterhead, opp Bulls Head 21:36
Top of Moor, opp Cotton Tree Close 21:37
Top of Moor, opp Sycamore Avenue 21:37
Greenacres Cemetery (o/s) 21:38
Greenacres, opp Dunkerley Street 21:39
Greenacres, opp Hill Street 21:41
Greenacres, nr Huddersfield Road 21:43
Oldham Mumps Interchange (Stop C) 21:46
Oldham, o/s The Link Centre 21:46
Oldham St Mary's Way (Stop YC) 21:48
Oldham Market (Stop Sm) 21:49
Oldham Bus Station (Stand F) 21:50

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset