186 - Marsden Dirker - Huddersfield

A bus service operated by First Huddersfield


Monday to Friday

Marsden Dirker Drive Dirker Ave 08:02
Marsden Dirker Drive (stop) 08:03
Marsden Rail Station (nr) 08:03
Marsden Station Rd Shaws Terrace 08:04
Marsden, adj Station Rd Victoria Street 08:04
Marsden Peel Street (stop M3) 08:04
Marsden Peel Street (stop M1) 08:05
Marsden, adj Manchester Road Brougham Rd 08:05
Marsden Manchester Rd Meltham Road (N-bound) 08:06
Marsden, opp Manchester Rd Stubbin Road 08:06
Marsden Manchester Road Lingards Wood 08:07
Marsden Manchester Rd Lingards Terrace 08:09
Marsden, adj Manchester Rd School Lane 08:09
Marsden, adj Manchester Rd West Slaithwaite Road 08:10
Slaithwaite Manchester Road Austerlands 08:10
Slaithwaite Manchester Rd Heyroyd Lane 08:11
Slaithwaite, opp Manchester Road Reverser 08:11
Slaithwaite, adj Manchester Road Cemetery 08:12
Slaithwaite Manchester Rd Lingards Road 08:13
Slaithwaite Manchester Rd Nields Road 08:13
Slaithwaite, opp Manchester Road Hollins Row 08:14
Slaithwaite Manchester Road Linfit Fold 08:15
Slaithwaite Manchester Rd Spring Grove 08:16
Slaithwaite, adj Manchester Rd Spa Lane 08:16
Linthwaite Manchester Rd Lee Mill Road 08:18
Linthwaite, opp Hoyle House Fold Chapel Hill 08:19
Linthwaite, adj Causeway Side Causeway Crescent 08:20
Linthwaite, at Causeway Side Royd House Lane 08:21
Linthwaite Church (opp) 08:22
Linthwaite, adj Cowlersley Lane Slant Gate 08:24
Linthwaite, opp Cowlersley Ln Hazel Grove 08:25
Cowlersley Ln Woodside View (opp) 08:28
Cowlersley Lane Jubilee Ln (opp) 08:30
Cowlersley Lane Western Rd (opp) 08:32
Cowlersley, opp Manchester Rd Bowling Street 08:33
Milnsbridge Manchester Rd Pickford Street 08:34
Milnsbridge, adj Manchester Rd Whiteley Street 08:35
Milnsbridge Manchester Road Park Rd West 08:36
Paddock Manchester Road Fifty Steps 08:37
Manchester Road Paddock Brow 08:38
Paddock, adj Manchester Rd Stoney Battery Road 08:38
Thornton Lodge Manchester Rd Birkhouse Lane 08:39
Manchester Rd Thornton Lodge Road (opp) 08:40
Longroyd Bridge Manchester Rd Longroyd Lane 08:41
Huddersfield Bankfield Road (E-bound) 08:42
Huddersfield Bus Station (Stand M) 08:45

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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