19 - Aldershot - Farnham - Whitehill/High Lane Estate

Operated by Stagecoach South


Aldershot - Farnham - Whitehill/High Lane Estate

Aldershot Bus Station (Stop 5) 06:1007:40then hourly until14:4015:3516:4017:50
Aldershot Library (Stop C) 06:1107:4114:4115:3616:4217:52
Aldershot Princes Gardens (Stop F) 06:1207:4214:4215:3716:4217:52
Aldershot Old Town Hall (Stop N) 06:1307:4314:4315:3816:4417:54
Aldershot Halimote Road (Stop P) 06:1407:4414:4415:3916:4517:55
Aldershot, adj Bridge Road 06:1507:4514:4515:4016:4617:56
Aldershot Hillside Road (SW-bound) 06:1507:4614:4615:4116:4717:57
Aldershot, nr Duke of York 06:1607:4714:4715:4216:4817:58
Weybourne, opp Woodlands Avenue 06:1707:4814:4815:4316:4917:59
Weybourne, o/s All Hallows School 06:1807:4914:4915:4416:5018:00
Weybourne, opp Mill Stream 06:1907:5014:5015:4516:5118:01
Weybourne, opp Bullers Road 06:2007:5114:5115:4716:5318:03
Farnham Six Bells Roundabout (SW-bound) 06:2107:5314:5315:4816:5418:04
Farnham Hospital North (o/s) 06:2307:5514:5515:5116:5718:07
Farnham, opp Adams Park Road 06:2407:5614:5615:5216:5818:08
Farnham East Street (Stop I) 06:2407:5714:5715:5316:5918:09
Farnham Sports Centre (Stop F) 06:2507:5814:5815:5417:0018:10
Farnham East Street Shops (Stop J) 06:2607:5914:5915:5517:0118:11
Farnham South Street (Stop K) 06:2708:0115:0115:5717:0318:13
Farnham Station Forecourt (Stop N) 06:2908:0415:0416:0117:0718:17
Farnham, adj Alfred Road 06:3008:0515:0516:0317:0918:19
Farnham, opp Sheephouse 06:3108:0615:0616:0417:1018:19
Middle Bourne, opp Ridgway Road 06:3208:0715:0716:0617:1118:20
The Bourne, opp Fox Road 06:3308:0815:0816:0817:1318:22
Lower Bourne (SE-bound) 06:3408:0915:0916:0917:1418:23
The Bourne, opp Beech Avenue 06:3408:0915:0916:0917:1418:23
The Bourne, opp Frensham Vale 06:3508:1015:1016:1017:1518:24
Millbridge, opp Kennel Lane 06:3608:1115:1116:1117:1618:25
Millbridge, opp Shortfield Road 06:3708:1215:1216:1217:1718:26
Millbridge Court (opp) 06:3708:1215:1216:1217:1718:26
Frensham, opp St Mary's School 06:3808:1315:1316:1317:1818:27
Frensham, opp Great Pond Car Park 06:3908:1415:1416:1417:1918:28
Frensham, opp Pond Lane 06:4008:1515:1516:1517:2018:29
Churt House (adj) 06:4008:1515:1516:1517:2018:29
Churt Crossways (SE-bound) 06:4208:1715:1716:1717:2218:31
Churt, adj Butts Farm 06:4308:1815:1816:1817:2318:32
Churt, opp Whitmoor Vale Road 06:4408:1915:1916:1917:2418:33
Beacon Hill, opp Upwood House 06:4508:2015:2016:2017:2518:34
Beacon Hill, o/s Hindhead Golf Club 06:4608:2115:2116:2117:2618:35
Beacon Hill, adj Corry Road 06:4608:2115:2116:2117:2618:35
Beacon Hill, adj Parsons Lane 06:0206:4708:2215:2216:2217:2718:36
Beacon Hill Court (adj) 06:0206:4708:2215:2216:2217:2718:36
Beacon Hill, adj Downview Close 06:0306:4808:2315:2316:2317:2818:37
Beacon Hill, opp Manormead Nursing Home 06:0306:4908:2415:2416:2417:2918:38
Beacon Hill, opp Churt Road 06:0406:5008:2515:2516:2517:3018:38
Hindhead, after Tilford Road 06:0506:5108:2615:2616:2617:3118:39
Hindhead, opp Pine Bank 06:0506:5208:2715:2716:2717:3218:40
Hindhead, opp Morland Close 06:0606:5208:2715:2716:2717:3218:40
Hindhead Crossroads (NE-bound) 06:0606:5308:2815:2816:2817:3318:41
Hindhead, adj Tyndalls 06:0706:5408:2915:2916:2917:3418:42
Hindhead, adj Longdown Cottages 06:0806:5508:3015:3016:3017:3518:43
Nutcombe, adj Polecat Hill Turn 06:0806:5508:3115:3116:3117:3618:43
Nutcombe, adj Honey Hanger 06:0906:5608:3115:3116:3117:3618:44
Shottermill, opp Nutcombe Lane 06:1006:5708:3315:3316:3317:3818:45
Shottermill, opp Critchmere Hill 06:1106:5808:3415:3416:3417:3918:46
Shottermill Hindhead Road (E-bound) 06:1206:5908:3515:3516:3517:4018:47
Shottermill Lion Green (E-bound) 07:0008:3615:3616:3617:4218:48
Haslemere Wey Hill (E-bound) 07:0108:3715:3716:3717:4418:49
Haslemere Railway Station (Stop F) 07:0208:3915:3916:3917:4718:50
Haslemere High Street (Stop A) 08:4215:4216:4217:50
Haslemere Town Hall (Stop D) 07:0518:52
Haslemere, adj St Bart's School 08:5115:5116:5117:56
Haslemere, adj High Lane Community Centre 08:5315:5316:5317:58

Whitehill/High Lane Estate - Farnham - Aldershot

Haslemere, adj High Lane Community Centre 08:53then hourly until16:5317:58
Haslemere, opp Highbury Grove 08:5616:5618:01
Haslemere High Lane (just before) 08:5716:5718:02
Haslemere, opp St Bart's School 08:5816:5818:03
Haslemere, o/s Church Lane Health Centre 08:5916:5918:04
Haslemere High Street (Stop B) 09:0117:0118:06
Haslemere Town Hall (Stop D) 09:0217:0218:07
Haslemere Railway Station (opp) 07:1009:1117:1118:1119:11
Haslemere Wey Hill (W-bound) 07:1109:1217:1218:1219:12
Shottermill Lion Green (W-bound) 07:1209:1317:1318:1319:13
Shottermill Hindhead Road (W-bound) 07:1309:1417:1418:1419:14
Shottermill, adj Critchmere Hill 07:1409:1517:1518:1519:15
Shottermill, adj Nutcombe Lane 07:1509:1617:1618:1619:16
Nutcombe, opp Honey Hanger 07:1609:1717:1718:1719:17
Nutcombe, opp Polecat Hill Turn 07:1609:1817:1818:1819:17
Hindhead, opp Longdown Cottages 07:1709:1817:1818:1819:18
Hindhead, opp Tyndalls 07:1709:1917:1918:1919:18
Hindhead, adj Royal Parade 07:1809:2017:2018:2019:19
Beacon Hill, adj Churt Road 07:2009:2217:2218:2219:20
Beacon Hill, adj Manormead Nursing Home 07:2109:2317:2318:2319:21
Beacon Hill, opp Downview Close 07:2209:2417:2418:2419:22
Beacon Hill Court (opp) 07:2309:2517:2518:2519:22
Beacon Hill, opp Parsons Lane 07:2409:2617:2618:2619:23
Beacon Hill, opp Corry Road 07:2509:2717:2718:2719:24
Beacon Hill, opp Hindhead Golf Club 07:2509:2717:2718:2719:24
Beacon Hill, o/s Upwood House 07:2609:2817:2818:2819:25
Churt, adj Whitmoor Vale Road 07:2709:2917:2918:2919:25
Churt, opp Butts Farm 07:2809:3017:3018:3019:26
Churt Crossways (NW-bound) 07:2909:3117:3118:3119:27
Churt House (opp) 07:3109:3317:3318:3319:29
Frensham, adj Pond Lane 07:3109:3317:3318:3319:29
Frensham, adj Great Pond Car Park 07:3209:3417:3418:3419:30
Frensham, adj St Mary's School 07:3409:3617:3618:3619:31
Millbridge Court (o/s) 07:3409:3617:3618:3619:32
Millbridge, adj Shortfield Road 07:3509:3717:3718:3719:32
Millbridge, adj Kennel Lane 07:3609:3817:3818:3819:33
The Bourne, adj Frensham Vale 07:3709:3917:3918:3919:34
The Bourne, adj Beech Avenue 07:3709:3917:3918:3919:35
Lower Bourne (NW-bound) 07:3809:4017:4018:4019:35
The Bourne, adj Fox Road 07:4009:4117:4118:4119:36
Middle Bourne, adj Ridgway Road 07:4209:4317:4318:4319:38
Farnham, adj Sheephouse 07:4409:4417:4418:4419:39
Farnham Station Forecourt (Stop M) 07:4809:4717:4718:4719:42
Farnham Union Road (Stop L) 07:5209:5017:5018:4919:44
Farnham The Borough (Stop A) 07:5509:5217:5218:5119:46
Farnham Woolmead Road (Stop G) 07:5609:5317:5318:5219:47
Farnham East Street (Stop H) 07:5709:5417:5418:5219:47
Farnham, adj Adams Park Road 07:5809:5517:5518:5319:48
Farnham Hospital North (opp) 07:5909:5617:5618:5419:49
Farnham Six Bells Roundabout (NE-bound) 08:0009:5717:5718:5519:50
Weybourne, adj Bullers Road 08:0109:5817:5818:5619:51
Weybourne, adj Mill Stream 08:0209:5917:5918:5619:51
Weybourne, opp All Hallows School 08:0310:0018:0018:5719:52
Weybourne, adj Woodlands Avenue 08:0410:0118:0118:5819:53
Aldershot, o/s Duke of York 08:0610:0218:0218:5919:54
Aldershot, adj Hillside Road 08:0710:0418:0419:0019:55
Aldershot, opp Bridge Road 08:0910:0518:0519:0119:56
Aldershot Halimote Road (Stop O) 08:1110:0618:0619:0219:57
Aldershot Old Town Hall (Stop M) 08:1210:0718:0719:0319:58
Aldershot Wellington Centre (Stop A) 08:1310:0818:0819:0419:59
Aldershot Bus Station (Stop 5) 08:1510:1018:1019:0520:00

Timetable data from Stagecoach South, 28 January 2023

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